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Chelsea - February 1, 2016

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Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Clark for the coin purse from Peru!  
It’s so perfect cause it’s what we use over here all the time!
Eating goat...

Hiii everyone!

I hit my 8 month mark this week!! Crazy that is has already been 8 months! And my halfway is coming up!! ahh!!! It’s just going by too fast :) This week was definitely a hard week in terms of our investigators coming to church and keeping their commitments. It can definitely be hard at times watching them not doing the things that will actually help them in their lives to come closer to Christ. But everyday we just keep trying! Irish didn’t come to church yesterday so we have to extend her baptismal date. And June didn’t either… but it’s okay! All is good here! 

A lot of funny moments this week though! We were at an fhe and they served us coke. But when we tasted the coke, it had like no co2 (is that right?) like it just tasted super old but we just kept drinking anyway. And then Sister Ilago was drinking and she pulled this worm skin out of her mouth and we were like ewwww!!! We were so scared we would get super sick the next day, but everything is good! Also, I tasted the best fruit in the world this week, I swear it’s the fruit on the tree of life. It tastes like pina colada, watermelon, and mango all in one and I was in heaven!! It is called guyabano. Also, I ate goat this week. And it was super sad, because we were at Tatay Bisilios house and they have a ton of goats and I was petting all the goats and just having a good time and then tay was like kain tayo (lets eat) and it was goat....that they just killed... I was like awww man are you serious? Sister clarin doesn’t like goat either. It smells sooo bad and it tastes like it smells... so gross! haha.

I definitely had a really good experience with the gift of tongues this week. We were teaching one of our investigators about Joseph Smith. I realized it was my turn to recite the first vision. But it had been such a long time since I had recited it. Like at least a couple months ago. And the first vision has always been kinda hard for me to remember in tagalog, so I was kinda freaking out. But as I started reciting it, the spirit was so strong, and I didn’t even have to think about the words I needed to say, they just came right out! I definitely know that at the moments we need it, the Lord will bless us with those spiritual gifts to bless others. 

So this week I received a couple letters from the Eagle 2nd Ward…merry christmas cards and then a bunch of testimonies from the young women and leaders from the ward. I was able to read them and I was seriously so touched!! Reading those testimonies from the young women definitely strengthened my own testimony. I will be sure to pass them out in my next area. There is absolutely no english here at all haha. Just ibanag, ilecauno, and tagalog. Anyways, thank you all so much! I miss the ward so much!! 


Sister Dunn

So many cute dogs over here...

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