Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Taylor - February 16, 2016

Hey Family glad your week went pretty well. Ya I definitely got the package and it was awesome. Thanks so much mom. You’re the best! 

For transfers I'm actually transferring to fountainbleu north as a DL with a different Elder Johnson so that will be interesting! My comp will be going to Hialeah with Elder Lolani, Elder Robishaw's son so they will learn spanish really fast down there. Elder Robishaw is going to be a DL up in Jupiter which is an english area. Haha he's super sad about that but his spanish is perfect so he'll be fine! Elder Angulo will be staying with Elder Kiser who's coming in. I'm super pumped for the new experiences ahead and hope to make a difference in the part of the Lord's vineyard I'm working in :) 

So this week was pretty good with Elder Johnson and I. He’s really doing a lot better being more confident and opening his mouth and I'm super happy for that! I’m super excited that he got sent to the Hialeah zone so that he could work on his spanish. He’s going to love it up there! 

Jillian is progressing really well and is preparing for her baptism on the 27th so we are super excited for that!  The missionaries coming in need to take good care of her! Also I'm super excited for the conferences coming up and the awesome counsel we will receive! I’ve been reviewing in preach my gospel a bit in chapter four about following the Spirit and it's crazy how much I can learn each time. I’ve learned through experience and study that prayer is super powerful and that I need to use it as one of my biggest tools to see miracles and learn and grow as a missionary! 

So those are the big things that happened. Elder Dube is coming for a special mission conference on the 29th of this month so I’m super excited for that! It was an awesome work week this week but we had to pretty much clean out our whole teaching pool because the people we were working with weren't really keeping commitments, so ya fresh start there, but it's good! Anyways love you guys and hope you are doing great, stay safe! Bye! 

-Elder Dunn

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