Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Taylor - April 11, 2016

Baptism of Cira.  Brother Sabala is from la republica dominica.
Hey fam how's it going?!

Ya so the week was a good one. Saw some awesome miracles! Ya it's weird to be back here on this side of the state. Sooo much different than miami! You feel so alone as well because we're in a two man house and we live so far away from everyone in the zone because it's so spread out, but it's cool!

Elder Craig is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana but only lived there for 3 years and now lives in santana valley/gilbert Arizona. I'm greenie breaking Elder Craig so he just got done being trained. He's a pretty serious guy and likes to do what he likes to do but he works hard and he's obedient so that's the best! He's still getting used to the mission schedule and isn't super faith filled because of lack of success in his eyes, but I'm doing all I can to be energetic and positive. We're sooo going to see some awesome miracles! With the Lord's help of course!

This week we set our investigator Dalton with a date but he has a night shift so it is really hard getting him to church. We have a chapel tour with him and we need to double check on his desires to progress because it has been difficult meeting with him. He keeps canceling on us!

The district is chill in Vanderbilt. There is sister buckley and sister livingood, in estero YSA. There is sister morrow and sister tarullo who are also STL's. As well in cypress grove there is elder hatch and elder keith. Everyone is english speaking, though I believe sister tarullo and sister livingood are spanish missionaries.

As far as conversations this week, not a lot of white people like to stand around and converse with missionaries but there was this one YSA girl we talked to who goes to some church and said there was a point in her life where she was super depressed and she kept going to church and it didn't help and so she kinda fell away from church. So I asked her what she was looking for in her life and she didn't really know, so we had an awesome chance to testify of the Church of Jesus Christ and invite her. Hopefully she will decide to come and see for herself! Then another conversation this week was actually just spanish speaking people so it was great. They of course were super open to a prayer and said they sometimes go to mass but they want more of the spirit and the gospel in their home. They said we could pass by anytime but they work only mornings every day I believe which is tough. We might stop by this week! I just feel bad inviting spanish people because I will be the one translating sacrament meeting for them and they don't have a ton of people to talk to or relate to since everyone basically is white! Pues asi es la vida!

Sounds like an awesome week and crazy week! First of all dang, villanova won. That's cool. Sounds like an intense game. Congrats for spence in tennis and prom. Looks fun. Thanks for the pics! Haha was one of the couples on the date Connor and Corinne? If so that's hilarious! And yep I will definitely be praying for spence in senior projects!

Love you guys, stay safe! -Elder Dunn

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