Monday, June 27, 2016

Taylor - June 6, 2016

Hey Family!

Wow what a week for you guys, pretty crazy and fun!! Sounds like a scorcher over there at the wedding in Arizona. It’s getting pretty hot over here too as you probably know and also super humid with the rain each day!

Something that I have been focusing on the past week is studying about the Book of Mormon and also studying in the Book of Mormon. I’ve realized that no matter what question we have, it can be answered through studying the Book of Mormon and the Bible and praying about it. The Book of Mormon truly is the keystone of The Church of Jesus Christ and it can answer many questions of the soul, sort through confusion, and confound false doctrine. I love the Book of Mormon!

We are going to have a big finding week this week and focus on finding the needs and desires of the people we talk to in order to better see what really is their drive, and what catches their interest in the restored gospel. We can't make them want it, they have to desire it for themselves.

Unfortunately Kathy, Jessica and Tatiana didn't come to church though we had had an awesome lesson on the Book of Mormon the Friday before. We haven't been able to really contact them and we've called and tried to stop by so I don't how much longer we will try with them. As well, we haven't been able to contact Adriana so that's super lame! We also had a dinner set up with Marie and Enrique and the Rodriguez family but they had to cancel since Marie isn't feeling well because she is pregnant. But hey asi es la vida! We're still super pumped and excited for this week! We have zone training on Wednesday and zone conference next week so that will be cool!

For interesting conversations... Yesterday we ran into this one woman who is half Christian half spiritualist and so that was interesting. She literally talked our ears off for like 45 minutes! It was kinda cool though because some of her beliefs were the same. She didn't believe the bible was perfect but that it was the word of God. She was a strong believer in love, charity and families. She was amazed with the Book of Mormon and knew a little bit about the lost tribes, so we gave her one and invited her to read it :) Not a super church going woman but hey, a good seed was planted!

Another fun one was just with a woman that wasn't very accepting and said we are a cult and was completely against Joseph Smith and thought her own sister who was converted was lost forever. So ya that was a sad one.

Mom, for the theme remembering who you are, Elder Hallstrom’s talk is obviously a good one from this last general conference. I also always love to go to the bible dictionary and search from there and it leads me to a lot of good things!

Well I love you guys, stay safe and I'll talk to you later!

Elder Dunn

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