Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Taylor - June 20, 2016

Hey Family,

Haha oh mother your letter made me laugh! I knew you would hit this point ;) It is pretty crazy to think about coming home. In fact I can't really imagine myself getting home so ya. As far as specific food dishes, whatever you want to make mom is fine with me. Sounds like the Robert’s reception was pretty fun. I'm glad all went well! As well as Happy Father's Day to Dad and Grandpa!! You guys are the best!

Well this week we found Laura and Adam, a couple who are having a few struggles mainly because he has bipolar disorder and that is really hard on her and the 3 kids. They are both pretty strong 7th day adventists though but super open as well. Laura wants to really continue to find truth and is excited about reading the Book of Mormon as well as her husband Adam. The big thing will be getting them to take work off Sunday and helping them come to remember and grow closer to God every day but especially Sunday!

We found a few other potentials but they kept falling through so we need to make sure we are bold with return appointments! As well we want to really apply the training we received from the AP's especially about faith. We need to have faith that we will find those who are ready to receive us no matter the circumstances!

I went on an exchange with elder keith this week. He is a funny guy but a good missionary and just wants to do what's right. We taught Julie and she is super cool and loves the aspect of the family and how they can be together forever! This week as well we just found a lot of people who are just complacent, either with their church or the way they choose to worship God, or they are where they feel comfortable, or they feel their way is God's way. Not really open minded. It can just be sooo confusing and I'm glad that I was born in a great family and raised in the gospel. It would be so tough sometimes without that.

I do have a big testimony of being a follower. A follower of our Savior Jesus Christ. I'm planning on talking about it a little in my training this week but as we follow Jesus Christ and His example in our life, we can be great leaders to everyone! We can help them follow His example. I'm convinced that Jesus Christ was such a great leader because he was such a great follower of His Heavenly Father! I'm thankful for the many examples in my life, especially of my Savior! I love you guys, stay safe and have a great week! :)

Elder Dunn

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