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Lindsay - April 25, 2016

I love my Zone!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope you all had a great week! The Lord truly tested our patience this week! We visited a lot of people which was really good, but one of our baptisms got postponed. But it is ok! The Lord's plan is so much better than what we want! On Tuesday we saw our investigator Sharon. She technically isn't in our area, but she preferred that we teach her instead of elders. She is the sweetest lady ever! When she learns something new, she literally gets so excited and happy! She truly knows that this gospel is true! We are so happy for her, and it took 5 years until she finally was ready to take the missionary lessons and make the commitment to be baptized!

On Wednesday, we met with Kris! She moved out of her house into a cute little trailer home that is bright blue. It is such a humble home. She let us have the tour of the house, and inside, there is a wallpaper in the kitchen that has bright blue flowers all over it. Her house is blue inside and out! She is so glad to be moved into her new home. And so many people from the ward helped her move! 9th Ward is amazing! We are working with her to be able to go to the temple. She told us that she is going to stop smoking cold turkey. We pray that she will be able to overcome that addiction. We also saw Floyd. Oh Floyd..... haha! We are still reading the Book of Mormon with him, and slowly but surely, he is beginning to understand it. Later, we had dinner with the Stewarts, and their boys names are the most interesting names I have ever heard in my life. The oldest boy is named VoyTech, the second oldest is Rushton, and the baby of the family is named Thadius. Wow!! :)

On Thursday we had a great lesson with Roxy! I have learned so much about asking inspired questions during lessons. Whenever I think about what to say, and ask a question, I know that the Spirit guides me through that lesson. When we ask questions, we are trying to understand their needs, and when we understand their needs, the spirit can guide the words that we say. We also went to the temple that day! It was a much needed experience. In my prayer before the session, I asked to have peace. The Lord truly answered my prayer. I was so grateful for the joy that I felt while in the temple. The celestial room was beautiful, and quiet, and I did not want to leave! When I get back from my mission, hopefully I can request to work in the celestial room:)

On Friday we did a lot of weekly planning. Then we had dinner with the Nunley's. Their tradition as a family at the dinner table is to talk about a sweet thing that happened that day, and then a sour. Their family is so cute! They have so many animals, and they just got a baby horse named Sky. She is white with brown spots, and is the cutest thing! We then visited the Crum's who are a less active family. Their kids, Serenity and Owen are so cute! We talked to Sister Crum about the Book of Mormon, and she told us that she had never read it, but that when she was 15 she got baptized!!! hmmmmm...... so that was interesting to learn. So we began to talk to her about why she likes the church, and the things that she knows to be true. She told us that she liked how the church is so focused on families and she likes the values and moral standards that are set. So we are building her testimony off of that! She is really a sweet person, and we know that she wants what's best for her children.

On Saturday we had a lesson with Tiandra, our new investigator. She has been struggling with the Word of Wisdom lately, but she has a daughter that she truly wants to help. Her daughter will talk to her about going to a church, and so Tiandra is striving to find a good church to go to. Her roommate, is Rachel who goes to the YSA ward!! So we are so excited that she gets to participate in the lessons. After we had a lesson with Tiandra, we went to see John. Earlier that day we called the caretaker Renee, and when she answered we asked how she was doing. She told us that she wasn't doing good. We asked why, and she said, "John.... is dying." We were so shocked, that we didn't say anything for a moment. Then we decided to come and see him, even though Renee said that he would be unresponsive. We stopped by to see him, and the hospice nurse who attends 7th ward told us that he would pass away in a couple of days. We walked into his room, and he was sleeping. We decided to say a prayer together with him in the room. Sister Steele and I started to cry as we looked at John's frail body. Sister Steele gave the most beautiful prayer, and the spirit was so strong in the room. It was really hard to say goodbye to John, but we know that he will be a strong missionary on the other side of the veil. I have been truly blessed to know such wonderful people here in Safford, Arizona. I have faced so many challenges in this area, but the Lord has given me so much strength. I know that God is real. I know that He has a plan for all of us. And I know that as we strive to be faithful, and accept God's love for us, we will see who we can become.

I love all of you! I hope you have a wonderful week!


Sister Lindsay Dunn

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