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Holli - February 15, 2016

My new companion Sister Barney!

Hello Everyone!

Holy cow, you've had quite the week in Eagle! Wow mom, you and dad on the news!  You are famous - that’s awesome ;) and I’m so glad that Val and Brian are making some headway with this foster care reform. That is such a relief. And good to hear about helping with Sister O’heron’s move.  Thanks for all you do in the Ward mom and dad - when members chip in to help out less actives, in actives and others in the Ward, it helps the missionaries so much. There are so many people we worry about here - so many we pray for each and every day so thank you for helping your missionaries and the Lord!

We've had quite the week here in Arcadia!

So transfer news. I'm staying in Arcadia and my new companion will be Sister Barney! She's from Utah and was in my zone this past transfer so we're super excited to be serving together. She's an amazing Sister - and she's been out for three transfers, so about four and a half months. This transfer was insane for the rest of my district though.The Chinese Sisters were both transferred out and Chinese Elders will be put in who don't know very much Chinese. Elder Shu (our DL) was transferred to Spanish work and an English Elder will come in to be with Elder Chen - Elder Chen hardly knows English and Elder Bishop doesn't know any Chinese so it will definitely be an interesting transfer!

So we met this guy named Hitler this week. Really interesting kid - he
told us he is atheist but he loves religion. We were kind of like …
 What? But you could tell he hadn't been making the best decisions in
his life and with no one to really guide him, what else was he to
think? I'm so thankful for wonderful parents who taught me the
principles of the gospel, not only through their words but through
their actions. That impact has changed my life. Out here, many
children are brought up without any concept of God and they just don't care so it's an interesting challenge!

We were coming out of the church building one day and Sister Ausen's sister Kyara was hanging outside the building (it's right across from the high school) with her nonmember friend. They walked over and we started chatting. Kyara is like the best missionary ever and she started talking to her friend about mutual activities and church. Then we started talking about the Book of Mormon and Kyara totally invited her friend to take the lessons and her friend said sure! So we're pretty pumped about that.

We were excercising with the Chinese Sisters one morning and we met this one guy named Jake. He and his wife were waiting outside this apartment for a yard sale that was to happen that day. We started talking and he told us he had led a pretty rough life but then he met his wife and she started getting him into church and now he seems really happy. It was crazy - there were four missionaries but we didn't have any pass along cards or anything! Thankfully Jake's wife had some paper so he gave us his number - we asked him if he would come speak to the youth in our Ward so hopefully we can help him learn about the restored gospel!

We met this older man named Dominic a few months ago. Sister Maughan and I went survey tracting at night and we only had time to hit a few houses so the very last house we knocked was Dominic's. He has one daughter who is LDS but he is Presbyterian and pretty ok being Presbyterian but he did tell us we were welcome to stop by and teach him about our church. He has a girlfriend now who he said might also be interested in learning about it so we taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and it was really cool! He told us that in his
nightly prayers he would always ask the Lord, what is my purpose in
life? But he never really felt that his prayer was answered. Anyways,
we gave him a Book of Mormon and it was awesome!

We have been trying to meet this family (the Websters) ever since I
came here. They moved into Arcadia in the summer time last year and most of the Ward helped them move in including President. They are from the same part of Mexico that President is from and the
missionaries taught them a few times until one day they just pulled a
cold shoulder and became pretty distant. No one knows what happened but a few days ago Sister Ausen and I were able to meet the parents!
They are the sweetest family - so kind and loving, so hopefully as the
members continue to work with them we'll be able to teach them!

It was late Saturday night and we decided to stop by this one
potential Sister Maughan and I had tracted out one day. Her name is
Kristy and she has 3 cute little kids! So last night we asked if we could teach her more about Heavenly Father's plan for us and she said sure too! So we are excited to begin teaching her.

It was a really good week. We definitely saw lots of miracles which
makes all of those hard days and weeks worth it! We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives and to have Jesus Christ as our example! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn 

This is Zoe!!! She is a daughter of a member in the Ward - she will be baptized in July so we are teaching her the lessons before then :)

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