Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lindsay - February 15, 2016

Hello Everyone! Ok I am not kidding, this transfer….. I'm training. Whooohh I am so nervous! But I am really excited. So I will be training a new missionary in 3 wards. That is intense. Wow, I never thought I would train a new missionary covering 3 wards. The Lord just loves catching us off guard:) I just love it. So Sister Sayer is actually going to YSA 2nd and Hidden Valley with Sister Condie! So we are swapping areas! How crazy is that? 

This week was fantastic!! We set a goal to achieve 8 member present lessons, and we met it! We were so happy when we realized that we got our goal. We worked really hard this week, so achieving our goals made us so happy:) 

On Wednesday we did commodities in the morning. So with Food bank we occasionally participate in this event where we bag different types of foods (for example peppers, cucumbers, bottled water, flour, bread etc.) And then there are lines of cars that we put the food in. So it is an awesome service that we get to do, and we get to talk with people and give them food, it is awesome! Then we had interviews with our mission president. I don't why but I always get nervous before interviews happen, but then once it starts, I'm fine! So that was really good. Then we had an awesome zone meeting where these 2 guest speakers came in and talked about goals and vision boards. Sister Tunnell (the first guest speaker), talked about the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and how when we visualize our goals and can see ourselves achieving them, it motivates us to take action. It was really cool! Then Sister Brown and Sister Moe-Tufaga (The Sister Training Leaders) gave a training on inspired questions. They had us participate in this activity where they lined up a good number of missionaries in a row. There were slips of paper with a principle on it. When it was our turn, we would look at the slip of paper and think of an inspired question to go along with the principle. So I participated in the activity. It was nerve wracking cause half the missionaries in the zone were up front, and half were sitting down. They judged us on our questions, and told us if they were good inspired questions or not. But the Spirit instantly filled the room in that activity. Every time a missionary was thinking of a question and then would ask it, you knew that it was inspired by God. I was the last one to go and my slip of paper said Joseph Smith. I thought about it for a while, and I honestly can tell you that Heavenly Father helped me, but I said something along the lines of, "Do you believe that you can receive an answer like Joseph Smith did, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true? That activity really helped me to gain a better understanding of how powerful those type of questions can be. 

Later that day after the meeting, we had a lesson with Devan. He was 8 months sober, and so we celebrated at the Hargis home by eating a relish tray. And afterwards we talked about the Word of Wisdom and Obeying and Honoring the Law. It was an amazing lesson! Then before going to the Whitmers, we went to go see a potential investigator named Maryanne. She was home, and very interested to learn about the gospel! She told us that earlier that day she was praying to know if she should be a Mormon or not! She told us that we were an answer to her prayer. It was amazing! So we are going to meet her on Tuesday and teach her the Restoration! We had a lesson with the Whitmers right after about the Word of Wisdom. Angelica had a question about how Jesus Christ used wine with the sacrament and how she didn't understand why we didn't use it. I feel like the Lord helped me answer that question, because that question has scared me from the beginning of the mission. And whether or not I answered it correctly, or helped her understand it more, it’s ok. I tried my best, and the Lord will provide! 

After the Whitmers, we tried a few people and we met an older couple named the Fergusons. They are the sweetest people! When we walked in I felt like I was going in to get my patriarchal blessing! The home was very neat and tidy, and it was an older home, and so it smelled really good! I felt just at home! And they gave us referrals to go see people! They were so sweet. 

On Thursday, we had a lesson with Roxy, and Sister Norton came with us. It was a really good lesson. Towards the beginning we didn't really engage her at all, but by the end of the lesson, the spirit was so strong, and we asked more inspired questions that helped her to think and express her thoughts. It was great! Then afterwards we had lunch and then met with a less active named Kris. She is very touchy feely and will get in your bubble A LOT! The first time I met her I was kind of taken aback because she was so close to me when she would talk. haha! But I have learned so much from her! She is so loving to everyone and she loves bearing her testimony of the gospel. She is an amazing person. Then we saw Gayle! She just had surgery to get a pace maker. She is taking the Temple Preparation classes so she can get her endowments out for the first time:) She is wonderful! Then we saw Mickie (another less active). She is married to a Native American, and so she is very close to nature, earth, and spiritual matters. It was very comforting and peaceful to visit her. The stories that she tells us are inspiring, and we are just so amazed at the strength and faith she has in the Lord. 

On Friday we did a lot of weekly planning. Oh and Sister Sayer had to take a driving test so she can get her tiwi card:) Later that day we had dinner with the Bodine's and she made her homemade pizza again!! She makes everything from scratch and it is amazing!! On Saturday, we had breakfast with the Hoisingtons. They are such an amazing family! Sister Hoisington is from Mexico and when she says hi to us she pronounces sisters like, "Seesters!" She smiles all the time, and she is always so happy! I just love them all! We met with John after breakfast, and he showed us his picture album:) He is the sweetest man in the world! 

On Sunday, we went to church all day (Such a blessing), and then we went to the Wilhelms to visit. Every time a missionary is about to leave, the Wilhelms invite the missionary to their house to bear their testimony. So we stopped by, and Sister Sayer bore her testimony to them before she leaves. They are such a sweet family. Then we had dinner with the Pena Family. They are the most loving people you will ever meet. Every one of the kids give you hugs except for the boys. But we give hand hugs, which I think is appropriate! We had Chinese food for dinner and then Sister Pena made heart cookies. It was an amazing Valentine’s Day! 

So that is my week! I love you all to the moon and back! Stay safe, and don't catch the flu bug that is going around! I just recovered from a cold!

Sister Lindsay Dunn

Holli - February 15, 2016

My new companion Sister Barney!

Hello Everyone!

Holy cow, you've had quite the week in Eagle! Wow mom, you and dad on the news!  You are famous - that’s awesome ;) and I’m so glad that Val and Brian are making some headway with this foster care reform. That is such a relief. And good to hear about helping with Sister O’heron’s move.  Thanks for all you do in the Ward mom and dad - when members chip in to help out less actives, in actives and others in the Ward, it helps the missionaries so much. There are so many people we worry about here - so many we pray for each and every day so thank you for helping your missionaries and the Lord!

We've had quite the week here in Arcadia!

So transfer news. I'm staying in Arcadia and my new companion will be Sister Barney! She's from Utah and was in my zone this past transfer so we're super excited to be serving together. She's an amazing Sister - and she's been out for three transfers, so about four and a half months. This transfer was insane for the rest of my district though.The Chinese Sisters were both transferred out and Chinese Elders will be put in who don't know very much Chinese. Elder Shu (our DL) was transferred to Spanish work and an English Elder will come in to be with Elder Chen - Elder Chen hardly knows English and Elder Bishop doesn't know any Chinese so it will definitely be an interesting transfer!

So we met this guy named Hitler this week. Really interesting kid - he
told us he is atheist but he loves religion. We were kind of like …
 What? But you could tell he hadn't been making the best decisions in
his life and with no one to really guide him, what else was he to
think? I'm so thankful for wonderful parents who taught me the
principles of the gospel, not only through their words but through
their actions. That impact has changed my life. Out here, many
children are brought up without any concept of God and they just don't care so it's an interesting challenge!

We were coming out of the church building one day and Sister Ausen's sister Kyara was hanging outside the building (it's right across from the high school) with her nonmember friend. They walked over and we started chatting. Kyara is like the best missionary ever and she started talking to her friend about mutual activities and church. Then we started talking about the Book of Mormon and Kyara totally invited her friend to take the lessons and her friend said sure! So we're pretty pumped about that.

We were excercising with the Chinese Sisters one morning and we met this one guy named Jake. He and his wife were waiting outside this apartment for a yard sale that was to happen that day. We started talking and he told us he had led a pretty rough life but then he met his wife and she started getting him into church and now he seems really happy. It was crazy - there were four missionaries but we didn't have any pass along cards or anything! Thankfully Jake's wife had some paper so he gave us his number - we asked him if he would come speak to the youth in our Ward so hopefully we can help him learn about the restored gospel!

We met this older man named Dominic a few months ago. Sister Maughan and I went survey tracting at night and we only had time to hit a few houses so the very last house we knocked was Dominic's. He has one daughter who is LDS but he is Presbyterian and pretty ok being Presbyterian but he did tell us we were welcome to stop by and teach him about our church. He has a girlfriend now who he said might also be interested in learning about it so we taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and it was really cool! He told us that in his
nightly prayers he would always ask the Lord, what is my purpose in
life? But he never really felt that his prayer was answered. Anyways,
we gave him a Book of Mormon and it was awesome!

We have been trying to meet this family (the Websters) ever since I
came here. They moved into Arcadia in the summer time last year and most of the Ward helped them move in including President. They are from the same part of Mexico that President is from and the
missionaries taught them a few times until one day they just pulled a
cold shoulder and became pretty distant. No one knows what happened but a few days ago Sister Ausen and I were able to meet the parents!
They are the sweetest family - so kind and loving, so hopefully as the
members continue to work with them we'll be able to teach them!

It was late Saturday night and we decided to stop by this one
potential Sister Maughan and I had tracted out one day. Her name is
Kristy and she has 3 cute little kids! So last night we asked if we could teach her more about Heavenly Father's plan for us and she said sure too! So we are excited to begin teaching her.

It was a really good week. We definitely saw lots of miracles which
makes all of those hard days and weeks worth it! We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives and to have Jesus Christ as our example! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn 

This is Zoe!!! She is a daughter of a member in the Ward - she will be baptized in July so we are teaching her the lessons before then :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Taylor - February 16, 2016

Hey Family glad your week went pretty well. Ya I definitely got the package and it was awesome. Thanks so much mom. You’re the best! 

For transfers I'm actually transferring to fountainbleu north as a DL with a different Elder Johnson so that will be interesting! My comp will be going to Hialeah with Elder Lolani, Elder Robishaw's son so they will learn spanish really fast down there. Elder Robishaw is going to be a DL up in Jupiter which is an english area. Haha he's super sad about that but his spanish is perfect so he'll be fine! Elder Angulo will be staying with Elder Kiser who's coming in. I'm super pumped for the new experiences ahead and hope to make a difference in the part of the Lord's vineyard I'm working in :) 

So this week was pretty good with Elder Johnson and I. He’s really doing a lot better being more confident and opening his mouth and I'm super happy for that! I’m super excited that he got sent to the Hialeah zone so that he could work on his spanish. He’s going to love it up there! 

Jillian is progressing really well and is preparing for her baptism on the 27th so we are super excited for that!  The missionaries coming in need to take good care of her! Also I'm super excited for the conferences coming up and the awesome counsel we will receive! I’ve been reviewing in preach my gospel a bit in chapter four about following the Spirit and it's crazy how much I can learn each time. I’ve learned through experience and study that prayer is super powerful and that I need to use it as one of my biggest tools to see miracles and learn and grow as a missionary! 

So those are the big things that happened. Elder Dube is coming for a special mission conference on the 29th of this month so I’m super excited for that! It was an awesome work week this week but we had to pretty much clean out our whole teaching pool because the people we were working with weren't really keeping commitments, so ya fresh start there, but it's good! Anyways love you guys and hope you are doing great, stay safe! Bye! 

-Elder Dunn

Chelsea - February 15, 2016

Road to Rodrigo

BBQ Chicken Feet

This is my favorite! It's squash and coconut shrimp flavored!  

Sister Clarin's Birthday
This week was good! We are starting to really explore our area! On Wednesday, we hiked up to San Rodrigo. Oh my gosh it was straight uphill and sister clarin and I were dying. Haha so after walking for like an hour, we got there and the people there are so sheltered. They had never seen a white person so literally we had like 20 kids following us wherever we went. kinda annoying… cause we couldn’t teach a lot of lessons, but okay lang! 

We are also exploring Rugao more and we have found so many potential investigators there! We are really excited about working with these new investigators. We also had four investigators come to church yesterday! We were so surprised! Haha but literally, all of our potential investigators are kids! 10 years old, 9 years old, 9 years old, and 12 years old!! hahaha. But thats all right. 

Embarrassing moment of the week: so we were at the house of some of our less actives. They are two sisters and both have families. They are actually married to two brothers so its kind of weird! Anyway, we were talking about doing an FHE with them and Lia said, baka lasing sila (their husbands and all their brothers will probably be drunk) and I was like lasing tayo lahat?? ( we will all be drunk?) But i totally meant to say lasing sila lahat (all of them will be drunk?) and literally she laughed for like a straight minute and i was super embarrassed hahahah. okay lang! definitely a funny moment!

We had chicken feet on the BBQ this week and it is Sister clarin’s favorite.  And they like eat the bones too. It’s like chicken bone fat. so gross.  Whenever we have a filipino barbeque they never have meat! I always get so mad! They only have chicken head or chicken feet or baby chick! So when I get home I  totally can make you some! I’ll just cut off the feet and ears and head and then put vinegar on it and throw it on the BBQ. It will be so delicious! haha haha  I really don’t know how to cook filipino food. But I want to learn how to make adobo, and chicken curry, and of course pancit. This week I bought a piece of squash from a lady in our area selling it on her head, and then I boiled the squash in water, and I bought this packet of coconut milk and shrimp flavored powder and then just poured it in it. It is sooo good.

Basically, I realized this week that filipinos are sooo kind and generous. We were at the house of one of the members teaching, and they don’t have a lot of food.  After the lesson, they totally gave us a ton of their crops, corn and a bunch of other vegetables and I was like ahhh stop! But they were like sister okay lang! Even though they have nothing, they are always quick to give and never hesitate. 

That’s about it for the week! Love you all! 

Sister Dunn

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chelsea - February 8, 2016

Bridge in Santa Victoria!


Zone Activity

This week was a good week! We had to push Irish's baptism back til Feb 20 but she came to church last sunday so we are all set!! All of our other investigators are not progressing at all.. so literally Sister Clarin and I are just trying to find someone with potential. We went tracting in like our farthest area and we found a couple. Except they have been Roman catholic their whole life, haha so sometimes those lessons aren’t the best, but at least they were receptive! And then we taught two more people later, Marlyn and Celestina- friends of one of our less actives. And it was sooo weird because they didn’t know who Jesus Christ was. Nanay was like oh you mean the guy that is in a lot of the pictures in people’s homes? I was like what in the heck?! Everyone in the Philippines knows who Jesus Christ is! So that was definitely a first! And it was weird teaching someone about Jesus Christ who had never actually heard of him. But what is a miracle is that they actually came to church on sunday! I was like nooo way!! I never really thought they would come, but thanks to their la friend, they totally came, and so now they are our potential investigators! 

We got to watch the district broadcast this week and it was soo good! (mostly because it was in pure english!) haha. But something that I really liked was about listening and observing. I forgot who said this but they said that when your companion is speaking, you need to be listening and observing like crazy. Teaching lessons should be spriritually exhausting! Basically it made  me re-evaluate my self big time. Haha a lot of the times when I’m done speaking in a lesson, I’m like yesss I’m done and then I’ll just sit back. And also there are a ton of distractions every lesson, babies crying, dogs, etc. So this week I’ve really just tried to listen and observe at all times and its been super effective. I’ve really felt like I know what to say in lessons and the Lord has helped me discern more of their needs, the more I have listened.

Anyways, everything else is the same. No one in our house is getting transferred which means I will be Sister Clarin’s last comp… Also, I’m getting pretty annoyed with the rats everywhere. At night, I swear there are like 10 upstairs and they are squealing and fighting with each other and are getting into our pots and pans and it’s sooo loud. I have had enough! I’m going to set like a 100 traps up there! haha

Love you all! Thanks for your support!

Sister Dunn

Holli - February 8, 2016

Linda's baptism (Chinese Sisters taught her)

Hello Everyone!

A big thank you for the Valentines package mom - totally made our day! Sister Ausen loves those pretzel, rollo things. And thank you Grandma and Grandpa Clark for the cute coin purse from Peru! I love it!

Okay, I seriously feel as if I'm meant to learn three different
languages on this mission!

We met Santiago at a bus stop and he could understand a little English but he could only speak Spanish. He was super nice though! We struggled through the few basic words we knew and he would respond. He told us he had met a trio of Sister Missionaries before and they knew a little Spanish. We managed to ask him if he had heard of El Libro de Mormon and our church. We then asked if he would like to read the Book of Mormon and he said yes! So we just gave him the Spanish Elders contact information and he gave us his number. It was awesome :)

Then we met this lady that knew only Chinese. We were walking towards her and Sister Ausen asked her when the Chinese New Year was. The lady started talking into her phone and we realized she had this translator app. Before we knew it we were talking back and forth through her phone and it was pretty cool. She told us where she lived and also the church she had gone to last week. We asked her if she was interested in English class and she said yes and then we told her English Class was at our church and she said: "Take me to your church!" We were a little stunned at first but we started walking towards the church. We couldn't really communicate so it was silent fifteen minute walk but
thankfully the Chinese Sisters were at the church and were able to tell her all about English class and the church!

So this Arabic family I told you all about last week (mom is Maria and the dad is Sam) - well we actually met Sam this week. We talked with him at the door for a while and he seems pretty set in his beliefs but he let us come into their home and talk a little more about our beliefs. They are the sweetest family - they moved from Egypt so they could worship Christ freely. It was really cool talking with them. We
told Sam about Sister Ausen's brother who speaks Arabic and hopefully they can contact each other so they can learn about the gospel more. We asked Maria and Sam if there was anything we could do for them and they said their kids (Angelina and Daniel) have English reading homework and they as parents can't always help them with that English
so they asked us to do it. We were like, heck yeah! Such a cool family but we hope they start reading the Book of Mormon soon!

We were walking down the street one day and we crossed paths with this one guy about three different times. On the third time I told Sister Ausen, "This is a sign!" So we stopped to talk to him. Turns out he is from Romania - and Sister Ausen's sister served her mission in Romania. So we got to talk to him a bit about the gospel and it was pretty cool!

We met this really cool family one night. They were this random name in our area book - there wasn't much about them, but we stopped by. Turns out that the missionaries had visited this family a ton a few years ago. Elizabeth and Rene (the parents) said they were very excited to see us. They told us they loved the Elders coming to their home. We met with them later in the week and Elizabeth broke down, telling us that the Elders brought a certain light and Spirit into the
home and once they didn't come over anymore, that light left. They are both Catholic and pretty strong in that religion but they said they would love having missionaries come by again. Kind of interesting!

We met this man named Jerry street contacting. He was an interesting guy! He told us he felt like a tadpole - all of these frogs were telling him about the blue sky and the green grass and everything amazing that was there when they jumped out of the water, but he had yet to gain the courage to jump out of the water and get to know that for himself. He told us everyone tells him about God and how great He is, but Jerry is fine being a tadpole for now, just swimming along. He
believes one day he might have the courage to jump out and explore for himself, but that day isn't today. We gave him a Book of Mormon though and he said he would read it. We hope he gains his courage that way!

We met this really cool lady named Brandy street contacting the other day. Sister Ausen had extra starbursts in her bag so as we approached Brandy (who has 3 kids under the age of 5) we asked if her children wanted the starbursts and she let them each have a candy. Kind of an awful way to contact but it worked! We ended up telling Brandy about English class and handed her off to the Chinese Sisters. It was great!
While we were teaching Brandy though, the little boys kept trying to look through Sister Ausen's bag and my pockets for more candy. Haha, but Brandy had them on leashes so she would just tug them back. So cute!

Jackie, the lady I told you about last week, had to move to
Bakersfield so she's over there now but she's attending church and hopefully getting into contact with the missionaries so she'll probably get baptized soon!

That's about it from here in Arcadia! Hope everyone stays healthy and safe this week! I love you all!

Love, Sister Dunn

Taylor - February 8, 2016

Hey! So this week was quite a week as we found some awesome families and continued to find other people throughout the week. We taught the restoration a ton and invited many to come unto Christ and be baptized. A lot of them accepted and wanted to continue to learn more! We did a great job bringing a variety of members out with us and it was awesome! Unfortunately, none of the people we were teaching were able to come to church because they had commitments or just couldn't come. 

Something we want to work on is having a better "how to begin teaching"(PMG) and instead of just springing right into the restoration make sure the people we meet know why we are there and that it's not just a one time thing but something that can help them for the rest of their lives. We are going to be studying that and role playing a lot this week! We also want to continue to focus on chapel tours, which the president has really stressed with us. We tried this week but it just didn't seem to work so we are going to try setting it up earlier in the week. 

Elder Johnson is doing pretty good but we're really working on being unified in teaching and he really needs to "fear no man" and just speak what's in his heart and mind! I expected him to come along faster but it's still going slow, I still feel that we aren't completely unified in finding and teaching yet.. so we'll see how that goes. 

To answer your questions, we taught Jason and Faith in English. They were born here, though their parents are from Jamaica. As for the mom, I think she saw the happiness of her kids and the joy they have.  Even when we come over for a visit she kinda wants to be the example, but her kids know the messages and answers more than she does.  We really want to make sure she’s doing this because she has a testimony and is planning on staying in the church. 

Ya Dad, I do remember that time in the living room when you asked me about the things that I know and I ended up bearing my testimony.  That was a super cool experience, and I’ve realized that when I testify of simple things like that I just feel really good, and so I have a testimony of bearing testimony! :) 

As for interesting things that happened this week. For DT I did this object lesson where we constructed an obstacle course in the gym, that lead to a bag of starbursts. The obstacles were supposed to be the members, the starbursts represented the investigator  right after sacrament meeting. The point was setting the investigator with a date right after sacrament meeting and getting to the investigator without totally destroying the members haha. The darkness in the gym represented doubt and fear of setting them with a date and you had to be in contact with your comp the whole time(unity). So ya it was fun to watch each companionship do that. Elder Johnson and I pulled off the best time ;). 

It got pretty cold this week and we are biking a lot and trying to save miles. We were way out near the border of our area and we only had like 40 minutes to get home before we were disobedient and so we biked like maniacs! It was quite a bike ride, about 9 miles to our house so that was fun! So ya that's about it for the week, I love the mish, it's the best thing ever! Love you guys, be safe and stay healthy! 

-Elder Dunn

Lindsay - February 8, 2016

Hello Everyone!! I hope you all had a great week! This week was awesome! Sister Sayer and I have too much fun! We just laugh and laugh and laugh every day! It is very relaxing actually, because missionary work is stressful!

On Tuesday we didn't have anything scheduled. So we planned with faith, and we saw so many people. It was a miracle! The beginning of the day we weren't teaching anyone! And I thought to myself, "The Lord is blessing us with a strengthening day!" But then after lunch, we had
a lesson every hour! It was amazing! The Lord truly blesses those that plan and act in faith:)

On Wednesday we also had a busy day. We had a wonderful district meeting about receiving revelation through prayer. It is so amazing how revelation for your investigators is given to you throughout that experience! Sister Sayer got a really bad headache afterwards so we just had a lunch break. She was a trooper because after our lunch break she wasn’t feeling better, but she still wanted to go out and work! So we had a lesson with Roxy, one of our investigators. She has so much
faith! We set a baptismal date with her, and she expressed to us that she knows that it is true! And she hasn't even read the whole book! She doesn't doubt anything we share with her, and her life has been truly blessed for accepting it. For example, her son that she raises is the sweetest thing, but he has gotten in trouble at school a lot. But since we have been teaching her, he hasn't gotten in trouble lately! So she is doing well! 

We visited Floyd with the Reynolds afterwards and we talked about prayer. And then we followed up with our invitation last time to write down some things he is thankful for. He told us that he has many things he is grateful for! He is usually negative, but he was more positive this time! It is definitely always a roller coaster ride with Floyd's lessons:) Then later that night we had a lesson with the Baker's (who are members), and a girl named Missy who is temporarily living in their home (non-member). She is very shy, but when we teach everyone as a whole, she is more open to talk. So we watched the Joseph Smith movie and they loved it! We also
talked about prayer and how we can receive answers from the Lord if we just ask. It was a great lesson! Then we had a lesson with the Whitmers. As you know they have wonderful children, but they do have a lot of energy! So we prayed before going in that the children would listen or somehow be distracted by something else. So we went in and only their daughter who is a toddler, and another one of their older
daughters sat in the lesson with the husband and wife. The other kids were watching a movie in the other room, so it was quiet! The spirit was so strong in that lesson! We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and got to know Angelica more! It was definitely a miracle lesson! Then afterwards we went to another appointment with Devan at the Hargis home. We talked about the Law of Chastity. Sister Hargis was there which was awesome! We actually had an awesome discussion on it. I usually dread that lesson but it was so sacred!

Since we had two full days of nonstop appointments, the Lord blessed us with a strengthening day on Thursday:) We saw a less active who hadn't come to church in a while so that was really good! But other than that, we just stopped by to see people, and no one was home! And the lessons that we did set up were canceled! People keep getting sick
here, and it isn't even that cold!! Anyways, so we had a great day:)
On Friday we did a lot of weekly planning and helping with the food bank. We had a dinner with the Norton's and then a ward correlation meeting right after. Then we had a lesson with the Tucker kids. They are kids full of energy! We taught the two little boys, and it was really hard to keep them focused cause they were literally running around the room wrestling each other. But it was good nonetheless!
On Saturday, we had an amazing lesson with Ida and Jim about Lehi's Dream. (Jim is a less active, and Ida is a non-member). We have awesome discussions with them! Their comments help me to gain a new perspective! We strengthen each other's faith as we go! I love them both. We then had lunch and stopped by to see John. He was having a
hard time with getting along with his caretaker, so we shared our favorite scripture on trials. He is such a sweetie! We then had a lesson with the Livingstons. They are a less active family mainly because of health problems. Their two daughters are troopers! One of them had a biking accident and part of her brain that controlled sleeping habits got damaged. And so now she only sleeps 3 hours a night. The older daughter has an illness where she can't regulate her
blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, so whenever she stands up the blood rushes to her feet and she passes out. So...... let's just say, they are spiritual giants! The mom is a nurse which is good, and then the older daughter also went to medical school before the illness came into her life. I am just amazed of how much faith they have. They just accept the challenge and move on with their lives. They are amazing examples to me! We then saw Frank and Chelsea
which was good. We read 3rd Nephi 11 about Jesus Christ coming to the Americas. We had a great discussion on it! I love 3rd Nephi!

On Sunday, we had ward council at 7:30, and then we stayed at the church building until 4!! I am loving it! I know that some people probably would go insane with 9 1/2 hours of church, but I love it! Haha! It was really hard to have lessons because of the super bowl. Two set appointments were canceled because of that! Aghhh!  But nonetheless it was a good Sunday!! :)

Well, that is my week! I love you all!
Sister Lindsay Dunn