Sunday, June 5, 2016

Taylor - May 23, 2016


The week was cool! My new comp Elder Wride is a boss! He's from Santaquin, Utah! He loves tennis and he's a hard worker but super chill and optimistic which is nice!

Marie and Enrique and their son Michael came to church this past Sunday which was great! They stayed for all 3 hours and loved it! Enrique doesn't have as much of a religious background so he sometimes was a little confused but he liked it! We have a return appointment set up for thursday where we are excited to teach the word of wisdom and law of chastity! But today she started texting us deep doctrine questions that she was looking up online so ya we had to take care of that but it’s all good now!

In the district elder foster came in to replace elder hatch in cypress grove and he's cool and energetic so I'm excited for that! Sister livengood is training hermana rosario and she's from the republica dominicana so she's learning english! Then a DL named elder mears came up to be a ZL with elder heath and he's pretty chill. Oh and ya sister erickson who was in my first district is now in the district again with sister tarullo so that's cool! We found a great family of 3 this week (4 counting the baby) that are looking for a church and are willing to be baptized when they come to know it's true! They said they would come to church and didn’t make it though so we are going to follow up with them soon!

We had a conversation this week with a woman who was catholic and her belief in God had turned her life and the life of her husband around and she was super happy and it was super cool. We definitely felt the spirit. Then we explained that God had sent us there to help her to come closer to Heavenly Father and learn for herself of the restored gospel. Then we did a short explanation about The Church of Jesus Christ. She said that she believed that her church was the church of Jesus Christ and then we found out the she believed all churches that talk about Christ are his church. We run into that a lot but I just think that perspective is so interesting when the churches have so many different teachings. I was thinking about what Chelsea said about how it’s our responsibility as missionaries to teach people simply and clearly. I hope I’m doing that and giving them a fair chance!

Another interesting conversation this week was with a guy who thought he was Adam and that he said the “ mormon” church was the closest out of all of them and that he wants to be a part of the church but apparently he’s been “labeled" as mentally ill. He knew a good bit about the bible and the book of mormon, unfortunately he had a few thoughts that were just slightly off, but ya I would definitely qualify him as interesting, and a nice guy though!

Oh and we had probably the best steak of my life at the rodriguez's (sorry dad, yours are good too) I don't know what the marinade was but his steaks are pretty famous in the ward and for good reason! Anyways that's about it! Love you guys, take care!!

Elder Dunn

p.s. Mom when you sent that pic of your recital, I didn’t even recognize the piano room for a few seconds! haha it was weird!

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