Thursday, February 11, 2016

Taylor - February 8, 2016

Hey! So this week was quite a week as we found some awesome families and continued to find other people throughout the week. We taught the restoration a ton and invited many to come unto Christ and be baptized. A lot of them accepted and wanted to continue to learn more! We did a great job bringing a variety of members out with us and it was awesome! Unfortunately, none of the people we were teaching were able to come to church because they had commitments or just couldn't come. 

Something we want to work on is having a better "how to begin teaching"(PMG) and instead of just springing right into the restoration make sure the people we meet know why we are there and that it's not just a one time thing but something that can help them for the rest of their lives. We are going to be studying that and role playing a lot this week! We also want to continue to focus on chapel tours, which the president has really stressed with us. We tried this week but it just didn't seem to work so we are going to try setting it up earlier in the week. 

Elder Johnson is doing pretty good but we're really working on being unified in teaching and he really needs to "fear no man" and just speak what's in his heart and mind! I expected him to come along faster but it's still going slow, I still feel that we aren't completely unified in finding and teaching yet.. so we'll see how that goes. 

To answer your questions, we taught Jason and Faith in English. They were born here, though their parents are from Jamaica. As for the mom, I think she saw the happiness of her kids and the joy they have.  Even when we come over for a visit she kinda wants to be the example, but her kids know the messages and answers more than she does.  We really want to make sure she’s doing this because she has a testimony and is planning on staying in the church. 

Ya Dad, I do remember that time in the living room when you asked me about the things that I know and I ended up bearing my testimony.  That was a super cool experience, and I’ve realized that when I testify of simple things like that I just feel really good, and so I have a testimony of bearing testimony! :) 

As for interesting things that happened this week. For DT I did this object lesson where we constructed an obstacle course in the gym, that lead to a bag of starbursts. The obstacles were supposed to be the members, the starbursts represented the investigator  right after sacrament meeting. The point was setting the investigator with a date right after sacrament meeting and getting to the investigator without totally destroying the members haha. The darkness in the gym represented doubt and fear of setting them with a date and you had to be in contact with your comp the whole time(unity). So ya it was fun to watch each companionship do that. Elder Johnson and I pulled off the best time ;). 

It got pretty cold this week and we are biking a lot and trying to save miles. We were way out near the border of our area and we only had like 40 minutes to get home before we were disobedient and so we biked like maniacs! It was quite a bike ride, about 9 miles to our house so that was fun! So ya that's about it for the week, I love the mish, it's the best thing ever! Love you guys, be safe and stay healthy! 

-Elder Dunn

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