Thursday, May 12, 2016

Holli - April 25, 2016

Hey Everyone!

Sounds like you all are doing great :) We had a pretty great week this week!
Nothing super crazy happened but we are working hard trying to find
people to teach!

A lot of people here are Armenian so we were walking down the street
one day and we see this little old Armenian lady using only the bottom
of a broom to sweep out her driveway because this huge tree kept
dropping leaves all over the place. We asked if we could help and had
to use body language to communicate because she spoke zip English. So
probably pretty hilarious to all of the drivers as two sister
missionaries start miming sweeping motions. But she let us do a little
bit and then asked if we were Jehovah Witnesses but we clarified and
then she just kept nodding and saying Jesus Christ and smiling. Then
her husband came out and stared at us smiling for a little (he didn't
speak any English either) and then he pulled out his wallet and showed
us pictures of their grandchildren so it was pretty neat! We pulled
out a piece of paper and the lady (Navart) took it and wrote her name,
her husband's name and their phone number so that was pretty sweet . .
And then she wrote all of it again in Armenian haha. They then
invited us in for coffee haha - but they also told us to come back so
we are sending the Armenian elders and hopefully they can teach them

We had interviews with President this week. That was pretty cool. They
were about ten minutes long, so short, sweet, and to the point. So it
was fun!

We were walking down the road the other day and there was a man
sitting on the porch so I urged Sister Colson to contact him and it
went great! His wife and kids go to church but he says he has to worry
about paying the bills so he doesn't have time for that. Super sad.
His son came in halfway through the conversation and said, good luck
trying to get him to go to church. I've tried and now I've just given
up. They then referred us to their neighbor who actually turns out to
be a Jehovah Witness so that was a fun conversation! She was actually
super nice and gave us water and she asked us when we were going to
come back but we didn't think that would be super productive. She kind
of threw a lot of different bibles/pamphlets in our face so that was

We had some pretty cool tracting experiences the other day. We met
Miles who is this super nice Christian guy and accepted a copy of the
BofM. He told us he had friends who are LDS but they never really ever
talked about their religion - so we got to give him a brief rundown!
Super cool. He told us he wasn't interested in being baptized but he
was super cool.

We also met Samantha and Ryan who are like the sweetest couple ever.
Haha, Samantha answered the door and said a Jehovah Witness had
actually come by earlier that day so they got double duty! But we
briefly talked about the Restoration and we could see the Spirit
working in both of them. It was awesome! Ryan even talked about how he
can feel when something is true or not. But they didn't want to learn
more so it was kind of sad - but we hope one day Heavenly Father will
lead them to the right path!

We have this awesome investigator named Kevin we are working with.
Kind of makes all of the struggles/hardships of mission life worth it.
His stepson Sam actually moved to Logan and came into contact with the
church there and Kevin was so inspired with the change in Sam that he
accepted Sam's invitation to learn about the church from the
missionaries - however he told the missionaries right up front he
wouldn't get baptized. Haha, funny right? ;) But he is the coolest guy
ever and has this great desire to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of
God and have more direction to his life. He came to church yesterday
and the YM took over the program and did such a great job - said a lot
of things Kevin needed to hear.

That's about it for the week! Haha, we were in McDonalds one day
(don't worry, I got a salad . . . And a Mcflurry ) and this lady
comes up to us (Anna) and she sees our tags and then says, "Let me
give you my name and number so in case you need anything, you call me.
I'm a Roman Catholic by faith but I have a few friends who have their
kids out on missions so I know about you guys."

We were so touched by her act of kindness - definitely a great example
of Christ!

I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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