Thursday, May 12, 2016

Taylor - May 9, 2016

Hey Familia,

Well you guys basically know what happened for the week haha. Congrats on Dad's test though, that's awesome!! Soo ya great week. We might have to pass our investigator Olympia to the YSA missionaries but that’s cool. I’m just glad she has the desire to come to church and learn and see for herself! We have a lesson with Marie and Enrique today so that will be awesome, and we’re bringing brother feliciano with us.  Then we have to establish expectations again with Jessica to make sure she has a vision of baptism and knows the reason why we stop by! Besides that nothing too gigantic going on. I do have District Training tomorrow so that’s fun! Can you believe I’ve been DL for 7 transfers? Ah man the Lord must just know that I'm absolutely the worst at giving trainings so he's giving me PLENTY of chances to improve! Anyways I love you guys. You are the best! Have an awesome week! Stay safe and keep smiling!! 

Elder Dunn

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