Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chelsea - May 9, 2016

Caribou keeping cool

Nanay pabiona doing physical therapy on Sister Elix’s foot. 

Charmaine's Baptism

This letter is gonna be kind of short because I skyped earlier and I feel like I will just be repeating myself!

Saturday was Charmaine's Baptism! Sister Elix and I did a musical number! I played the piano, she played the guitar and we both sang Come Thou Fount. It actually didn't sound that bad! Her baptism went great and she bore such a strong testimony after. We love her! 

Tatay Fernando is doing great! His daughter in law and his granddaughter both have baptismal dates for May 21. So their interview will be this Saturday! Fernando is doing really well and progressing in the gospel! We were teaching Josie about tithing and tatay fernando was sitting in the lesson. He then asked us where the tithing envelopes were because last sunday he was looking everywhere for them. Keep in mind that he does  not have a lot of money! So I guess I was just so surprised that he said that and it just shows he has so much faith and a strong testimony of this church. 

Weird food I ate this week: pig feet. It was actually not that bad. Sister Majerano bought pig face and its just like tough fat and it’s so gross. Funny experience, we were walking along the highway and this guy reaches out his hand to shake my hand, and so of course I shake his hand, and then he wouldn't let go forever and I was trying to get my hand out of his and finally I got it out and we booked it! hahaha he's such a weirdo! 

Anyway, Sister Elix is done with her training and I am not being transferred and so we have another cycle together here in hot hot Alinguigan! This week we are really working on finding some investigators with potential! Love you all and hope you’re are all doing great! 

Sister Dunn

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