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Holli - May 2, 2016

This is def the church we should go to:)

Puppy Love!
Hello Everyone!!!

We had a pretty great week this week! We had tons of service
opportunities so that was fun!

We stopped by these three referral's (they were caretakers at a rest
home) and they were super sweet! There was this big Gladys Knight
event that happened in Arcadia and was supposed to generate lots of
referrals and that's where these three came from. It turns out that
they were actually the Filipino elder's investigators! But we had a
great visit and gave them their "gift bags" which included a sampler
Gladys Knight CD, a BofM, and the Restoration video. The Elders told
us later that week that they had stopped by and everyone in the rest home
was glued to the Restoration video. Pretty great, right?

And a little update on Navart (Armenian lady who we helped sweep her
yard) - so the Armenian elders managed to stop by and they said they
had an awesome lesson and Navart and her husband wanted their whole
family to come to church and everything so that was super cool to
hear! The coffee might be a little hard for them to give up but the elders said
everything is going great so that was cool :)

We had a lesson with Matthew who has a really hard time wanting to
read the BofM and coming to church etc but he wants to learn more
about what we believe. We had a member come with us to a lesson and at
the end we tried to commit Matthew to reading the BofM and he tried to
commit us to reading this website from his church and their take on
our religion. Sister Crane ended up looking it up for us and she said
it sure was interesting - but a lot of it wasn't true. She ended up
bearing her testimony in sacrament meeting and talked about the
experience and then expressed her gratitude in being given scriptures
and knowing to go directly to the source for answers. It was really
cool to hear that! Love the BofM!!

We got to take part in a community service project - we cleaned around
this cemetery in Glendale and it was tons of fun! It was a Stake Event
and apparently last year they wore the Mormon Helping Hands shirts but
they wouldn't let us wear them this year because it's supposed to be a
"community" service project. However no one showed up from the community
but the Mormons haha :) Kind of funny. But that was like the best day
ever - Sister Colson and I had the best time!

We were debating to go to this less active the other night because it
was super late and his daughter who isn't a member had three kids so
we walked to his house, stared at it for a moment, and then just
started walking back home but this gal across the street came up to us
and started talking with us and she urged us to go back and she was
super cool! Like we sincerely hope she investigates the church one day
because she is really cool! So we had a great lesson with Juan (Less Active)
and Stephanie (Non-Member). We had been teaching Stephanie for a while but
she got super busy so it's been pretty rough lately.

We were studying at the park one day and this Armenian guy starts
talking to Sister Colson and she did such a great job
contacting/teaching him! His name is Sam and he told us that he wasn't
really religious, but then he talked about his church and that he
believes in Jesus Christ and stuff - so that was interesting. But we
gave him an Armenian pass along card and he asked about the BofM on
the back and we told him we could get him one so we are meeting with
him and the Armenian elders next week. Should be pretty awesome!

So I guess that was pretty much our week :) Thank you so much for all
of the emails and your love and support! Super appreciated!

Love, Sister Dunn

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