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Chelsea - May 23, 2016

Baptism ni Josie and Roseann!

PEOPLE, WE FOUND BUKO BREAD! after week of looking at every tindahan and finding nothing, we finally found some! Unfortunately, the owner was showering in the river, so we left a note, pamplet, and money! We are that desperate… haha

Helllo po!! 

This week was a great week! So we have this investigator and her name is MJ. We’ve been teaching her since March but she’s never been able to go to church because her dad is bedridden and cant be left alone and she's the only one at the house. She’s been really progressing though, its just too bad she can't get baptized! Well...this week her dad died... It was super hard for her but she’s starting to do ok now. Next week, we're gonna start teaching her again and we hope she'll be ready to accept the gospel!! We were able to visit her a couple times this week though. They have some pretty weird traditions when someone dies in the family. First, they keep the casket with the body inside or outside the house for about a week. The family all ties ribbon around their heads so they won’t get dizzy… don’t ask me. hhaha. It’s also forbidden to wear red, eat something sour, brush your hair, take a shower, sneeze, or to let a dog or chicken enter the house or go by the casket. I have no idea… I was like well what if I have to sneeze? And she was like, go outside! hahaha. pretty funny. But we found out in Kiribati, Sister Teabwabwa's culture, that they keep the dead person in his bed for one week so they can all lay down next to him.. I thought that was little creepy hahaha.

So Josie and Roseann's baptism was on Saturday!! It went so well and Josie bore the most beautiful testimony ever. Sister Elix and I were fighting back tears! Josie has just come a long way and we have just come to love her so much. Our first visit with her, she just started bawling to us about all the problems she was facing in her life, and now shes told us that her family is more close and that she feels God more in her life. Yesterday, I was at the piano and in the front row was Josie and Roseann and I got like choked up watching them sing the sacrament hymn together as mom and daughter. It’s kinda been an emotional weekend with them!

This week I’ve been greatful for my dad! Basically, there were a couple lessons where the dad was drunk and he was just making a fool of himself and his kids were just watching him... It was so sad. Also, in one of our areas, about 200 middle aged guys all got together to watch two chickens fight and everybody just bets money and drinks. Also, there was another accident in our area, four middle aged guys were drunk and on a tricie and a huge bus just totally ran them over. His children were just bawling when they brought their dad’s body back and his oldest daughter has started to go crazy. Basically thanks dad for choosing the right in your life and doing your best to raise us as kids and patterning your life after Jesus Christ. And thanks for being someone I can look up to. It means a lot!

That’s been about it for the week! Love you!

Sister Dunn

baby cow!

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