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Lindsay - January 25, 2016

Hello Everyone! I love and miss you! We had a fantastic week! It just flew by so fast! 

On Monday night, we went on exchanges! I went with Sister Moe-Tufaga and served in Thatcher for a day! And I was on a bike!!! haha:) I was a little rusty riding on that thing:) haha! It was so fun! We visited some people throughout the day, and I loved riding my bike! I felt like such an accomplished missionary! During the day, I was riding my bike with Sister Moe when a car pulled up at an intersection, and a guy rolled down the window and said, "Sister Dunn!" It was Austin who was the Assistant Ward Mission Leader from YSA 2nd Ward! What are the odds that I come across someone from my old area! It was great! By the end of the day, my bum was so sore! I literally had a bruise in my bum bone for 3 days straight! haha! I love Thatcher and Safford because it is such a humble community! The people are amazing and it is wonderful to teach people here! 

On Wednesday, for district meeting we gathered as a zone and watched a worldwide missionary conference! They hadn't done a missionary conference in 10 years! How crazy is that?  Elder Bednar, Elder Oaks, Elder Clayton, and Elder Andersen were there! It was amazing! Something that Elder Bednar talked about was that we can invite the Spirit unto their hearts, but the investigators have to invite it into their hearts. It was amazing! We also went to Floyd's again with the Reynolds, and it was an amazing lesson! We talked about faith, and we shared the story of Enos, and talked about growing our faith in Alma 32, and planting the seed, so that we can nourish it. The spirit was so strong in that lesson! At the end of the lesson, we invited Floyd to pray. Every time we have come over, he refuses to pray, but this time, he prayed! He told us before, "I don't pray like you sisters!" But we told him that there is no bad prayer. So he prayed! It was the most beautiful prayer that I have ever heard! And Sister Sayer told me afterward, that that was the first time he prayed in 3 months!! So we were pretty speechless coming out of that lesson. 

On Thursday, we went to the temple! But before that Sister Sayer placed her first Book of Mormon! We were trying to contact this one person, and the address said that she lived behind this market place. We tried to look around but we couldn't seem to find it. So as we were looking around the place,there was this cute picnic place to sit down and we were admiring it, when this lady (named Annie), starts talking to us about the picnic place and how she didn’t know that it existed. And before we even knew it, we were talking about religion. She told us that a couple years ago she met some missionaries, and they helped her by serving her. She was atheist then and they gave her a Book of Mormon, but she didn't throw it away! She told us that she told the missionaries that she wasn’t ready yet.  So she gave it to a member because she didn't want to throw away the word of God. So she talked about her life, and the struggles she went through to find God. Her story is amazing! She is struggling right now, but I know that she will overcome any challenge through the help of God. And, she accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon! But she thanked us for listening to her, and was grateful that she had the talk with us. We hope and pray that she will read it, and feel of God's love in her life! Oh and Bethany Spackman, I stuck your testimony in The Book of Mormon we gave her, so your sweet testimony is being spread to someone who needs help right now! I love you Bethany! Oh and to the other young women who sent their testimonies, I have given some to other missionaries to put in some Books of Mormon! So your testimonies are being spread throughout Safford, Thatcher, and Pima Arizona! I love you all for your wonderful, and pure testimonies! The temple was amazing, and I received so much peace and strength this week just by going to the Lord’s house.

On Friday, I have one thing to say that highlights the day. I drove into a ditch. haha! We were night contacting, and I was trying to turn around when I drove into this deep ditch! Thankfully we got out, but Sister Sayer and I were laughing so hard I was crying!!! :) It was amazing! I will never forget that experience! Oh and we weekly planned too:) 

On Saturday we saw a lot of less actives, and we had a How to Begin Teaching lesson with one of our new investigators Roxy! Her husband is a less active, and she isn't a member. She is the sweetest person! She is very shy, so the next time we come over, we are definitely going to ask more questions. We also taught John, who is the cutest old man ever! We came in to see him and he wasn't sitting in his usual chair. So Jody, the person who takes care of him invited us in and he was eating yogurt in the kitchen. He is such a tease! When he started talking to us in the middle of the conversation, he waved at me and said, "Hi there!" He is such a sweetie. Especially during a lesson he will say something that makes no sense and we laugh and ask what he is saying. Then he says just kidding, or never mind. It is really funny! His smile is the cutest thing, I will make sure to take a picture next time! 

On Sunday, it was definitely a great day with many many adventures! We went to church all day, and Devan finally came to church! Because of his anxiety he had to leave after Sacrament, but he will make it to 3 hours in no time! We studied a little bit before going to dinner at the Borr's. Then afterwards we tried to contact some people at night. Artesia is the sketchiest place to contact at night. Literally, it is so scary, and Sister Sayer and I are scaredy cats!!! We were trying to contact this one lady, and she wasn't home so we just left a note, and I was holding a flashlight so that Sister Sayer could see what she was writing. While she was doing that, I looked around (which wasn't a good idea). I saw a run down rusty boat and car, and we heard loud squeaking of metal and other unhuman noises. And it was windy too. I felt like I was in the setting of "Ghost and Mr. Chicken" movie. and I literally looked like Luther just looking around. haha! It was so scary! Then as we were going to teach someone, we were having a conversation about scary movies, and all of a sudden, we hit this huge bump in the dirt road. I am not even kidding you, Sister Sayer screamed so loud, it was like a reaction to a scary movie! She said that since we were talking about scary movies, that she was kind of scared so when we hit that bump she about lost it. haha!!! Soo funny! We taught Sasha after that experience, and the lesson was amazing! She is an exchange student from Denmark, and she is so close to the spirit! We felt so comfortable teaching her! Probably because we knew that she was inviting the Holy Ghost into her heart. Throughout the lesson as we were explaining things, she always had a furrowed brow, like she was thinking. And things would just click for her, and it was like a lightbulb went off in her head. She also asked so many good questions, and she truly wants to learn more about the gospel! We love her sooo much!! So that is my week! I know that my letters are literally novels! haha!! I love you all! Have a great week!


Sister Dunn

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