Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Taylor - June 20, 2016

Hey Family,

Haha oh mother your letter made me laugh! I knew you would hit this point ;) It is pretty crazy to think about coming home. In fact I can't really imagine myself getting home so ya. As far as specific food dishes, whatever you want to make mom is fine with me. Sounds like the Robert’s reception was pretty fun. I'm glad all went well! As well as Happy Father's Day to Dad and Grandpa!! You guys are the best!

Well this week we found Laura and Adam, a couple who are having a few struggles mainly because he has bipolar disorder and that is really hard on her and the 3 kids. They are both pretty strong 7th day adventists though but super open as well. Laura wants to really continue to find truth and is excited about reading the Book of Mormon as well as her husband Adam. The big thing will be getting them to take work off Sunday and helping them come to remember and grow closer to God every day but especially Sunday!

We found a few other potentials but they kept falling through so we need to make sure we are bold with return appointments! As well we want to really apply the training we received from the AP's especially about faith. We need to have faith that we will find those who are ready to receive us no matter the circumstances!

I went on an exchange with elder keith this week. He is a funny guy but a good missionary and just wants to do what's right. We taught Julie and she is super cool and loves the aspect of the family and how they can be together forever! This week as well we just found a lot of people who are just complacent, either with their church or the way they choose to worship God, or they are where they feel comfortable, or they feel their way is God's way. Not really open minded. It can just be sooo confusing and I'm glad that I was born in a great family and raised in the gospel. It would be so tough sometimes without that.

I do have a big testimony of being a follower. A follower of our Savior Jesus Christ. I'm planning on talking about it a little in my training this week but as we follow Jesus Christ and His example in our life, we can be great leaders to everyone! We can help them follow His example. I'm convinced that Jesus Christ was such a great leader because he was such a great follower of His Heavenly Father! I'm thankful for the many examples in my life, especially of my Savior! I love you guys, stay safe and have a great week! :)

Elder Dunn

Holli - June 20, 2016

Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty epic!

So we met this super sweet lady named Jennifer the other day. It got
up to like 100 and we were walking down this road and we look to the
side and there's Jennifer with her baby in a stroller, rocking him in
the shade. Perfect contact situation! So we started talking with
Jennifer and then we told her who we were and what we taught and asked
if she would be interested in learning more. At first she was 
hesitant, didn't really want to meet, but as we continued to talk with
her she said that she felt like we were supposed to meet. 
She told us she just really needed to talk with someone and she wanted
to raise her son to believe in God, even though she wasn't super
religious. Please pray for Jennifer as we meet with her his week!!

On Tuesday we had exchanges and man it was fun! Sister Huang (who was
my previous comp. for like a week) came here to Glendale and we
contacted up a storm! And we contacted this super interesting guy
named Mark. So kind of a funny story. We were walking down the road
and saw Mark had gotten into some kind of car accident. Sister Huang
asked him what had happened and he started unloading to us a bit. He
told us his family had been practicing witchcraft against him so we
tried to give him a few words of encouragement (as we shuffled
backwards). Sister Huang asked him if he had heard of the BofM and he
had but he only believed what the bible said. But he gave us his
number and Sister Huang invited him to pray about meeting with us

So later that night we are sitting in the car getting ready to go by a
referral when Mark calls and he told us he felt like he should call
us. We were like, Sweet! But then he kind of goes on for a while about
his life and things he's done and how he was "saved" and what he does
now and it got slightly creepy. He ended up talking to us for an hour
and we finally had to hang up and plan for the night after setting up
a return appointment. Then the day of the appointment he calls us and
kind of does a repeat of the other night - we asked if he had prayed
and asked Heavenly Father if he should read the BofM and he said he
had prayed and God had told him not to read it . . . So we were like,
if you don't want to read the BofM, why do you still want to meet with
us? And he told us he wanted to make sure we weren't being fooled or
tricked. Kind of a frustrating phone call - but life goes on! So we
picked up and dropped an investigator in three days :) super fun.

It was our last lesson with April this week! Heriberto and Connie helped 
us out and the lesson was focused around service. April will be baptized 
in her mother’s Ward, which is in the LA mission, on July 10th so we are really
excited for her. Please pray for Eddie and Connie! Eddie doesn't seem
like he wants to come back but they are such a wonderful family and we
know Connie felt the Spirit as we taught April.

The stake is putting on a play : Alice in Wonderland! The music was
written by a couple in our Ward and they direct the play as well. We
are so excited for it - and we were able to go help out a  bit so that
was fun! Mainly just used our hot glue gunning skills and glued
leaves together but it was a blast!

Haha, we had to teach YW again and it was on the priesthood and there 
was like 5 girls this time and two were visiting. But it went all right! We 
had the girls do a role play with their leaders and they did a great job!  
You don’t realize how hard it might be to explain something about the 
church, until you try to role play it! Invitation for the fam - try to role play 
explaining the priesthood to a nonmember - it’s kind of fun! Hint: don’t over 
complicate it!

We tried by a referral one night and I don't think it was his actual
home, so we decided to knock the neighbor's and we met Sylvia. She was
a staunch born again Christian - only believed in the bible - so we
asked if she knew anyone who had lost a loved one recently or was
going through a hard time that would appreciate a message of comfort
and peace. Turns out her husband passed away about three weeks ago and
we talked with her for quite a while.  I just want to express my gratitude for the
knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. It not only allows those who never
had a chance to hear of Christ come to know of him but it offers so
much more hope and peace and motivation to live like our Savior. I'm
so glad that we know what we are being saved for - exaltation and
eternal life with our Savior and our Heavenly Father.

We kind of got attacked by a dog this week - not too many battle
wounds but mom I was wearing that super cute Easter outfit you gave me
and the dog tore a hole right in the skirt and the cardigan. Sorry!!! I might 
be sending that back with the journal . . .

That's about it from here in Glendale! I hope you are all doing well
and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

Lindsay - June 20, 2016

Asia's Baptism!

I cut my hair!  Bangs!!!!!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers out there! This week was really good, and I learned a lot! On Wednesday we had an awesome zone meeting! We talked a lot about family history, and then the zone leaders talked about leadership, and how a lot of missionaries will be going home, so all of us young missionaries will be put into leadership positions! Talk about pressure!! Haha! After the meeting we went to this really nice Chinese restaurant. Oh my
lanta the portion sizes were ginormous! Later that day we went and
taught Avery. He is 8, and is getting ready for baptism. He has been
coming to church these past couple weeks, and we are so grateful for
that! Avery hadn't been coming to church, and so we are glad that he
is coming every week! We went over a few of the baptismal interview
questions with him, and he did so well! He understands the things that
we teach him, but he struggles with remembering it:) But he is
progressing, which is really good! 

We had an amazing day on Thursday! The Spirit was definitely prompting me to go tracting! I am not fond of tracting but the Lord was persistent with me:) And so
was Sister Hunt! So we decided to contact this one less active, and
then knock on the neighbors doors to see if they knew the less active.
We knocked on this one door, and a guy named Lorenzo opened the door.
We talked to him about the Book of Mormon, and he told us that he had
a faith in Christ. We asked him if he was interested in learning more
and he (to my astonishment), said yes!!!! Ahhhhhhh! That NEVER happens!
What a miracle it was to have an experience like that! The Lord truly blessed us when we followed the Spirit.

Later that night we went to see the Miranda's. They are an awesome
family that we had dinner with a week or two ago. They are all
converts, and they all have strong testimonies. But it is hard for
them to come to church consistently. We shared the story of Elijah and
the widow of Zarephath. We talked about sacrifice and faith, and the
blessings that come from exercising our faith, and doing what God
wants us to do. 

On Friday, we did some weekly planning, and we taught
David who is a returning member. His friend Kolton came to the lesson,
and we talked about missionary work. At the end of the lesson, we
challenged them to give out a Book of Mormon to someone. They were
really excited about the challenge! 

On Saturday we had Asia’s baptism! She is the happiest person you will ever meet. Even when she is mad she will say with a big grin on her face, “It makes me so angry!" And then she will start laughing. She is amazing! Her testimony is strong,
and she will bless the lives of everyone around her. Sorry the letter
is so short this week! I love you all!

Sister Dunn

Chelsea - June 20, 2016

Nanay Ramel and Nanay Rosette!
Remy at her baptism!

President and Sister Rahlf!

Hello everyone!

I would call this week sick week take 2! On Thursday, we had to come home from work early because sister elix's fever came back. Haha I thought she was literally having a heat stroke because the day was sooo hot and I was like oh no, she’s gonna pass out and we are literally in the middle of nowhere and we have no texts or calls on our phone! Haha but she made it home and from Thursday-Saturday we were at the house. We then went to Cauayan on Saturday and she was able to go to the hospital there. On Sunday, I was the one to get sick, so ya…. definitely not a fun week.... but Sister Elix and I are both feeling better today!

On Tuesday, we were able to attend a special district conference. This would be the last time President and Sister Rahlf would teach! They talked in depth about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was such a good conference and my perspective totally changed about the Atonement. I definitely see it as more sacred now. At the end, they also showed a video with Jeffrey R. Holland speaking. What he said really touched me. Basically he was saying why is missionary work tough? Why do we do we get rejected all the time? Why don’t our investigators get it and progress faster than we want? He said because salvation is not a cheap thing. And as we experience challenges and rejections as a missionary, we get a little taste of what Jesus Christ went through when he was on the earth and paid for our sins. We come shoulder to shoulder with Jesus Christ. I love that! It’s great right?! Definitely inspired me.

We had a cool experience on Thursday. We were planning on going to our area, San Isidro. Then our tricie broke down and we got off in our other area, Marana. I was like, well sister elix, that’s probably a sign from God that we should work here! And she was like ok let’s go! So we totally worked in Marana! and we got punted..... I was like never mind… that wasn't a sign from God! haha. But then we both felt inspired to go to this one member, Lolita. She is probably the poorest lady. She lives in this tiny bedroom. and next door is her children but they don’t even care about her. She earns her money from going house to house and collecting plastic bottles. As we shared with her, she just started to open up to us about why her life has to be so hard. She doesn’t feel loved or wanted and she never has anyone to talk to... So Sister Elix and I were able to share about God's love for her and our love for her. We shared about challenges and trials and how to become strong through them. Man, I admire these people here. My challenges are nothing compared to theirs so I am so grateful I get to see this other perspective. Anyways, a really good experience and testimony builder that God is very much a part of this work.

Haha so on saturday sister elix and I went to the mission home and we had to wait there until 1 for her appointment and so we got to study in air con and on couches! It was the best… then sister rahlf served us apples and that cream cheese dip. Ahhhh I died. Then she invited us to join them for lunch. Elder Swenson’s parents had come from America to pick him up and president and sister rahlf hosted a lunch for them. And I can proudly say that I got down a chicken salad sandwich. So grosss… yep my tastebuds are the same people! haha. But it was so funny cause Elder swenson’s mom is hilarious and it was so nice to listen to american humor again! And then oh my goodness we witnessed their little reunion. We were all just sitting at the table and then elder swenson comes in and he and his mom hug for like a minute and I felt like I was so intruding! Haha elder antenorcruz, the ap, he was like crying! We then went to sm mall and bought dunkin donuts and it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. That is all. haha.

Anyways, that’s what’s up this week! I am getting transferred on Wednesday! Prayers would be great! Love you all :)

Sister Dunn

People have to be taught how to use the toilet here...

Ubando Family

Eating chicken intestine!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Holli - June 13, 2016

Baptism of Angie and the Barragan girls!

Hello Everyone!!

First of all I want to wish the best dad in the entire world a Happy
Father's Day :) I hope you have a wonderful day dad!

At stake conference last week we sat by a member (Sister Sheffield)
and before conference had started she leaned over and asked me "So
what do you do if you invited someone to church and forgot that it was
stake conference this week?"

Haha, she had seen an elderly couple walking near our church building,
looking intently at it, and as she walked past them she encouraged
them to go to church and told them services started every Sunday
around 9am and then she sped off. It wasn't until later that she
realized it was stake conference which would be held at a different
building and a different time. We just laughed though and encouraged
her to continue to invite people to church! 

So we had a lot of cancellations this week but one night we asked a
member to come with us and we ended up trying to contact a referral
and the referral's girlfriend was home so we got to speak with her.
She was a really sweet girl and told us we could come back and share a
message so we will do that!

So Sister Walker (the one we gave a gratitude journal to) seems to be doing a little better this week. So usually our lessons kind of go like, she talks, we listen, and try to jump in occasionally to share a scripture while she breathes, and then she talks some more.  So everytime we go over now we open her gratitude journal and write five things that we’re each thankful for. She told us she would never use the journal. However, this past week I opened it up and saw Sister Walker had put three different
items in the gratitude journal! Haha, best moment ever! We told her a Book of Mormon story this time of Nephi traveling to the promised land. At the end of the story she told us she needed to start reading her
Book of Mormon again and asked us for a copy. So cool!! 

So Eivet and Sonaheh went to Iran to visit Eivet's sister and will be
there until the end of August but all is well because Eivet's mom (who
is staying here and speaks zip English) wants missionaries to come by
and teach her about the gospel. So cool!! We gave her a Book of Mormon in Farsi and a picture book to give to Sonaheh when she returns and she was so excited! She was way sweet :)

So Angie got baptized this week! It was awesome! She got
baptized with the Barragan girls (a part member family the Elders
found) so 5 baptisms in one Saturday #bestdayever. Yesterday in church Angie was confirmed with the girls so by the end of the confirmations and the sacrament, we had about ten minutes left haha. But it was
super awesome. Angie is the sweetest - we just hope she stays strong!
As a 13 year old in the gospel with hardly any other girls in the YW
program it might be hard but they have awesome leaders so crossing

So we went to get our oil change one day and it took like two hours
because they had to rotate the tires as well so we were like sitting
there when Angela and her boyfriend came to wait for their car and we started talking with them. Angela is super awesome! She has a few relatives who are LDS and has wanted to come to a church so she enrolled in this program that takes families to different churches so they can see which one they'll like the most. She’s never been to an LDS church before so we really encouraged her to go and ended up giving them a family proclamation. Her boyfriend didn’t seem super interested but Angela asked us a few questions and was super sweet :) 

That's about it for this week! Hope you are all doing well! Thank you
so much for all of the letters and support :)

Love, Sister Dunn

Taylor - June 13, 2016

Hey como estan?? 

Sounds like a lot of fun work went on this week. I guess that’s what happens when summer comes around!  So as you probably know we had a big week of finding! We saw some cool little miracles at the end of the week. We found Olga and Velinda and we are going to visit them both tonight. Pray for them and us! 

Yes it was a little stormy this past week so we got pretty nice and wet a couple of times but it's super warm rain anyways! We have zone conferences coming up on Wednesday and I have the wonderful opportunity to play the piano so that will be fun! Luckily I only have to learn hymn #265 Arise O God and Shine so that should be fairly easy since it’s short. 

One thing that we are going to be focusing on this next week is working the "gold mine" which is less actives and part member families, as well as prospective elders and recent converts. It was called the gold mine in the specialized mission training conference that was broadcast worldwide. We’re excited to help strengthen the ward and also get to know their friends who may not know much about the church! 

Dejame pensar... other than that it was just an awesome week of sharing the gospel with as many people as possible. Haha we prayed with a young woman and her mom as they were about to leave in their truck. It was kinda an awkward prayer but it was a good referral for the Estero missionaries so that was cool! Oh and we’re still running every morning so that's cool though sometimes it's super hard for us both to get motivated haha. 

Well I love you guys! Thanks for everything. Have a great week and stay safe!

Elder Dunn

Chelsea - June 13, 2016

Tatay George and fam :)

Nanay Pabiona.  Funniest lady ever!

Kumusta yung pamilya ko!!??

So first off, I had to buy luggage on Monday afternoon since the rats ruined mine. I was planning to buy two pieces of luggage for 130 bucks and guess what, the price tags were actually wrong and so I ended up buying two luggages for only 95 bucks! And it came with a free backpack! Smart shopping talaga..

This week was definitely sick week. Sister Elix got super sick on Wednesday and is still getting over it. She had like a fever, and a sore throat and like every symptom haha. So we didn’t have a lot of work this week, but we did our best with the time that we had. MJ came to church this week and so did Grandieur. MJ’s baptismal date is july 2nd so its coming up pretty soon :) she has found a lot of friends at church so she is doing really good!

We have been working with the Morales family lately. We taught Tatay George last monday and he kinda told us his whole life story. When he was growing up, he really didn’t have his parents around and when they were around, they just weren’t good examples for him. That’s when he started doing bad things and smoking a ton, because he was never taught right and wrong. Now he's in his state right now because of what he did and he regrets it so much. But he told us that he's going to make sure that he's gonna be a good father for his kids. Even though he can’t go to church, he pushes them to go to church. Sister elix and I were getting a little teary eyed. This guy has just had a hard life… but it definitely testified to me of the importance of families and how much trouble a family can save us from.

We have another potential investigator this week. Her name is Baby and she is about 55 years old. She is really great and God is preparing her so much. Ever since we first started teaching her, she accepted our message immediately. This week we taught her about prophets and Christ's church on the earth and then she asked a random question, How can I receive the fulness of the atonement of Christ in my life? and so we shared about the gospel steps. And then she brought up her concern. She was like, so if I get baptized in your church, then of course I would go to your church every sunday. The only problem is that all my family goes to the Methodist church on Sunday (which is like 2 minute walk away, mormon church is 20 min drive) and so if I joined your church, they would hate it and it would drive our family apart. I didn’t really have any idea what to say to her because that problem is super tough. But we just brought it back to the basics and told her to pray to know if our message is true, and if she knows and acts on that witness, that the Lord will provide her a way and soften the hearts of her family. What would you all say in that situation??! I am very interested to hear your advice haha.

On Saturday, we were able to go to a baptism of an 8 year old in our area. We have been teaching her all of the lessons because her parents are totally inactive and so her sibilings have been really asking us to help with preparation for her baptism. Haha it was the cutest thing. The water is like super cold in the font and so when they baptized her she came shooting straight out of the water cause she was freezing hahaha.

Anyways, that was our week! I love you all and I know this church is true!

Sister Dunn

Mother and son :)

My favorite thing here! It’s like this coconut thing wrapped up in a burnt banana leaf! So good. Sorry this is a selfie, this is the day when sister elix was sick, and I was kinda bored! 

Lindsay - June 13, 2016

Hello Everyone! 

This week was awesome!! We had an awesome experience
on preparation day. We were just walking to our car with our laundry
when a lady next to us stopped us and started having a conversation
with us. It quickly turned into a gospel discussion, and she asked the
perfect question, "So what makes you different from other churches?"
Sister Hunt and I smiled at each other and began to talk about modern
day prophets. Then we started to talk about the family and how it is
so important. We gave her a pamphlet on the Plan of Salvation, and
then we gave her a Book of Mormon!! Such an amazing experience to have
on a preparation day!! :) 

On Tuesday, we went to an assisted living center and met a sweet lady named 
Jane. She has a hard time remembering things, but she has so much faith! 
We also visited Sister Wolfington as well. I don’t if I told you all about her, but 
she has many health challenges. But she comes to ALL three hours of church!
She brings her oxygen with her, and she shakes pretty badly, but she
has the strongest faith! We love her so much! Close to the end of the
day we met with Bishop Roth. Now about Bishop Roth.... Haha... He
literally looks like a mix of Tom Hanks and Bill Murray. When you
shake his hand, it literally is a fish hand shake!  Haha! He is
definitely the most interesting bishop that I have served with. But I
know that it will be a good experience. He has great ideas to
implement in the Ward, and I am so excited to be able to serve Him and
the Ward council! 

On Wednesday we saw our 93 year old investigator named Alex. He is the 
sweetest old man, and we read the Book of Mormon to him every time we go. 
Sister Trower came with us, and she was amazing! She was able to bear her 
testimony of the Book of Mormon to him, and I could tell that it touched his heart. 
He lost his wife a year ago, and so he has been pretty lonely this year. But the gospel
has blessed his life, and I know that his wife would want him to be
taught by us, so that he can be prepared to be taught in the next
life. He is pretty stubborn, and he doesn't have the desire to be
baptized ..... Yet :) But he loves the Book of Mormon and he loves the
people of the LDS faith. We are getting somewhere! 

On Friday we did a lot of planning, and then later that night, we went to the Friday
night YSA activity. Two of our investigators showed up!!!! We were so
happy! They were playing ultimate frisbee, and before they started
they made us team captains!! Haha! Wow was it hard to play ultimate
frisbee with skirts. On Saturday, we helped a less active move out of
her house. The difficulty was that she is a hoarder..... Wow it was
rough. Haha! We pretty much had the whole Ward helping, and it took 4
hours to pack everything. She had one tiny U-haul truck, and then an
even tinier U-haul trailer. Let's just say that Brother Carter (in our
Ward), was a professional packing guy! He did so well, but of course,
not everything fit. We got most of it though! It was definitely a
great uniting experience for the Ward and us! That's my week! I love
you all! Enjoy the summer weather! :)


Sister Dunn

Chelsea - June 6, 2016

Working with our recent convert, Jerome, and Ricci!

Just using my awesome knife to cut some coconuts! 

I had to crop this pic because these little boys were absolutely naked! Haha they just kept shouting picture so we took a pic! When it rains, every little boy loves to just strip down, go outside, and bathe in the rain water hahaa. 
Kumusta po kayo lahat?! 

This week was kinda a busy week! On Tuesday, we finally extended baptismal dates to MJ and Gigi Dumancil! And they finally came to church yesterday! After 3 months of teaching them, it was their first time yesterday! They are progressing so much and we are setting July 2 for their baptism! The only problem is, is that Gigi isn’t married yet to her boyfriend but they have plans to get married in a month so we are crossing our fingers!

This week we had interviews with President Rahlf. It was a really good time for me to just reflect on who I’ve become as a missionary since it's been 1 year! President asked me who I was before I went on my mission and what has changed? I thought back to before and I realized I had soooo many weaknesses back then, that have now become strengths. Obviously, I still have so many weaknesses I’m still working on, but it was nice to just reavalatue myself and see how far I’ve come :)

So we are getting into the rainy season over here! Every night it rains sooo hard and the power is always out over here… it's so annoying.. haha. One night Sister Elix and I were coming home from Calimague and we were in the tricie and it started to pour so bad and we literally thought we were gonna die. It didn’t help that the whole city lost power and so we were literally driving in pouring rain without any source of light! haha. When we came home we were absolutely soaked and then we found that there were pools of water all over the house so we had to mop the whole house in the dark!! It’s been a fun week. Especially when in the middle of the night, the power goes out which means the electric fans go out and we wake up just dripping sweat. We love it! Love you all!

Sister Dunn


Lindsay - June 6, 2016

Hello Everyone!! 

This week was amazing!!! On Tuesday, we saw a less
active in the Ward named Sister Piles. She has a calling, she reads
the Book of Mormon everyday, she reads other church literature, but
she doesn't come to church. She has some health problems that prevent
her from going. But she looks fine on the outside! We were persistent
with her, and asked her to come to church. She said she would try, if
her health permits. We told her that we wanted to at least see her one
Sunday. It made us cringe to be really persistent with her, but I know
that she can! If she can go shopping during the week, she can go to

Later that day, we went to dinner with the Trower's. They are
amazing people! We went to this place that kind of reminds me of Texas
Roadhouse. There were TV screens at every table! What the heck????
Soon the table will be the TV! That is crazy!!! 

On Wednesday, Hermana Adams came on exchanges with me! It was 
amazing! A little background on our area, Sister Hunt and I are the ONLY 
sisters in New Mexico. Everyone else in the zone are elders. So we never see sister
missionaries unless we go to zone conferences, or go on exchanges.
When we met up to exchange, I literally ran to Hermana Anderson and
said, "Another female!!" And hugged her. Haha! :) So Hermana Adams and
I went on exchanges, and we literally contacted people all day!! The
only lesson we had was our dinner appointment, but I felt so good at
the end of the day!! 

In the morning, we were trying to find this one family, and so we decided 
to knock on this one guy’s door. He was CREEPY. He looked like a zoned 
out hippie. He did help us though, which was good!! We asked him if he had 
a faith in Christ, and he said yes. But then he told us, “I don't go to church, 
cause it is a long walk." Haha! At dinner, we met with the
Miranda Family! They are the sweetest people you will ever meet. One
of the older sons told us that he is a movie fanatic, and that he
knows EVERY movie. So I said, "Ok, Field of Dreams." Then he began to
say, "Oh that is a tear jerker! Kevin Costner, baseball movie. Then he
began to explain the whole plot! Oh my goodness! He literally told the
whole movie!! Haha! Then after that I asked, "Ok here is another
movie, "What's Up Doc". He was totally stumped!!!  He told me
that he didn't know the movie. So I encouraged him to watch it:) 

On Thursday we had zone conference in Safford, Arizona! It was so great
to see the Gila Valley missionaries again!!! The meeting was amazing,
and we talked a lot about family history. Mother, I have to find a
family name for our temple trip in September. I hope that I can find a
name! I don't know if I should look for some names on Dad's side or on
yours. I know Grandma Clark has done a lot on your side:) I think I
will just ask some family historian in the Ward to help me. But if you
have any suggestions on where I could look for a name, let me know!
For lunch we had waffles with homemade syrup, and a ton of fruit!! It
was good! 

On Friday we went to the Peter's for dinner. They showed us
their cute bunny, and chickens that they have. Then as we were walking
back to the house, a car comes up and the window rolls down and a
girl shouts, "Snake!!" We walked down there, and a bull snake was on
the side of the road!!! So scary!!! It started to coil up, and it
looked like it was going to attack. Then the Peter's dog tried to
attack it, but Brother Peters pushed the dog away. I didn't get near
that snake!!! Yikes!! But I have heard that it kills rattlesnakes! So
that is good! 

On Sunday, we had an amazing Fast Sunday! The Spirit
pushed me to bear my testimony in both wards. Ugghhhh!!!! :) The Lord
pushes me so much, and it's great! :) We had 3 lessons in a row after
lunch, and a YSA member Brittany attended the lessons! What a
wonderful experience it was to have her there! She definitely brought
a sweet spirit into the lessons, and we were so thankful to have her!
During the 3rd lesson, there was a HUGE storm that came in. It was
pouring rain so hard, that I thought that hail came down! We had to
drive through it to get to our dinner appointment, and we were
literally driving in a lake of water! It was insane!

That is my week everybody! I am so grateful to be a missionary, and to
serve the Lord! I love you all, and I love my Savior Jesus Christ.


Sister Dunn

Holli - June 6, 2016

Working at the Salvation Army

Hello Everyone!

We had a pretty bomb week this week :)

We had the most hilarious experience the other night. So we were at a
member's house eating dinner and she has four daughters who will be
baptized this Saturday and they're super cool. They have the cutest
dog named Caca and Caca is actually pregnant and was close to
delivering. Well, while we were there, she actually started delivering
the puppies and everyone was freaking out because the only daughter
who had ever helped deliver baby puppies before was at work. So Olga
(the mom) was freaking out, trying to figure out what to do and the
other three girls were too grossed out to help. So Sister Colson and I
tried to step in the best we could. It was quite the learning
experience! She had two puppies but they were both premature so they
ended up passing which was kind of sad. But thank goodness for the
Plan of Salvation, I guess (we're pretty sure it includes dogs too).

We had a great couple of lessons with Eivet and Sonaheh this week. We
stopped by to do a quick daily contact lesson and had planned on
staying for only 10 minutes but they invited us in and we got to meet
Eivet's brother Roger and Eivet's mother who only speaks Farsi. But it
was a really cool on the spot lesson because they had lots of
questions for us. The Spirit was really strong. We got to teach
Eivet's mother about the Restoration and Gregory asked about what
happens after we die so it was cool to talk about the Spirit world as
well. They are a really wonderful family.

We had this funny experience with a less active the other night.
Her name is Sister Walker and she grew up in the church but when she
had children she started working on Sundays and eventually just fell
away. She has had lots of bad things happen in her life and is pretty
bitter about it. A few weeks ago she had promised to show us a picture
of her and her sister together, but she couldn’t ever find it when we
would come to visit. She could find it when we weren’t there, but it
would kind of disappear when we were. You know me.  If I lose things I pray. 
We asked if we could say a prayer so she could find it. She said we were 
welcome to but she didn't think it would work. After we said a prayer she 
searched without any success and kept telling us it was never going to work 
and she would never find it (she can be fairly negative). Anyways, a thought 
popped into my head to suggest looking on Facebook so I suggested it and 
she looked there and in under five minutes she had found the right picture. 
Prayers are answered!!

We teach this less active named Juan every week. He is so amazing.
Most all of his kids are less active but he has such a strong
testimony of the gospel. He had a son get in a bad motorcycle accident
and pass away not too long ago and it was a really hard experience for
him. We had a member come with us to this lesson and she was like the
perfect fit for Juan because she had also lost a child and as she
related that experience to Juan they both started to cry and the
Spirit was so strong. It was a really neat experience to hear that and
learn from it.

We saw another less active last night (Gloria) and had another very
powerful experience. It was late at night but she invited us in. She
is super talkative and sweet and was telling us all about her dog who
had just gotten out of surgery. We shared with her a thought about
being grateful and how gratitude (according to Pres. Monson) is one of
the "noblest of virtues" and she really opened up to us. Two of her
kids have distanced themselves from her and don't believe in God and
the other two stay pretty active but she's just been really struggling
lately. She then talked about one of her friends who had come to her
with questions about God etc. and she said she prayed and then had
been able to answer everything and this friend told her she had given
her more knowledge than the bishop of her church had. That was pretty
awesome. The church is true!

We contacted this one guy named Bidal on the street the other night.
He told us he didn't speak English, only Spanish so we did our best to
give him the restoration lesson in Spanish. It was kind of odd too
because we would start to say something in Spanish and then he would stop
because it sounded weird and then he would like correct us. Turns out
he was actually pretty fluent in English. He ended up giving us his number 
and we got to pass him off to the Spanish sisters. He said we were really 
cool though because we actually tried to speak his language so he got a 
good laugh out of the experience which is great.

That was about it for the week! Hope you all are doing well and have a
wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

Taylor - June 6, 2016

Hey Family!

Wow what a week for you guys, pretty crazy and fun!! Sounds like a scorcher over there at the wedding in Arizona. It’s getting pretty hot over here too as you probably know and also super humid with the rain each day!

Something that I have been focusing on the past week is studying about the Book of Mormon and also studying in the Book of Mormon. I’ve realized that no matter what question we have, it can be answered through studying the Book of Mormon and the Bible and praying about it. The Book of Mormon truly is the keystone of The Church of Jesus Christ and it can answer many questions of the soul, sort through confusion, and confound false doctrine. I love the Book of Mormon!

We are going to have a big finding week this week and focus on finding the needs and desires of the people we talk to in order to better see what really is their drive, and what catches their interest in the restored gospel. We can't make them want it, they have to desire it for themselves.

Unfortunately Kathy, Jessica and Tatiana didn't come to church though we had had an awesome lesson on the Book of Mormon the Friday before. We haven't been able to really contact them and we've called and tried to stop by so I don't how much longer we will try with them. As well, we haven't been able to contact Adriana so that's super lame! We also had a dinner set up with Marie and Enrique and the Rodriguez family but they had to cancel since Marie isn't feeling well because she is pregnant. But hey asi es la vida! We're still super pumped and excited for this week! We have zone training on Wednesday and zone conference next week so that will be cool!

For interesting conversations... Yesterday we ran into this one woman who is half Christian half spiritualist and so that was interesting. She literally talked our ears off for like 45 minutes! It was kinda cool though because some of her beliefs were the same. She didn't believe the bible was perfect but that it was the word of God. She was a strong believer in love, charity and families. She was amazed with the Book of Mormon and knew a little bit about the lost tribes, so we gave her one and invited her to read it :) Not a super church going woman but hey, a good seed was planted!

Another fun one was just with a woman that wasn't very accepting and said we are a cult and was completely against Joseph Smith and thought her own sister who was converted was lost forever. So ya that was a sad one.

Mom, for the theme remembering who you are, Elder Hallstrom’s talk is obviously a good one from this last general conference. I also always love to go to the bible dictionary and search from there and it leads me to a lot of good things!

Well I love you guys, stay safe and I'll talk to you later!

Elder Dunn

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Holli - May 30, 2016

We found a few deer tracting :) Yeah that's as close to a live animal
as you get here in Glendale - minus the squirrels! Super jealous of
Chelsea’s cows right now haha
Hey Everyone!

We had a pretty crazy week this week!

We had a mission conference on Thursday with a member of the Seventy 
and his wife - Elder and Sister Gaverett (not sure on the spelling) and it
was really cool! The APs told us afterwards that Elder Gaverett
changed the agenda of the meeting like 10 different times and the
purpose was to have the Spirit guide the meeting. It was  kind of
hilarious too because they did accountability last minute and had all
the ZLs come up and do accountability for the entire zone - baptisms
for the last four months and how many were still active in the church
- focused on retention. Those poor zone leaders were really sweating
it but did a great job! And some ZLs weren't there so they called up
the DL in place - haha yeah Sister Colson said she was really glad not
to be either at the moment.

We had an awesome church tour with Heriberto, Connie, and April. It
was kind of hilarious because April's date is set for the 19th of June
and we only meet with her once a week so we literally crammed like
half of the lessons into the church tour. However, April did get the
pack of gum Sister Colson used to explain tithing so she stayed awake
for most of it. It's cool too because Connie is just kind of present
for lessons, to support April, but we can tell she's feeling the
Spirit so we hope as we continue to meet that her testimony will
strengthen and she'll have the desire to do more. Wonderful family!
Unfortunately Eddie (short for Heriberto) works every other Sunday so
church attendance will be very spotty. Connie told us she would bring
April to church but unfortunately they never came. Life goes on
though! We have a temple trip planned for this Thursday and they said
they would meet us there to check out the Visitors Center so we're
excited for that!

Oh my gosh we have the coolest family in the Ward. So it's Brother and
Sister Butler and they will just be here until August but Brother
Butler is going to school at BYU and they live in Wyview and will be
there for a while so they told me I should come and visit which would
be super cool! He's doing his masters in engineering and another funny
fact we found out- he was in the movie High School Musical! So that's
the plan when I go back to school is to go to the Butler's apt. And
watch High School Musical :) haha- they are awesome! Sister Butler is
actually coming on a lesson with us today for Eivet and Sonahey
(friends of a less active member who have come to church twice now)
and we are so excited to teach them.

We had such a unique experience last night. It was late (like
8:40) and we had planned on stopping by this potential. She had
stopped us in the street a month ago and asked if we wanted to come by
her house and "talk about it" so we were like, sure . . .? Then when
we were on exchanges a few weeks ago we stopped by their house and met
her very crazy brother Fabien. Pretty creepy dude. Anyways so we
decided to stop by last night. Not a super logical thing when it's
dark but we felt OK about it. So we go and Fabien is the only one home
and he's just super creepy. So we asked him to tell Patricia we
stopped by and prepared to jet when this group of kids passed by us
ranging from like 5-13. They were the sweetest kids in the world. They
all lived in the neighborhood and were used to Fabien but they were
kind of scared of him. Anyways, they asked who we were and then told
us about the churches they went to. Then one of the boys (Angel) asked
if we believed in bad dreams - we told them to pray whenever they had
one and then they all started sharing their bad dreams. Then Kelly, one
of the little girls, asked if we could all say a prayer together. So
we like moved away from Fabien's house and gathered in a circle and
all took turns saying a prayer. And it was so cool! It was 9:15 by
then and we told them we had to go. Angel asked us if we could stay
for another hour and it was so hard to leave those kids! But we told
them we would come back. Such an amazing experience!

We were in primary a few weeks ago and this little girl named Madison
(she's maybe 4) is just a hoot. The lesson was on Jesus and His many
titles/roles. They started talking about how Jesus was the Good
Shepherd which would make all of the kids the "sheep" and Madison
stands up and states very pointedly "I'm not a sheep, I'm a kitty!"

So remember, no matter what animal you are, Jesus still loves you and
still wants you to follow Him. ☺️

Haha, so Mariana (she just got confirmed last week) has a daughter
named Gen in the YSA Ward but Gen comes with her mom to the family
Ward a lot to support her. So yesterday was fast Sunday and we were
going back over it with Mariana and she was like joke griping about
how we have to fast for two meals. She asked if 12 was ok to start
eating. Haha, I told her that when we were young our parents made
sure it was two full meals so we didn't end up eating until 4 or so
and sometimes when dad (who was bishop at the time) got home late we
would fast until 5 or 6 and Gen's like "So that's why you're so
skinny! You guys fasted until 6!" Oh my gosh hilarious - but yes there
are many health benefits to fasting! Physical and spiritual!

That's about it from here in Glendale! I love you all so much! Thanks
again for all of the letters and support! Have a wonderful week :)

Love, Sister Dunn