Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lindsay - February 1, 2016

Beautiful Safford!! :) Literally looks like Idaho!

Hola todas los personas!  I think that is correct Spanish:) I hope you
all had a wonderful week! This week was awesome! We learned so much
this week!

On Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with our investigator Roxy!
Whenever we would ask her questions she would really think about it
but she expressed to us that she has a hard time explaining things. So
we tried to keep the questions simple. She really opened up to us
about different experiences that she has had in her life. Everytime we
asked her about faith, or the Holy Ghost or Repentance, she always had
an experience that she went through in her life that taught her about
that principle. It was amazing to see her perspective on the
principles of the gospel. She is amazing! And when we followed up
about her scripture reading, she said that she had read a couple of
chapters!! She is the sweetest person, and her faith is so strong! I
love it! :) 

After her visit we went and saw the French family. They are less active, but have been through experiences in their life that have made them so much stronger in the gospel. They gave us cheesecake, and it was right before dinner!! ughhhh:( I was really full after dinner, I thought my stomach was going to explode! Later that night we had an amazing lesson with Devan. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ, and talked about Enos’s experience, and how he exercised faith and repentance to be made clean. It was such a cool

Wednesday was a crazy and kind of rough day! The morning was amazing
because of district meeting, but afterwards we had a lesson with Floyd,
and it was rough. He got into one of his negative and bitter moods,
and he vented a lot. By the end of the lesson, we were emotionally
drained. It is so hard with Floyd! He is just very bitter and
negative, and we tell him all the time that if he turns to the Lord
and asks for help, that he will help him! But he doesn't listen. He
tells us all the time that he asks the Lord for something, but he
doesn't ever do his part. He is a little too prideful to do his part.
It is really sad. So the next time we meet with him, we are going to
set things in order! haha! It will be great! 

We also had a lesson with the Whitmers. They have a lot of kids, and we didn’t really teach the mom, but we taught the kids. We had a puzzle, so they were all over it, and fighting over which pieces to put in next. So it was pretty
chaotic. And we were going to extend a baptismal date invitation, but
we decided not too because things were crazy! So yeah! That was an
adventure! :) Then we went to the Tucker family for a lesson. They are
less active, but have so much potential to become returning members!
They are so sweet, and you know that they do have testimonies! And
they gave us homemade chocolate cake!

On Thursday we started out contacting some potentials. So we tried to
meet this one potential, and we discovered that he is a fully active
member preparing to serve a mission!!! haha! :) Our Ipad area book
sometimes messes things up! It was really funny when we figured it
out! Later we had a lesson with one of our recent converts Jerica. She
is 11 and she is such an amazing person! She is very resilient, and
has faced so many challenges in her life! But she is so strong, and
her faith is unwavering. It is amazing to see someone at such a young
age to be so mature and confident. 

After that we had dinner, and then taught another recent convert Tucker about baptism and confirmation. We had an awesome object lesson that we referred to, and he really liked it! Then we had a correlation meeting in 7th ward, and then stake correlation. We have an amazing  and productive area! It is

On Friday, I went to the Gilbert Temple with Sister Moe-Tufaga to support Sandy receiving her endowments for the first time! So Sandy is a part of a family that I taught in my first area, and she is going on a mission, so President gave us permission to go to the temple to support her since her family couldn’t go in the temple with her! It was an amazing experience! The Gilbert temple is beautiful, and it was such a great privilege to be in the Lord's house. I am so grateful for temples! :)

On Saturday we had an amazing lesson with Ida and Jim! Jim is a less
active, and Ida isn't a member. But they enjoy us coming over to teach
them. And they have come to church already since we have taught them!
So we are really excited to move forward with them. They are very
simple people, and so we are taking the lessons principle by
principle. So we talked about faith, and referred to the story of
Peter walking on water. We talked about what we would do in that
situation. Jim's response was hilarious: "I would hide under a bush!"
And then we told him, "You are in the middle of the ocean, there are
no bushes!" It was  a really good discussion, and usually Jim talks
the whole time, but Ida talked a lot, and it was great to hear her
perspective about faith. 

We then visited Frank and Chelsea, and Chels was sleeping so we had a lesson with Frank. It was really good. He expressed to us that it is nice to receive spiritual enlightenment every day. So we read from the Book of Mormon and talked about it with him. Then after having a visit with John (which is always the highlight of my day), we had dinner, and weekly planned for the rest of the day.

On Sunday, we had church from 9 to 4, and then studied before going to
dinner. Then we had a lesson with Devan at the Hargis home, and then
finished our weekly planning for that night. So that is my week! I hope you all are doing well! I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Lindsay Dunn

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