Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lindsay - May 9, 2016

Mission Conference with Elder Holland! Click on this pic to see a better view.  I am right in the middle on the row and just to the right above Elder Holland!  Such a great conference!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Mother's Day to all those amazing mothers out there! We love
you, and we are grateful to you for your support!

This week was a good week! A lot has happened, and Sister Steele and I
are taking it day by day! On Tuesday we had a lesson with Roxy again!
We had her come to Sister Norton's house, and it was so amazing to
have a lesson in a member’s home!

On Wednesday we had a great zone meeting! We talked about the importance of members and the power they bring to our investigator's lives. We also talked about extending commitments, and how that helps the individuals we are teaching to act
in faith. Right after zone meeting we had a lesson with our investigator, Sharon. Her friend Sister Reid joined us. We had the lesson in Denny's Restaurant. It was so hard to feel the spirit! And then of course all of my favorite songs have to come on while we are
trying to talk about the gospel. It was so hard!!! But I gained a new perspective on teaching in an environment where the spirit is present.

Later that day, we were driving to an appointment when we got a call
from someone in our Ward. Floyd, who we have been teaching for a while
now, passed away. It was such a shock to both of us. Two less actives
pass away in 2 weeks?? The Lord has truly helped us to move forward.
Despite all of the challenges that we have faced in this area, God has
blessed us with the strength and the peace to endure.

On Thursday, we had another lesson with Sharon. We had the lesson at a
member's home, so that environment was so much better than Denny's! We
talked about the law of tithing, and she was so receptive to it! At
the end Sister Steele asked Sharon if she would live the law of
tithing. Sharon said no. Sister Steele looked so shocked and said,
"Why?" Then Sharon broke her serious look, and laughed and said, "Just
kidding!" It was so hilarious! Sister Steele looked like she was about
to faint! Hahaha! Funniest moment ever!!!

Later that day we had a lesson with Heather and Dallin. Dallin is 11, and his mom Heather is less active.... At least we think so, haha! Dallin is so sweet, and he
has been through some hard challenges, but he is so resilient! He
asked us this question during the lesson, "If we are all God's
children, and we are brothers and sisters, then if I get married, will
I be married to my sister?" Haha! We actually were kind of stumped on
that question! And I can't remember what we said, but hopefully we
answered his question.

On Saturday we met with a less active named Chelsea. She is so awesome! She is the nerdiest person ever, but she embraces it! She is obsessed with Harry Potter, and she has a time turner necklace, a bunch of Harry Potter T-shirts, Harry Potter
Monopoly, and she plays an online Harry Potter game where you can take
classes, and get house points. Haha! She is dedicated. We didn't know
much about her besides the obsession with Harry Potter, but when we
started to talk about the gospel, she really opened up to us. The
first question I asked her was, "What is your relationship like
with God?" That question made a difference in the lesson. Even though
she is less active, she still has a strong testimony and has a strong
relationship with God. She told us that she wants her relationship
with Him to be better. We are always so happy when people tell us
that!!! It was an amazing lesson.

On Sunday we had a wonderful Mother's Day! We went to 3 wards, and 9th Ward gave out King size candy bars for the mothers, 7th ward passed out carnations, and 8th
Ward passed out small loaves of wheat bread. And all of the wards gave
us those things! We aren't even mothers, but they still gave us those
gifts! What sweet members we have here in Safford!! I am so grateful
for my mom, and the inspiration she is to me! I wouldn't be here
without your guidance and counsel Mother! I love you! And I love all
of you in Eagle 2nd Ward who have been my church leaders and teachers.
You have loved and cared for me, and I am so grateful to you. I hope
you all have a wonderful week!

Sister Lindsay Dunn

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