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Lindsay - April 11, 2016

The most interesting thing I have eaten on my mission....chia seed pudding!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing week! We actually got 2 days of rain this week! I was so happy! On Monday we went to Frye Mesa again! It is so beautiful up there in the mountains! On Tuesday we had a lesson with Roxy about enduring to the end. We read a great general conference talk about it called, "Stay by the Tree." You all should read it! Then we saw Kris after lunch. She is a recently returning member, and she loves coming to church! It has been hard lately because of her job, but she is so diligent! She wants to return to the temple, but she is struggling with the Word of Wisdom so we are helping her with that. Kris is the most loving person I have ever met in my life. She gets in your personal space A LOT which is sometimes a little awkward. Sister Steele isn't a fan of people getting in her personal space, and so she literally looked awkward the whole lesson. Haha! But it's ok!

On Wednesday, we had an awesome zone meeting about companionship inventories and planning. We talked about how we can work well with our companions as well as strive to be more specific in our goals when we plan. It was very helpful. We also visited Floyd and we read the Book of Mormon with him! It was actually really good for him. We talked about the chapter and asked questions to make sure he understood what it was talking about. We asked him if he had prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true. He told us that he hadn't. That is why we are going to read the Book of Mormon more with him! Every time he reads by himself, he says that it doesn't make sense. Good thing we can read it and discuss it with him!

On Thursday we went to go see Heather our new potential investigator! We found out by the end of the lesson that she was less active:) Her son isn't a member though, so we are planning to teach him next week!

On Friday I woke up really dizzy and I had a massive headache and stomach ache. Whew, I was soooo sick!! The Lord truly helped me to make it through the day! We weekly planned and then we went to the Gilbert's. We taught Brother Gilbert the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had a good friend of his from the Ward come over and participate in the lesson. It was really good to have him there. At the beginning I bore my testimony to Brother Gilbert about how much we cared and loved him and how Satan wants to make him miserable. I told him of all the blessings that God has given us and how if he turns to Him that the burdens that he feels and the pain that he is going through can be lifted. It was an amazing lesson, and at the end, Brother Gilbert said that he felt something, but he didn't know what. :) (aka the Spirit:)

On Saturday we helped prepare for a triathlon that they are going to have next week. We folded ads and then helped to compile 1,600 envelopes for the event! Wow!! Later that day we saw the Tucker's (they are a less active family). The mom and the kids were home so we taught the kids about the Plan of Salvation. The 3 kids have the most energy I have ever seen in my life! There are 2 boys (ages 6 and 4), and a little girl that is 2 years old. They literally just wrestle each other the whole time! But once we got out the pictures to describe the Plan of Salvation, they were drilled in on those pictures:) haha! That is how you get kids attention! It was a really good lesson nonetheless!

On Sunday we had an amazing fast and testimony meeting. Of course when you cover 3 wards, the Spirit nags you to share your testimony in one of those sacrament meetings:) haha! I bore my testimony in 8th Ward, and I talked about the love of God, and that he provided for me the day that I got really sick. Later that day, we also taught Jason (our investigator) about the law of tithing. His mother has a hard time coming to church because she has a younger son who is autistic. So we suggested that members come and pick Jason up for church! She was open to it! Hallelujah! So hopefully next Sunday Jason will be at church!

That is my week everyone! I hope you know how much I appreciate your love and support. I love the Gospel, I know God is real, and that he is always mindful of us. He is always by our side when we need help!

I love you!


Sister Lindsay Dunn

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