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Chelsea - February 8, 2016

Bridge in Santa Victoria!


Zone Activity

This week was a good week! We had to push Irish's baptism back til Feb 20 but she came to church last sunday so we are all set!! All of our other investigators are not progressing at all.. so literally Sister Clarin and I are just trying to find someone with potential. We went tracting in like our farthest area and we found a couple. Except they have been Roman catholic their whole life, haha so sometimes those lessons aren’t the best, but at least they were receptive! And then we taught two more people later, Marlyn and Celestina- friends of one of our less actives. And it was sooo weird because they didn’t know who Jesus Christ was. Nanay was like oh you mean the guy that is in a lot of the pictures in people’s homes? I was like what in the heck?! Everyone in the Philippines knows who Jesus Christ is! So that was definitely a first! And it was weird teaching someone about Jesus Christ who had never actually heard of him. But what is a miracle is that they actually came to church on sunday! I was like nooo way!! I never really thought they would come, but thanks to their la friend, they totally came, and so now they are our potential investigators! 

We got to watch the district broadcast this week and it was soo good! (mostly because it was in pure english!) haha. But something that I really liked was about listening and observing. I forgot who said this but they said that when your companion is speaking, you need to be listening and observing like crazy. Teaching lessons should be spriritually exhausting! Basically it made  me re-evaluate my self big time. Haha a lot of the times when I’m done speaking in a lesson, I’m like yesss I’m done and then I’ll just sit back. And also there are a ton of distractions every lesson, babies crying, dogs, etc. So this week I’ve really just tried to listen and observe at all times and its been super effective. I’ve really felt like I know what to say in lessons and the Lord has helped me discern more of their needs, the more I have listened.

Anyways, everything else is the same. No one in our house is getting transferred which means I will be Sister Clarin’s last comp… Also, I’m getting pretty annoyed with the rats everywhere. At night, I swear there are like 10 upstairs and they are squealing and fighting with each other and are getting into our pots and pans and it’s sooo loud. I have had enough! I’m going to set like a 100 traps up there! haha

Love you all! Thanks for your support!

Sister Dunn

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