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Chelsea - February 15, 2016

Road to Rodrigo

BBQ Chicken Feet

This is my favorite! It's squash and coconut shrimp flavored!  

Sister Clarin's Birthday
This week was good! We are starting to really explore our area! On Wednesday, we hiked up to San Rodrigo. Oh my gosh it was straight uphill and sister clarin and I were dying. Haha so after walking for like an hour, we got there and the people there are so sheltered. They had never seen a white person so literally we had like 20 kids following us wherever we went. kinda annoying… cause we couldn’t teach a lot of lessons, but okay lang! 

We are also exploring Rugao more and we have found so many potential investigators there! We are really excited about working with these new investigators. We also had four investigators come to church yesterday! We were so surprised! Haha but literally, all of our potential investigators are kids! 10 years old, 9 years old, 9 years old, and 12 years old!! hahaha. But thats all right. 

Embarrassing moment of the week: so we were at the house of some of our less actives. They are two sisters and both have families. They are actually married to two brothers so its kind of weird! Anyway, we were talking about doing an FHE with them and Lia said, baka lasing sila (their husbands and all their brothers will probably be drunk) and I was like lasing tayo lahat?? ( we will all be drunk?) But i totally meant to say lasing sila lahat (all of them will be drunk?) and literally she laughed for like a straight minute and i was super embarrassed hahahah. okay lang! definitely a funny moment!

We had chicken feet on the BBQ this week and it is Sister clarin’s favorite.  And they like eat the bones too. It’s like chicken bone fat. so gross.  Whenever we have a filipino barbeque they never have meat! I always get so mad! They only have chicken head or chicken feet or baby chick! So when I get home I  totally can make you some! I’ll just cut off the feet and ears and head and then put vinegar on it and throw it on the BBQ. It will be so delicious! haha haha  I really don’t know how to cook filipino food. But I want to learn how to make adobo, and chicken curry, and of course pancit. This week I bought a piece of squash from a lady in our area selling it on her head, and then I boiled the squash in water, and I bought this packet of coconut milk and shrimp flavored powder and then just poured it in it. It is sooo good.

Basically, I realized this week that filipinos are sooo kind and generous. We were at the house of one of the members teaching, and they don’t have a lot of food.  After the lesson, they totally gave us a ton of their crops, corn and a bunch of other vegetables and I was like ahhh stop! But they were like sister okay lang! Even though they have nothing, they are always quick to give and never hesitate. 

That’s about it for the week! Love you all! 

Sister Dunn

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