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Chelsea - May 16, 2016

This is nanay lolita!  Her work is collecting cardboard and plastic bottles so she can get money to eat.  We collect water bottles at our house for her :)

We’re teaching the little guy in the green!  His name is grandiuer.  After we taught him we asked him if he had any questions and he was like “mag-ingat po kayo sister! (Take care sisters) hahaha he’s the cutest kid ever.

Piquelle doing laundry!

Hi Everyone!  

This week has been kinda a rough week but we survived!! Basically, Sister Elix and I set a goal this week to find some investigators with potential. It was definitely a matter of faith and prayer and constant finding but we were able to find some that have potential! One is the Ubando family. It’s a tatay and nanay and they are so great. They keep telling us to come back and so we hope they will accept the gospel! As we have found all these investigators, I feel like the Lord tells us ok, here is someone who is ready for your message, now it’s up to you to help them accept it. So Sister Elix and I have definitely felt a lot of accountability this week. God has prepared and helped us find these people, and it’s up to us to teach as clear as possible and help them to realize that they need the gospel. But we are super excited to continue working with these new investigators! Josie and Roseann are doing great! They both passed their baptismal interviews on Saturday and are looking forward to their baptism this Saturday! Ahhhh I never thought this day would come! 

So the tough parts about this week were definitely the physical conditions. Basically, because it’s so hot here I’ve had sun rashes on my arms, chest, and neck. And it’s not just a normal sun rash. It itches like heck!! Hahaha probably the worst pain in my life. And if you itched it, it would just get worse and more red and more itchy. Definitely a lot of tears shed this week. We were in a lesson, and right before we taught, my lips were totally numb (sunburn/allergy) and my skin was driving me crazy and I just wanted to say to Sister Elix, I’m dying, lets go home. But then a thought came into my head, "Why are you here? Who are you here for?” At that moment I realized that I’m here for this family who we have to teach right now and so I was able to forget about my pains and with the help of the Lord we were able to discern their needs and help them out spiritually in their lives. This week I’ve definitely learned just to forget about myself and go to work, and as I’ve done that, my problems seem smaller and smaller the more I focus on the people here. 

So tranfers are this week and we’ve gained a new house mate! Sister Teabwabwa!! Haha she was in my same zone in Santiago! So that has been so fun this week! And now I’m not the only foreigner in the house! 

So I had to share this totally blonde moment I had this week. So we were teaching tatay marcelino and he was saying that he sells cow meat for a living. And I was like cow?? They actually kill cows and eat them? (keep in mind that I haven’t eaten cow since America) and he was like uhh ya the meat is delicious! And I was like really? And then a day later I was like wait, cow is hamburger hahahah. Basically I thought cow was like a foreign animal that you shouldn’t eat. That’s what happens when you’re in the Philippines for too long! hahahaha. Anyways, that was my week! I love you all and thanks so much for your support and prayers and letters! 

Sister Dunn

Elder Bice and Elder Lagrimas getting soaked in Capo after interviewing Josie and Roseann haha

Siomai! Literally my favorite food in the Philippines. Its the best with chili and soy sauce. Ang sarap...

This pic was sent to me by Chelsea's companion Sister Elix.  She said, "Our proselyting time is 90% work, and 10% animal time. Here's Sister Dunn and her casual encounter with her (yep, she claims them) animals."

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