Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Holli - April 18, 2016

Hello Everyone!!

Super excited to be writing to you all today! Thanks for all of the
emails - definitely made my day!

So this week . . . Oh my lands it's been crazy

So Sister Colson has been here for about seven weeks and they cut the
area in half about halfway into last transfer so a huge chunk of our
area is now gone, and there wasn't much going on in the upper half. So
right now we are trying to breathe life into Glendale! Neither of us
know the Ward members very well and we are just trying to figure lots
of things out - so it's kind of like pink washing which is fun!

We got this interesting referral this week for a guy named Sergio. He
told us he wants a lot more in his life - we think he's had a pretty
troubled life too - but some Sisters gave him a BofM and when we met
with him he said he had started reading it but he couldn't find the
guide to how to live. That's what he wanted - he wanted like a guide
on how to live. So that was pretty interesting. But we've been
teaching him and he says it's getting more interesting. That's good!

Haha, we taught him about repentance the other day and Sister Colson
likened the feeling we get when we sin to if I had pushed Sergio in
the pool, how I would feel. Sergio said I would probably laugh but we
were like, heck no we'd feel awful! So on Sunday Sergio promised us he
would come to church. Church starts and Sergio texts us he's on his
way - and then he never showed. By the end of church we get a text and
Sergio says - I feel like, how you felt, when you pushed me in the

Hopefully the Spirit is working on him!

The temple was amazing and all too short! We actually got to do
sealings with the members who brought us afterwards. Thankfully Sister
Colson had participated in a sealing once so she showed me the ropes
:) pretty cool!

The Elders baptized two people on Sunday and I was asked to play the
piano at one of them so that was super cool! It was a really awesome

Super cool experience happened this week. We were sitting at Starbucks
(haha, yep) using the wifi real quick and there was this lady and her
daughter sitting nearby. As we were about to leave she asked us if we
were from the LDS church and then continued to say that she was a
member starting to come back to church and she wanted her to daughter
(April) to take the lessons and to get baptized. April had turned 8
about two days prior so it was a super neat experience!

We also went by this member who we didn't know and when they didn't
answer we left a note with our card. That night after 10:30 we got a
call from Neil who apparently lives at that address now and said he
would be totally open to having us come by and share a message about
Christ. He told us he was a firm follower of Christ so it was pretty

I think that's about it from here in Glendale. I love you all and hope
you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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  1. Hi, my sister was just called to the Arcadia Mission, Mandarin speaking. She leaves July 13. Do you know how many missionaries are mandarin speaking? In what areas?