Sunday, June 5, 2016

Holli - May 23, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We had a great week this week! Sometimes as a missionary it's hard to
see things with an eternal perspective because we are out here only
for a short time. But the Lord has blessed us with so many miracles
and we have met so many amazing people here so, every once and a while
you have these moments where you think "It's totally worth it!"

Mariana and Angie are doing really well. So Mariana got confirmed this
Sunday and we called her about two minutes to 9 (when the service
started) and she told us she was running late but she would be there.
I think every time we have a confirmation, the investigator is always
running late because Satan is very real!! And that's what Mariana told
us as she came rushing through the doors. She told us of the problems
they had that morning but we were just glad she made it! And one of
the speakers in sacrament meeting said something that really struck
me. She said that while Satan is a very real and powerful being, he is
nothing compared to Christ and His power. Something Sister Colson
taught me during studies the other day too was that Satan strives to
get us down, especially as missionaries, because he knows the power we
possess in bringing souls unto Christ. Super cool! I know as we trust
in the Lord we can have that power to overcome the "darts of Satan".
Mariana now has a lot of the spiritual armor she needs to help her in
her life!

Haha, we also had to teach the YW that Sunday. Oh my lanta it was
super awkward! But good :) The topic was Patriarchal blessings and we
literally had like 10 minutes to prepare but the Spirit was strong by
the end. There's like 10 YW total and half of them are investigators
so that was super fun. But yeah like literally no one talked . . .
Ever.  I remember being shy in YW but I felt like as a group we 
contributed ok. But yeah - we just went around in a circle and had 
girls share stuff so that went well.

Oh my lands - big news! We got a car! We are so happy! We have been
walking and busing around which is great but it's also not super
efficient. We meet wonderful people but travel time just drains our
day so we are really excited about this. And kind of nervous because
we are losing exercise time haha - so definitely watching our diets
which is probably what Heavenly Father wanted us to do anyways . . .

We had a Ward picnic on Saturday - it was supposed to be a pretty big
event but everyone was supposed to bring their own dinner and a desert
to share. Well . . . The Ward council was very well represented! (They
were kind of the only ones that showed) Haha - but it was fun. We met
this guy named Roger who is a less active that knows he needs to
return but has yet to make the sacrifice. Bishop has been working
closely with him but Roger has never wanted missionaries to come by.
However we were able to talk with him a lot during the picnic and now
he is ok with missionaries coming by! 👏🏻 Super cool.

We met this super interesting guy named Fransico. He is the only
member in his family and he wants his family to be more religious but
doesn't want to put in the effort. He is so busy with work and then in 
his free time he paints and he is really good - he has a painting of the 
last supper and instead of like Peter and John, he painted himself and 
Leonardo de Vinci at the end of the table which we thought was pretty 
unique haha. He has a lot of different paintings of Christ as well - so he 
seems to have a desire to be closer to him but right now that desire is only 
reflected in a canvas, not in his life. But he'll get there!

We had a wonderful day at church yesterday! There's this less active
named Farnaz and her daughter Elin who are on and off with church
attendance, and Farnaz brought her close friend Eivet to church as
well as Eivet's daughter Sonahey (not sure on the spelling but that's
how it's pronounced) who is good friends with Elin and it was
awesome. They even stayed for all 3 hours! Coolest ever! So we are
passing them off to the Armenian Elders and hopefully they have
success with them!

Juan (another less active) also came to church! And he hasn't been
coming for a while so it was great to see him!

That's about our week from here in Glendale. Love you all so much!
Thank you for your letters and support! Have a wonderful week.

Love, Sister Dunn

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