Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chelsea - January 25, 2016


Well, after emailing last week, we went to the hair salon from 3 to 9 pm. My comp and the other two Filipina sisters we live with were rebonding their hair. They put this gel in their hair, then they sit for two hours, then they wash it, blow dry, straighten, and then do the whole thing again. I just sat there while the hairstylists kept telling me my hair was beautiful and they wish they had my nose. Let’s just say I’ve had better p days hahaha. 

So we found our next baptismal candidate!! Irish! She is 9 years old, she is a granddaughter of one of the members and she’s been going to church every sunday and we just haven’t noticed. Haha so we started teaching her and her baptism is set for February 13th!! We also found a former investigator. His name is June and he doesn’t have an arm! (apparently, his brother cut it off because they had a fight…) Anyways, he’s super cool. Every lesson is super amazing and it’s like he knows everything. He really loves Jesus Christ and appreciates the Atonement in his life. His problem right now is smoking. He has been smoking forever and smokes about five a day. But the next time we taught him, he said he only smoked a couple, so he’s progressing! 

Basically, it has been a hot and exhausting week! On Saturday morning, sister clarin and i went to one of our areas. We planned to go to three appointments, and there was a 30 minute walk in between each house. And we got punted at all of them... so basically we just walked for 2 hours up mountains! Haha literally, i thought i was gonna pass out, haha so did Sister Clarin, she was dying hahaha. 

The baptism was awesome!!!! Ahhh best baptism ever... President and Sister Rahlf even came!! That was a surprise! And everything went smoothly. Jayson and jerome had to be baptized twice because of saying the prayer wrong, but thats ok! After their baptisms, they all got up to bear testimony. Jerome started crying when he shared his testimony, and I almost started crying too. Probably the sweetest testimony I’ve ever heard from a recent convert and I just thought, wow I am so lucky to be apart of this. Every day, I realize more and more how great of a work this is. Jayson also expressed his desire to us to go on a mission. Also, Jerome is probably going to baptize Irish and start blessing the sacrament. Jayson is also teaching his sunday school class next sunday! They are doing great and the ward has done an awesome job at making them feel loved. 

Lets see, random stuff, oh ya, at night, sometimes we have to walk through this huge cornfield. And the other night it was super scary, cause it was so dark, and it was super silent, and i was like, oh my gosh, I’m in the movie Signs right now. I literally thought an alien was gonna come out hahaha. Thats about it for this week! Love you all! 

Sister Dunn

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