Monday, June 27, 2016

Chelsea - June 6, 2016

Working with our recent convert, Jerome, and Ricci!

Just using my awesome knife to cut some coconuts! 

I had to crop this pic because these little boys were absolutely naked! Haha they just kept shouting picture so we took a pic! When it rains, every little boy loves to just strip down, go outside, and bathe in the rain water hahaa. 
Kumusta po kayo lahat?! 

This week was kinda a busy week! On Tuesday, we finally extended baptismal dates to MJ and Gigi Dumancil! And they finally came to church yesterday! After 3 months of teaching them, it was their first time yesterday! They are progressing so much and we are setting July 2 for their baptism! The only problem is, is that Gigi isn’t married yet to her boyfriend but they have plans to get married in a month so we are crossing our fingers!

This week we had interviews with President Rahlf. It was a really good time for me to just reflect on who I’ve become as a missionary since it's been 1 year! President asked me who I was before I went on my mission and what has changed? I thought back to before and I realized I had soooo many weaknesses back then, that have now become strengths. Obviously, I still have so many weaknesses I’m still working on, but it was nice to just reavalatue myself and see how far I’ve come :)

So we are getting into the rainy season over here! Every night it rains sooo hard and the power is always out over here… it's so annoying.. haha. One night Sister Elix and I were coming home from Calimague and we were in the tricie and it started to pour so bad and we literally thought we were gonna die. It didn’t help that the whole city lost power and so we were literally driving in pouring rain without any source of light! haha. When we came home we were absolutely soaked and then we found that there were pools of water all over the house so we had to mop the whole house in the dark!! It’s been a fun week. Especially when in the middle of the night, the power goes out which means the electric fans go out and we wake up just dripping sweat. We love it! Love you all!

Sister Dunn


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