Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Taylor - May 25, 2015

Hey Family,

It's super crazy that the girls are already leaving, I know they will enjoy it. I'm excited to see how they handle it and especially how they will grow.

For this week, a lot was focused on faith and trusting in the Lord! It's a little hard when people are hard hearted or you're exhausted etc. But as we have faith and trust in the Lord to help us, he will help us overcome ANY obstacles in our way. It's crazy though because the natural man seems to be fighting that all the time, sometimes we don't even realize it! Things that we don't really want to do must be done for example maybe talking to some guy who looks mean, is smoking, and is holding a gun in his hand. Haha don't worry just an example. But we do it so that we can help move the work forward and put our trust in the Lord. Plus we are showing our love for him!

We try to look at it as if the Lord was serving a mission in Naples. Obviously it would be unbelievably successful! So as we have faith that the Lord is with us, almost to the point of he's standing right there with us, then we will have success. It's true that it's like finding the needle in a haystack, but if we have faith, we can't give up on the people we meet that may not seem cool. Obviously a lot of people are going to reject us but we have to have faith that someone will not.

We went to the Huber's for a meal appointment this week. Their house is super nice and it's literally right on the beach, you can walk onto the sand and right into the ocean! This is a beautiful place! I didn't have my camera but I will try to get Elder Nelson to send me some. 

So Project far as mission rules, every mission is different. Basically there are certain guidelines we have to do. We have to knock for at least an hour a day, we need to wake up on time and exercise for 30 minutes, we need to call members nightly to come out with us, and there are some others but that is basically what it is.

Anyways, hang in there Mom and Dad have a great week and don't get too lonely ;).   Don't worry, remember turn to the Lord for ANYTHING! Love ya Mom and Dad!
Elder Dunn

Elder Dunn wielding a Samurai Sword

Monday, May 25, 2015

Taylor - May 18, 2015

Sounds like the girls' farewell was awesome!! The weekend sounds like it was hectic but super fun!! 

This week we have tried to see at least one member every day which went pretty well.  Apparently something is working since we actually have a meal appointment every day in our English ward, which is rare for this area!

We also had a couple people who showed up at church that was a miracle. It was John and Jackie and when we knocked into them they really liked our visit but said that they go to the restoration church and were pretty involved. At the end of the visit, we just invited them that if they ever had time, to just come check out the church. Well it turns out they showed up the next day.  I was super surprised to see them and they really liked it! I truly believe that they felt the spirit from us and felt prompted to go to church the next day.  Now we just pray that they continue to keep an open mind so we can share the message of the TRUE restoration of the gospel! 

Freddy and Mel are doing better and are really working on understanding the Book of Mormon. They are always busy with work so we really want them to come to church at least every other Sunday. 

The Mission is really focusing on exact obedience and sacrifice. They have this thing called project 100 which helps us stay on track with obedience which is pretty cool. It's amazing what goes on behind the scenes in missionary work to make sure investigators are progressing and desiring to covenant and change!  

My new companion, Elder Mota is awesome and is super hard working and dedicated. Slowly but steadily we are finding people, we found some good potentials just this week. We truly pray that we will be able to improve and through exact obedience and sacrifice we hope to see the fruits. When we are really into the work, it's crazy how the weeks fly by!

Zone conference is this week and we were told we will be receiving hurricane training, should be fun!!  We might actually pray for one.  It might bring humility to a lot of people around here and tons of service opportunities haha :) jk 

Love ya Mom and Dad! It might feel like an empty home for a little while but hey at least you still have Spencer! Keep hangin in there!

Elder Dunn