Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chelsea - May 2, 2016

Tatay Fernando’s baptism. Roseann is Tatay Fernando’s 
granddaughter and her baptism is on May 21st.
This is my favorite filipino dish in the whole world:mongol beans.  And I learned how to make it this week!

Well no more rats but we have an infestation of cockroaches and crickets in our house.  So gross!

Hello po!!!

This week was kinda a tough week but we are doing great :) It is so funny right now because it’s close to elections and so here in the philippines they have jeepneys and buses always passing by with huge speakers blaring out music of each candidate. And oh my gosh it was like 6 in the morning and two vans right next to each other with different music came down our neighborhood and it was so loud and I was like are you serious?? The same thing happened to president rahlf at four am and he was like I am not voting for you! hahaha. 

Anyways, the first of the week was super hot. And then I got sick on Wednesday and mixed with the heat... oh boy that was a challenge! And then I thought I was super lucky because it rained on Wednesday night and I was like yesss it will finally be cold. Well I was soo wrong. The next day we got up and literally it was sooo humid, just in our apartment. Then we went out from 8 am-4 and Sister Elix and I both literally died. It wasn’t even that hot but the humidity was a killer hahaha oh man I have never experienced humidity like that. We were both having a hard time breathing! But it’s fine, we love the challenge! 

Funny moment this week. We were teaching a new investigator that we just found and her name was Baby. And it was so funny because we asked her to say the closing prayer and so she started kind of saying it but her eyes were still opened and she was looking at us and I didn’t know if she was practicing or saying it and it was so awkward because we were trying not to laugh! So ya that was a funny moment this week. We were like, next time we will teach you how to pray! haha

So we had a super interesting yet sad experience this week. So I don’t know if you remember me telling you about Florenda. She was the woman whose husband was in an accident and became paralyzed and she was starting to go crazy but we visited her a couple times and she seemed to be dealing with her trial with strength. Well, we were in San Andres and we were walking past our investigator’s house and she told us that florenda's husband had just died yesterday. We were so shocked.... Sister Elix was like Sister Dunn let’s visit her another day but I was like let’s drop by now. We did not know what to expect and we were both freaking out and figuring out what to say. When we got there I went up right to the doorway. In the doorway was Florenda sitting there looking super depressed, and her mom right  next to her and then her dead husband on the bed right next to them. I then looked behind me and Sister Elix was kinda far and I was like sister elix come here! And she was shaking her head and I was like come on! I  need a translator if I don’t understand something! And she was like noo sister dunn! Earlier she told me she had a fear of dead people and then a dog was in her way too and she is super scared of dogs so I was like greatttt I have to handle this by myself. So I started to talk to Florenda and asked what happened and she just started opening up to me and then started crying and it was the saddest thing because I was crying too…. but after she was like thank you so much sister, this means so much to me. And so we told her we would come back this week to see how she is doing. Sister Elix then managed to put her hand in the doorway to shake Florenda's hand while managing not to look at her dead husband! Haha at least she kinda overcame her fear! So ya that was a tough experience this week.

So on Saturday we were able to see Tatay Fernando get baptized! This guy is a stud!!! Not gonna lie, I almost cried seeing him in his baptismal suit! It was kinda emotional for me. I guess I just couldn’t believe how far he has come. When we first met him, he was sitting in the waiting shed with a cigarette in his mouth but he told us to come to his house and teach. Every lesson he has been so receptive and I have seen the gospel change him. His baptism was great and he was early for church too! It’s amazing! We also had Charmaine’s interview this week and she passed! She is so ready to get baptized and so her baptism is this saturday at 5 pm. Oh man we are so excited for her! So that’s the news from here. 

Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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