Sunday, June 5, 2016

Taylor - May 31, 2016

Hey! Thanks for all the pics of graduation. Spence is a stud!! Ya I bet it was a crazy week. Do you guys feel old yet? ;) jk. Love you guys! Man its going to be like a new house when I get back. The fridge and microwave went out in the same week. Craziness! ;) 

The week was pretty awesome for us as well! We had Jessica, Kathy and Tatiana come to church and they're a pretty cool family of 3! They had to go after sacrament but they really liked it and are excited to continue to learn and progress towards their date for the 11th! Adriana also came to church and she liked it as well! We had given her a chapel tour earlier in the week so she was more familiar with everything and she is also excited to learn more and progress towards her date on the 11th! Adriana is from Guatemala but she speaks fluent English which is awesome. She loves to read so she eats up any reading material we giver her which is nice! She is still waiting on her answer from the Lord but she feels the spirit so that is awesome!  The funny thing though was for sacrament meeting, the topic was temples and family history and so it was a little deep. I think our investigators were definitely a little lost and confused which kinda stinks but hey they still felt good :) 

The Lord definitely blessed us with miracles this week and we couldn't have done it without Him! We kept the faith and energy high and set bold expectations with everyone we met! The ward also had a bbq for Memorial Day yesterday. A few nonmember friends came to that as well so we are excited to be working with the members more! It was  raining a bit during the bbq but it was still fun! 

For conversations this week we had an interesting convo with a born again christian and he said we believed the Christ was an angel and he was appalled about the fact that we believed satan to be the brother of Jesus. We explained to him that we believed Jesus Christ to be the Son of God and the Savior and Redeemer of the world and he said that's not what our leaders are saying and he basically thinks we're being led blindly even though we told him thousands of times that we have questions and are constantly studying and learning. Anyways nice guy just slightly confused. 

Another one that just popped into my head was with a Muslim woman. There wasn't too much of a conversation but she was super super nice, and said she believed in God and Jesus to be a great prophet, but ya she was probably one of the nicest women I have met. 

Elder Wride's birthday was on Friday so that was super fun. Hermano Rodriguez took us to a pretty good pizza place so that was cool. Then we had cake and ice cream! I will definitely get pics to you soon Mom, sorry about that! Love you guys, have a great week and stay safe! -Elder Dunn

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