Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 16, 2016

Hello Everyone!

So we had a pretty bomb week. Some pretty cool miracles happened!

We had a lesson with Matthew who has been kind of a struggle. He was
raised born again Christian and as we've taught him he's been pretty
cynical about everything. But he continued to claim he wanted to know
more about what we believe so lessons have been interesting! We
watched the Restoration video in a member's home with Matthew and the
Spirit was so strong! We got to talk about it afterwards and Matthew
asked some really good, honest questions. Brother Guarino was the
member with us and he did an amazing job explaining certain concepts
etc. We had to drop Matthew during this lesson though because he
doesn't express much interest in coming to church or getting baptized
so that was really sad - but we hope one day he will be led to the
true church as he continues to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

Haha, we met this awesome guy named Claude at the bus stop. He was
pretty hilarious. I started talking to him while Sister Colson talked
to another guy. Claude is a talker! And kind of the rough part is he
is also a spitter so that was fun. But he informed us of all the
religious groups who serve free lunch and invited us to contact one of
his favorite pastors who unfortunately lives outside of our area.
Claude told us he was Jewish but he kind of bounces from church to
church. We offered him a picture of Jesus pass along card but he
refused so we don't really know if he believes in Christ but we hope
one day he will!

The Elders gave us this amazing referral for a gal named Marianna.
Mariana's oldest daughter Jenn was baptized into the singles ward
about 6 months ago and her younger daughter Angie is going to be
baptized the end of this months so we are really excited for that!
Mariana is the She is totally prepared! She is trying to
find a permanent place to live here in Glendale so pray for Mariana!
We are trying to help her look for a place but yeah she's amazing.

One day we met this guy named Sammi on the bus. He is super cool! He
actually worked in Provo for 6 years but we think he lives local.
Anyways, he has definitely heard about Mormons and been to church a
few times so we gave him our card just in case. He would probably want
to go to the Spanish Ward but it was a really cool experience to talk
with him. We didn't have much time but he is a really cool guy.

We got to do service for about three hours one day down at Salvation
Army and it was so cool! All of these mail carriers came in with tons
of food and we got to sort it out so their shelves will be stocked.
Man it was awesome to do that! We got to meet a few people from
different churches and there were like 5 or 6 teenage girls there
doing it for a church service project and they were awesome! It's
amazing how much you learn to love others as you serve alongside them.

We had an awesome lesson with April and her family. They are seriously
the sweetest family ever! We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ
and I got to use Lindsay's head shoulders knees and toes method of
repentance. Thanks Linds! The primary president (who we brought with
us) said she would have to use that! Then after the lesson they
offered to feed us dinner. April's date should be set for early June
so we are pumped for that!

I think That's about all from here in Glendale! Hope you guys have a
wonderful week! I love you all!

Love, Sister Dunn

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