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Holli - February 1, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We had a crazy week this week! So I was with the Chinese Sisters from Monday until Saturday and then in the afternoon I switched back with Sister Ausen and she should be my companion for the rest of the transfer.

About the whole, me becoming a Chinese Missionary thing, yeah my
District was joking about that too. There's actually a Sister coming
in next transfer from Taiwan but she has been assigned English
speaking. The Chinese Sisters think I will train her in English and
then she'll be switched to Chinese work. That would be interesting!

English class is so much fun! They hold it Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday nights. One night I helped Sister Huang in the advanced class
(they were covering humor words—see the joke below).When Sister Huang told the donut joke though she got a lot of blank stares - I laughed at that). I also taught the beginners class with Sister Gong and Elder Chen one night and it was awesome! It’s so fun teaching English - you feel so professional.

So I heard a couple jokes in English Class that were hilarious so I just
wanted to share. The first one goes like this: There once was this
donut who went on a cruise. The first day he sat out on the deck to
suntan and he got sunburned so he became a strawberry donut. He went up
to the Captain of the ship and asked him if he could steer the ship.
The Captain told him no, and if he asked again he would throw him off
the ship. The second day the donut didn't go out suntanning so he
turned light brown and he became a caramel donut. He went up to the
Captain and asked if he could drive the ship. The Captain told him no,
and said if he asked him one more time he would throw him off the
ship. On the third day the donut went suntanning for a really long
time and he turned super dark so he became a chocolate donut. He went
up to the Captain and asked him if he could steer the ship and the
Captain told him no and threw him off the ship.

:) Isn’t it great? A joke with no punch line!

One morning Sister Huang had to go translate for this lady and her son
who was registering for school here at Arcadia High. We were running
late so we had to sprint down the sidewalk to the school and it was
pretty hilarious. Sister Gong has never really exercised in her life
so she was like trying to run behind us but couldn’t quite keep up. 
Poor Sister Gong finally got to the school, clutching her chest,
and repeating "Sorry, sorry, sorry" - one of the only words she knows
in English.

The Chinese Sisters are teaching this amazing lady named Linda. A
member brought her to church about three weeks ago and the
missionaries started teaching her. She is headed back to China on
Tuesday and won't be back until August so the Sisters had set a date
with her for the 30th. This week though all these problems happened.
Everything was set for a baptism on Saturday but before one of our
lessons, Linda drove up and told us a rock had hit her rental car's
windshield and she had to return the car. Then she had this really big
ticket she had to pay that was a pain. All these different things
happened this week so she told the Sisters, there's no rush for the
baptism. Maybe I'll just wait until August when I get back. The
problem is she is going to live with her mom in China and her mom is
very controlling and won't let her go to church or anything so we were
all panicking. Luckily Linda's friend, the one that brought her to
church, talked with her and the Sisters asked her to pray about her
baptismal date and she got baptized yesterday! It was a great
experience and since I was playing the piano I got to be there :)

So I have loved being in this trio. It's been really hard on Sister
Huang lately. Sister Gong is from Beijing but her mom took her out of
school after first grade. Because of that she has very little social
skills, comprehension skills, learning and studying skills etc. She
learns very slowly and has little confidence. It's been kind of rough
but she's the sweetest Sister. She joined the church when she was 16
because her mother told her to - told her it was good. Most of her
friends came from church and then because most of her friends started
serving missions she decided to serve one too. It's been an
interesting experience working with her but she's progressing.

We had the Stake Women's Conference on Saturday and we all got to
attend. The Spirit was very strong. The keynote speaker was a lady
named Terry Hatch who grew up in Safford Arizona (shout out to Lindsay
:). ) Then after her we broke up into groups and went to three
separate classes and learned from three amazing women. It was great!

We were on our way to an appointment one day and we walked by this
lady. We were running late so we said a quick hello and kept going but
after a few seconds she called after us and then asked us to pray for
her as she had a brain aneurism and was going in for surgery the next
day. It was a sweet experience as we talked with her for a bit, gave
her a hug, and told her everything would work out.

Okay, super amazing miracle happened yesterday. It was Ashley Jensen's
homecoming so she spoke along with another Sister in the Ward - it was
a missionary oriented meeting of course. After the meeting we noticed
this lady had come into the chapel and was sitting on the back row
talking to one of our members. Then all of these other members started
congregating around her. Finally we got pulled over and started
talking with her. Her name is Jackie and she told us she came into
Church because she saw “The Church of Jesus Christ." She told us about
her religious background and how she had denounced that religion and
tried other things. She told us she had never felt the Spirit stronger
than she had at our meeting. We invited her to learn more and she
said, absolutely. She also told us she wanted to be baptized sooner or
later. Crazy!! She has a number of things to overcome but she seems
super solid - one of the greatest tender mercies the Lord has provided
for us!

I think that's about it from here in Arcadia. I have one more joke
that I heard from English class that I wanted to tell you guys - it
was so funny!

So there's this fisherman and he wants to propose to his girlfriend.
So he saves up for a long time and manages to buy a ring for her. But
one day he is fishing and this big wave crashes over the boat and
carries the ring out to sea. The fisherman is distraught and he tells
his friends what happened. They all assure him that they'll help him
raise enough money to buy another ring. So they all go fishing and try
to catch fish and other sea creatures to sell so they can start saving
some money for this fisherman to buy the ring. One day as the
fisherman is fishing he manages to catch this huge shark. He gets
really excited because he knows it's going to bring in a lot of money.
He starts skinning it and then he cuts it open to where the stomach
is. He can tell there's something in the stomach so he cuts it open.
What do you think he finds?
. . . . The donut

Hilarious, right?

The joke I told in English class was: Why did the bacon laugh? . . .
Because the egg cracked a yoke. No one laughed at that either because
when you translate it into Chinese it makes absolutely no sense. I
guess Sister Huang and I have no future as comedians :)

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and support. Have a
great week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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