Monday, June 27, 2016

Holli - June 13, 2016

Baptism of Angie and the Barragan girls!

Hello Everyone!!

First of all I want to wish the best dad in the entire world a Happy
Father's Day :) I hope you have a wonderful day dad!

At stake conference last week we sat by a member (Sister Sheffield)
and before conference had started she leaned over and asked me "So
what do you do if you invited someone to church and forgot that it was
stake conference this week?"

Haha, she had seen an elderly couple walking near our church building,
looking intently at it, and as she walked past them she encouraged
them to go to church and told them services started every Sunday
around 9am and then she sped off. It wasn't until later that she
realized it was stake conference which would be held at a different
building and a different time. We just laughed though and encouraged
her to continue to invite people to church! 

So we had a lot of cancellations this week but one night we asked a
member to come with us and we ended up trying to contact a referral
and the referral's girlfriend was home so we got to speak with her.
She was a really sweet girl and told us we could come back and share a
message so we will do that!

So Sister Walker (the one we gave a gratitude journal to) seems to be doing a little better this week. So usually our lessons kind of go like, she talks, we listen, and try to jump in occasionally to share a scripture while she breathes, and then she talks some more.  So everytime we go over now we open her gratitude journal and write five things that we’re each thankful for. She told us she would never use the journal. However, this past week I opened it up and saw Sister Walker had put three different
items in the gratitude journal! Haha, best moment ever! We told her a Book of Mormon story this time of Nephi traveling to the promised land. At the end of the story she told us she needed to start reading her
Book of Mormon again and asked us for a copy. So cool!! 

So Eivet and Sonaheh went to Iran to visit Eivet's sister and will be
there until the end of August but all is well because Eivet's mom (who
is staying here and speaks zip English) wants missionaries to come by
and teach her about the gospel. So cool!! We gave her a Book of Mormon in Farsi and a picture book to give to Sonaheh when she returns and she was so excited! She was way sweet :)

So Angie got baptized this week! It was awesome! She got
baptized with the Barragan girls (a part member family the Elders
found) so 5 baptisms in one Saturday #bestdayever. Yesterday in church Angie was confirmed with the girls so by the end of the confirmations and the sacrament, we had about ten minutes left haha. But it was
super awesome. Angie is the sweetest - we just hope she stays strong!
As a 13 year old in the gospel with hardly any other girls in the YW
program it might be hard but they have awesome leaders so crossing

So we went to get our oil change one day and it took like two hours
because they had to rotate the tires as well so we were like sitting
there when Angela and her boyfriend came to wait for their car and we started talking with them. Angela is super awesome! She has a few relatives who are LDS and has wanted to come to a church so she enrolled in this program that takes families to different churches so they can see which one they'll like the most. She’s never been to an LDS church before so we really encouraged her to go and ended up giving them a family proclamation. Her boyfriend didn’t seem super interested but Angela asked us a few questions and was super sweet :) 

That's about it for this week! Hope you are all doing well! Thank you
so much for all of the letters and support :)

Love, Sister Dunn

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