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Chelsea - June 20, 2016

Nanay Ramel and Nanay Rosette!
Remy at her baptism!

President and Sister Rahlf!

Hello everyone!

I would call this week sick week take 2! On Thursday, we had to come home from work early because sister elix's fever came back. Haha I thought she was literally having a heat stroke because the day was sooo hot and I was like oh no, she’s gonna pass out and we are literally in the middle of nowhere and we have no texts or calls on our phone! Haha but she made it home and from Thursday-Saturday we were at the house. We then went to Cauayan on Saturday and she was able to go to the hospital there. On Sunday, I was the one to get sick, so ya…. definitely not a fun week.... but Sister Elix and I are both feeling better today!

On Tuesday, we were able to attend a special district conference. This would be the last time President and Sister Rahlf would teach! They talked in depth about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was such a good conference and my perspective totally changed about the Atonement. I definitely see it as more sacred now. At the end, they also showed a video with Jeffrey R. Holland speaking. What he said really touched me. Basically he was saying why is missionary work tough? Why do we do we get rejected all the time? Why don’t our investigators get it and progress faster than we want? He said because salvation is not a cheap thing. And as we experience challenges and rejections as a missionary, we get a little taste of what Jesus Christ went through when he was on the earth and paid for our sins. We come shoulder to shoulder with Jesus Christ. I love that! It’s great right?! Definitely inspired me.

We had a cool experience on Thursday. We were planning on going to our area, San Isidro. Then our tricie broke down and we got off in our other area, Marana. I was like, well sister elix, that’s probably a sign from God that we should work here! And she was like ok let’s go! So we totally worked in Marana! and we got punted..... I was like never mind… that wasn't a sign from God! haha. But then we both felt inspired to go to this one member, Lolita. She is probably the poorest lady. She lives in this tiny bedroom. and next door is her children but they don’t even care about her. She earns her money from going house to house and collecting plastic bottles. As we shared with her, she just started to open up to us about why her life has to be so hard. She doesn’t feel loved or wanted and she never has anyone to talk to... So Sister Elix and I were able to share about God's love for her and our love for her. We shared about challenges and trials and how to become strong through them. Man, I admire these people here. My challenges are nothing compared to theirs so I am so grateful I get to see this other perspective. Anyways, a really good experience and testimony builder that God is very much a part of this work.

Haha so on saturday sister elix and I went to the mission home and we had to wait there until 1 for her appointment and so we got to study in air con and on couches! It was the best… then sister rahlf served us apples and that cream cheese dip. Ahhhh I died. Then she invited us to join them for lunch. Elder Swenson’s parents had come from America to pick him up and president and sister rahlf hosted a lunch for them. And I can proudly say that I got down a chicken salad sandwich. So grosss… yep my tastebuds are the same people! haha. But it was so funny cause Elder swenson’s mom is hilarious and it was so nice to listen to american humor again! And then oh my goodness we witnessed their little reunion. We were all just sitting at the table and then elder swenson comes in and he and his mom hug for like a minute and I felt like I was so intruding! Haha elder antenorcruz, the ap, he was like crying! We then went to sm mall and bought dunkin donuts and it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. That is all. haha.

Anyways, that’s what’s up this week! I am getting transferred on Wednesday! Prayers would be great! Love you all :)

Sister Dunn

People have to be taught how to use the toilet here...

Ubando Family

Eating chicken intestine!

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