Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lindsay - February 8, 2016

Hello Everyone!! I hope you all had a great week! This week was awesome! Sister Sayer and I have too much fun! We just laugh and laugh and laugh every day! It is very relaxing actually, because missionary work is stressful!

On Tuesday we didn't have anything scheduled. So we planned with faith, and we saw so many people. It was a miracle! The beginning of the day we weren't teaching anyone! And I thought to myself, "The Lord is blessing us with a strengthening day!" But then after lunch, we had
a lesson every hour! It was amazing! The Lord truly blesses those that plan and act in faith:)

On Wednesday we also had a busy day. We had a wonderful district meeting about receiving revelation through prayer. It is so amazing how revelation for your investigators is given to you throughout that experience! Sister Sayer got a really bad headache afterwards so we just had a lunch break. She was a trooper because after our lunch break she wasn’t feeling better, but she still wanted to go out and work! So we had a lesson with Roxy, one of our investigators. She has so much
faith! We set a baptismal date with her, and she expressed to us that she knows that it is true! And she hasn't even read the whole book! She doesn't doubt anything we share with her, and her life has been truly blessed for accepting it. For example, her son that she raises is the sweetest thing, but he has gotten in trouble at school a lot. But since we have been teaching her, he hasn't gotten in trouble lately! So she is doing well! 

We visited Floyd with the Reynolds afterwards and we talked about prayer. And then we followed up with our invitation last time to write down some things he is thankful for. He told us that he has many things he is grateful for! He is usually negative, but he was more positive this time! It is definitely always a roller coaster ride with Floyd's lessons:) Then later that night we had a lesson with the Baker's (who are members), and a girl named Missy who is temporarily living in their home (non-member). She is very shy, but when we teach everyone as a whole, she is more open to talk. So we watched the Joseph Smith movie and they loved it! We also
talked about prayer and how we can receive answers from the Lord if we just ask. It was a great lesson! Then we had a lesson with the Whitmers. As you know they have wonderful children, but they do have a lot of energy! So we prayed before going in that the children would listen or somehow be distracted by something else. So we went in and only their daughter who is a toddler, and another one of their older
daughters sat in the lesson with the husband and wife. The other kids were watching a movie in the other room, so it was quiet! The spirit was so strong in that lesson! We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and got to know Angelica more! It was definitely a miracle lesson! Then afterwards we went to another appointment with Devan at the Hargis home. We talked about the Law of Chastity. Sister Hargis was there which was awesome! We actually had an awesome discussion on it. I usually dread that lesson but it was so sacred!

Since we had two full days of nonstop appointments, the Lord blessed us with a strengthening day on Thursday:) We saw a less active who hadn't come to church in a while so that was really good! But other than that, we just stopped by to see people, and no one was home! And the lessons that we did set up were canceled! People keep getting sick
here, and it isn't even that cold!! Anyways, so we had a great day:)
On Friday we did a lot of weekly planning and helping with the food bank. We had a dinner with the Norton's and then a ward correlation meeting right after. Then we had a lesson with the Tucker kids. They are kids full of energy! We taught the two little boys, and it was really hard to keep them focused cause they were literally running around the room wrestling each other. But it was good nonetheless!
On Saturday, we had an amazing lesson with Ida and Jim about Lehi's Dream. (Jim is a less active, and Ida is a non-member). We have awesome discussions with them! Their comments help me to gain a new perspective! We strengthen each other's faith as we go! I love them both. We then had lunch and stopped by to see John. He was having a
hard time with getting along with his caretaker, so we shared our favorite scripture on trials. He is such a sweetie! We then had a lesson with the Livingstons. They are a less active family mainly because of health problems. Their two daughters are troopers! One of them had a biking accident and part of her brain that controlled sleeping habits got damaged. And so now she only sleeps 3 hours a night. The older daughter has an illness where she can't regulate her
blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, so whenever she stands up the blood rushes to her feet and she passes out. So...... let's just say, they are spiritual giants! The mom is a nurse which is good, and then the older daughter also went to medical school before the illness came into her life. I am just amazed of how much faith they have. They just accept the challenge and move on with their lives. They are amazing examples to me! We then saw Frank and Chelsea
which was good. We read 3rd Nephi 11 about Jesus Christ coming to the Americas. We had a great discussion on it! I love 3rd Nephi!

On Sunday, we had ward council at 7:30, and then we stayed at the church building until 4!! I am loving it! I know that some people probably would go insane with 9 1/2 hours of church, but I love it! Haha! It was really hard to have lessons because of the super bowl. Two set appointments were canceled because of that! Aghhh!  But nonetheless it was a good Sunday!! :)

Well, that is my week! I love you all!
Sister Lindsay Dunn

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