Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Holli - April 4, 2016

Sister Terrill's 100th Birthday!
Teaching our great kids!
Hello Everyone!

Ok transfer news - I'll be going to Glendale and I'm serving in the
Glendale 2nd Ward. (It's kind of by Sunland) I'm super sad to be
leaving Arcadia but I'm actually pretty excited to get out of the area
and change it up a bit.

My new companion is Sister Colson and she's bomb! She's been on her
mission since September and she's a wonderful Sister. We are super
excited. We are actually in the same Ward that the APs serve in so
pressure is on.

We had a really interesting experience at the bus stop the other day.
There was a lady sitting there next to her wheel chair and as we
approached she saw us, did a double take, and then grabbed her purse
and shifted down the bench. She looked super cold and we asked if she
was waiting for the 187 and she asked us why we wanted to know. We just
told her we were wondering what time it would arrive and apologized if
we had offended her. She sat there sullenly for a while and then
turned back to us and said: "So what do you guys really believe?"

We briefly explained the Restoration and how Christ's true church was
on the earth. She kind of grumbled about how some other Mormon's
believed differently than we did but we testified that the Book of
Mormon was true and that Christ lives today. It was really sad to see
her sitting there because she just looked miserable. It reminded me of
Lindsay's experience a few weeks back when she noted that all those
people who like to argue and bash with us are miserable - absolutely
miserable. And that's exactly what Satan wants. It's a comfort to me
that Christ invites all to come unto Him and as we do so, we allow His
light and His atonement to fill our lives and we can find that true

We met with Neil pretty frequently this week as he is preparing to get
his patriarchal blessing. It was funny because he received his
blessing at 7:30 am Sunday morning and right before he was going to
leave he couldn't find the papers he had to bring so he was scrambling
around and freaking out when all of a sudden this voice tells him to
look in his backpack and he looks and the papers are sitting there,
right next to a copy of the sacramental prayers we had printed out for
him. Neil definitely has some amazing experiences with the Spirit!
We had dinner with the Hollings the other night and near the end of
dinner they had Gabriel and Natalie come over - Gabriel and Natalie are
both under eight and are the children of some less active members in
the Ward. They are super sweet though and we taught them the Plan of
Salvation. We would ask them a question about Heavenly Father's plan -
like where did we live before we came to earth - and their answers
were spot on and so confident. It's amazing to see the sincerity and
the trust children have in and towards God and their leaders.

We taught Zoe (who is also the daughter of members in the Ward who
will be baptized in July) and there was another member who had her
children there so they joined in on the lesson. Alex, Zoe, Lucy, and
Nicholas all joined in on our lesson about tithing (mainly because we
used jelly beans haha) and it was a pretty successful lesson!

General Conference was wonderful! I enjoyed most of the talks - though
I have to go back to my notes and look at my favorites. But I'll
definitely let you guys know!

Moving into Glendora today so pretty busy. Apparently it's a little
bit crazier than Arcadia - a lot of Armenians!

Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Dunn
Posing with Neil!

The District

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