Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Holli - June 20, 2016

Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty epic!

So we met this super sweet lady named Jennifer the other day. It got
up to like 100 and we were walking down this road and we look to the
side and there's Jennifer with her baby in a stroller, rocking him in
the shade. Perfect contact situation! So we started talking with
Jennifer and then we told her who we were and what we taught and asked
if she would be interested in learning more. At first she was 
hesitant, didn't really want to meet, but as we continued to talk with
her she said that she felt like we were supposed to meet. 
She told us she just really needed to talk with someone and she wanted
to raise her son to believe in God, even though she wasn't super
religious. Please pray for Jennifer as we meet with her his week!!

On Tuesday we had exchanges and man it was fun! Sister Huang (who was
my previous comp. for like a week) came here to Glendale and we
contacted up a storm! And we contacted this super interesting guy
named Mark. So kind of a funny story. We were walking down the road
and saw Mark had gotten into some kind of car accident. Sister Huang
asked him what had happened and he started unloading to us a bit. He
told us his family had been practicing witchcraft against him so we
tried to give him a few words of encouragement (as we shuffled
backwards). Sister Huang asked him if he had heard of the BofM and he
had but he only believed what the bible said. But he gave us his
number and Sister Huang invited him to pray about meeting with us

So later that night we are sitting in the car getting ready to go by a
referral when Mark calls and he told us he felt like he should call
us. We were like, Sweet! But then he kind of goes on for a while about
his life and things he's done and how he was "saved" and what he does
now and it got slightly creepy. He ended up talking to us for an hour
and we finally had to hang up and plan for the night after setting up
a return appointment. Then the day of the appointment he calls us and
kind of does a repeat of the other night - we asked if he had prayed
and asked Heavenly Father if he should read the BofM and he said he
had prayed and God had told him not to read it . . . So we were like,
if you don't want to read the BofM, why do you still want to meet with
us? And he told us he wanted to make sure we weren't being fooled or
tricked. Kind of a frustrating phone call - but life goes on! So we
picked up and dropped an investigator in three days :) super fun.

It was our last lesson with April this week! Heriberto and Connie helped 
us out and the lesson was focused around service. April will be baptized 
in her mother’s Ward, which is in the LA mission, on July 10th so we are really
excited for her. Please pray for Eddie and Connie! Eddie doesn't seem
like he wants to come back but they are such a wonderful family and we
know Connie felt the Spirit as we taught April.

The stake is putting on a play : Alice in Wonderland! The music was
written by a couple in our Ward and they direct the play as well. We
are so excited for it - and we were able to go help out a  bit so that
was fun! Mainly just used our hot glue gunning skills and glued
leaves together but it was a blast!

Haha, we had to teach YW again and it was on the priesthood and there 
was like 5 girls this time and two were visiting. But it went all right! We 
had the girls do a role play with their leaders and they did a great job!  
You don’t realize how hard it might be to explain something about the 
church, until you try to role play it! Invitation for the fam - try to role play 
explaining the priesthood to a nonmember - it’s kind of fun! Hint: don’t over 
complicate it!

We tried by a referral one night and I don't think it was his actual
home, so we decided to knock the neighbor's and we met Sylvia. She was
a staunch born again Christian - only believed in the bible - so we
asked if she knew anyone who had lost a loved one recently or was
going through a hard time that would appreciate a message of comfort
and peace. Turns out her husband passed away about three weeks ago and
we talked with her for quite a while.  I just want to express my gratitude for the
knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. It not only allows those who never
had a chance to hear of Christ come to know of him but it offers so
much more hope and peace and motivation to live like our Savior. I'm
so glad that we know what we are being saved for - exaltation and
eternal life with our Savior and our Heavenly Father.

We kind of got attacked by a dog this week - not too many battle
wounds but mom I was wearing that super cute Easter outfit you gave me
and the dog tore a hole right in the skirt and the cardigan. Sorry!!! I might 
be sending that back with the journal . . .

That's about it from here in Glendale! I hope you are all doing well
and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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