Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lindsay - May 30, 2016

Saying goodbye to Sister Curtis.  I was literally trying to hold in the tears. 
Soooo hard to leave her!!!

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great week! Congratulations to all the seniors that have graduated! That is such a great accomplishment! I remember those days. It brought me so much relief to be able to be rewarded for all my hard work in school! 

This week was crazy! I feel like every week is going to be crazy! The adjustment from Gila Valley to Silver City has definitely been the toughest transition. But I know that the Lord is giving me this challenge because He knows that I will become stronger and better because of it. On Tuesday, we had a lesson with our recent convert Kenny. His last name is actually McCauley, so I am wondering if they are related to you Uncle Brian and Aunt Val!! That would be so cool! We spoke about the Holy Ghost and showed the videos from Elder David A. Bednar, "Patterns of Light". Ken liked the videos, and we had a great discussion about how the Holy Ghost can communicate with us and help us. 

On Wednesday, we had  an awesome district meeting! We talked about the power of teaching simply. We did a role play where we chose a principle from  Preach My Gospel,   
And chose a scripture to go with it. It was really good! I chose the principle of agency. I used 2nd Nephi 2:27 to explain the principle. That role play helped me a lot mainly because I don't use a lot of scriptures during lessons. So I learned how to incorporate scriptures more in the lessons. Later that day we visited Avery who is 8 years old. He has a hard time retaining the principles we teach, but he has the desire to be baptized. It has been hard to help him come to church. There isn't a lot of support in his immediate family, so it is hard for him to make the decision to go to church. But we were very straightforward with him, and asked him what he was struggling with. He opened up to us a little bit, which was good! We are hoping that he comes to church next Sunday! Close to the end of the night, we were trying to find this one less active in the YSA Ward. Her brother was there, but she apparently moved. He was really creepy. His smile was so awkward, and we knew that he was lying when we were talking to him. He would always hesitate, and then answer the question, so overall it was an experience filled with feelings of awkwardness and creepiness. Haha! So funny though! 

On Friday after weekly planning, we taught Billy our YSA investigator. He is awesome! Billy told us that he can see a difference in his life, because of the righteous choices he is making. It is so amazing when people recognize that change! What a blessing! 

On Saturday, we had dinner with the Bencomo's. Sister Bencomo is less active, and her husband isn't a member. At one point in his life, he took the missionary lessons, but he got offended, and then stopped taking them. We talked about the Book of Mormon, and our favorite scriptures. It was awesome! Then Sister Hunt challenged Brother Bencomo to start reading the Book of Mormon again. We invited him to take a Book of Mormon, and he did! We are so happy!!!! On Sunday, we taught another of our YSA investigators, named Sabrina. She came to the lesson, and brought her younger sister! So it was amazing to teach both of them! We taught them the Plan of Salvation, and Sabrina had some questions, so we answered them to the best of our ability. It was such a great lesson. At the end of the lesson, Sister Hunt asked her to be baptized. She was hesitant towards a specific date. So we invited her to pray about it, and she said that she would. What a great week it has been! I love you all, have a wonderful, relaxing summer!! 


Sister Lindsay Dunn

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