Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chelsea - April 11, 2016

Fernando and Marcelino!!
I got to hold a little piglet!! They were about 6 hours old!! Cutest thing ever!

So this week was super busy!! On Friday, we moved out! Elder Navarro, Elder Pandaog, Elder Saez, and Elder Murddock all came to help us which was super great!! It took about the whole day but we are finally moved in and there are no more rats! The new house is super nice... I will send pics. The only problem here is the spiders. Haha so funny cause a couple days ago, we saw this huge giant spider right next to my yoga mat. About the size of my hand. And so Tonette was actually visiting at that same time and so she tried to get it using flipflops and she failed and it ran and hid and I was like oohhhhh great, now it's lost in the house!! Haha but so funny cause last night we saw it again and it literally took us an hour to kill it. Two of us wanted to kill it and the other two were saying that thou shall not kill, etc. I was like, you don't want to kill it? Ok thats fine, but do you want that thing crawling on your face in the night as well as its 1000 future children in our house?! Haha so funny. Every time we tried to whack it, it dropped and ran towards us and we all were screaming sooo loud haha it was so funny. Finally it was on the wall and our plan was to trap it in a tupperware and everyone was so scared to trap so i had to do it... haha. Unfortunately I missed and cut its legs off accidentally and now it's dead!! hahaha probably the funniest experience ever. Don't worry, I took video!

Basically, we have the greatest investigator right now!! Her name is Charmaine and she is actually from the area near the stake center. But fortunately, she is dating a returned missionary in our ward and so she has started taking the lessons. On Friday we were able to teach her the restoration and she is super receptive. We also committed her to baptism on April 30 and she said yes!! We are super excited for her!! We also had such an interesting lesson yesterday. We have an investigator and his name is Sandy. He has a wife and they also have a baby. And they are married!! So that's a plus! His dad is a catholic pastor and so is his brother so it's definitely gonna be hard converting him haha. But what's cool is he's actually pretty receptive. So last night we visited him with four rm's from the ward haha (they are so good at teaching you just have to bring them along!) and before he started he said that he had something to say. He said, "So last night I prayed and asked God if Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and I didn't feel the holy spirit and so I just don't want you to keep coming here when I know that it's not true. I was born catholic and I'm not going to be changing my religion anytime soon." We were devastated but it was so perfect because our lesson was on the book of mormon and so we were able to share with him about the book of mormon and how we have to read it in order to know that joseph smith was a prophet of God. Basically the rm's taught, but they did a great job. They also talked to him about real intent with prayer and do we really have a real desire to know. After the lesson he said he was actually excited to read it and he committed to do that and ask God. Man it was such a powerful lesson and we are just praying and praying for him and asking God to answer his prayers.

We also had the opportunity to watch general conference in centro with air conditioning and in english! It was so glorious... Elder Holland's talk was definitely my top favorite. But I also loved Bednar's about the ordinances. Definitely expanded my views on that and helped me to become a better missionary when it comes to teaching about baptism, the holy ghost and the sacrament. Anyways, a really great week here in the Philippines! Love you all!

Sister Dunn

New Apartment!

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