Thursday, May 12, 2016

Taylor - April 25, 2016

Hey Family!

So the week was good! First of all Elder Craig did a 360 since last week! He improved so much! He grew a ton in his patience and love towards others, he was constantly more energized and positive when knocking, I know he felt the guidance of the spirit in certain lessons we had this week and he said the things the people needed to hear. So ya that's super exciting and I'm super proud of him!

So we are starting up a bible study class this week to see how it goes and see if we can help members invite their friends and less actives to come as well! I read a quote today from President's email about judging others and it said "Be slow to judge. You don't know what storm I asked him/her to go through." It's definitely true, everyone has their own struggles and challenges and really we just need to ignore those and be willing to help in anyway possible. As preach my gospel states, no matter what situation the investigator is in or what problem or situations they are going through, the gospel can help them. So our responsibility is just simply to open our mouth, and keep trying. As we do that, we will find happiness in the work of the Lord!

We've started working a bit down in bonita springs so there's more spanish down there so that's cool, but still I try to avoid it mainly because I feel bad I'm the only one doing the talking and teaching because elder craig is only english. Anyways we are just pushing forward and being as diligent and faithful as possible!

As for two most interesting conversations of the week, I would have to say one was with a born again christian and right when he walked out the door he was basically bashing on the mormon religion and said we believed in some weird stuff like becoming gods and creating planets and how satan is Jesus's brother and stuff like that. And then he asked us if we actually read the bible, the king james bible and we said yes and then we somehow got onto the topic of how he believes Jesus is also our father and how they are the same person. We both quoted references in the king james bible where it clearly states the difference and I honestly think the scripture was fulfilled of how we will not be confounded before men. We asked if he had ever read the book of mormon and he said he had heard enough from preachers and other people. Anyways it was actually a pretty short little exchange but his heart was so closed. We absolutely cannot force our message into the hearts of the people. It just doesn't work. We didn't try to, we just testified of what we knew. So that was interesting.

The other conversation was with inez and her family who are from the republica dominicana but speak really good english. They believe in God, and her son is like the leader of a little congregation of 12 or so people. They were really kind and gave us something to eat and everything. The hard thing was to help them realize that there is only one way. They had the attitude that if you believe in God you're good, but that's just simply not how it is. There are so many more blessings they can receive! We do have a return appointment with them because they had interest and want to come to church so that's cool!

I know where we will be doing face time on Mother's Day. It will be at the rodriguez's house but I still need to talk to them about what time. I'll let you know! Anyways I love you family! I also love the mission. It's the best thing ever. I've fallen in love with serving the Lord and his children! My testimony has grown so much!! I know God loves us, he wants us to be happy, He sent His son Jesus Christ to be an example and atone for our sins so that we can be with Him again! We literally have a way back. Aren't we so privileged?! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ! I'm grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost each and every day!

Have a great week, stay safe, smile a lot! :)
-Elder Dunn

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