Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chelsea - April 4, 2016

Kumusta kayo lahat?!

This week has been an exhausting week! It started out with saying goodbye to Sister Clarin. Definitely a sad moment.. Haha we were waiting with her on the highway for a van and once the van came she quickly hugged us and then got right on without even looking at us. haha she's been super sad to leave but I think she's ready for the next part of her life. Right after that, Sister Elix and I got out of the apartment and just worked and worked. Honestly, its been the most exhausting week of my whole mission. Also, its been the hottest week of my mission. It was about 105 or something like that and we were sweating so bad. I dont even think I've ever sweat that much hahaha. But our work was great this week.

On Wednesday we were out tracting in San Andres and we walked by this house and I just saw a guy watching tv so we just kept walking but Sister Elix stopped and we returned to the house. We ended up teaching three new investigators there and also there was one guy who sat in and listened. We then asked if they had any questions and this guy says that he has one. He said that his sister's husband got in an accident a couple weeks ago and he is now paralyzed from the neck down. And his sister is starting to go crazy and she tried to kill herself and he wanted us to stop by and share or pray for them. I was like ummmm...sure. Can we come back on Friday?? Cause we were like what are we supposed to say to her?! So on Friday, we were able to find this girl and her husband and share a message. She wasn't actually that crazy so that was a relief and we just told her about why God gives us challenges and how to overcome them. It was a good lesson and we are planning on returning this week to actually share about the gospel and how that will be able to help her a lot more.

Haha i have now become immune to rats! We were teaching a lesson in this one house and two rats ran across the floor in front of us while we were teaching and then I saw a rat on the bed and another rat on the stove and it literally didn't bother me at all! This mission is definitely toughening me up! haha!

So yesterday, Tatay Fernando and Tatay Marcelino didn't come to church. I was so frustrated and pretty much done haha. I guess I have just felt like we've been forcing them to come to church when they actually don't want to and I feel like they don't understand the lessons very well and so I've just kinda been stressed out. But we went and taught them yesterday with our ward mission leader and they said that their mormon neighbor told them that church was in ilagan because of general conference (which is next week) and so they didn't come hahaha. And then tatay fernando said, "Marcelino and I have been catholic our whole lives. But we believe in your message and we want to join your church now." When he said that I almost cried. They don't express their feelings a lot and so I've never really known how they are feeling about us teaching them and so when he said that it was definitely a sign from Heavenly Father to keep on teaching them and being patient. The spirit is teaching them the truth of the gospel. Definitely one of the good moments this week.

So we are moving in to our new house on Thursday! It is still in the process of being built but it is way nicer than our old apartment and so we are super excited! I will send you pics next Monday! Also, some recent news haha. It started out with my head really itching on Friday and finally last night I told Sister Elix to look in my hair. Yes people... I have lice. I am so grossed out at myself it's not even funny.... haha. So last night and all this morning, Sister Elix has been so great and just went through my hair and tried to get them all. Basically they said it's because of the heat. When it's super hot outside a ton of people get lice. Sister Ilago said you can even get it just talking to someone on the jeepney next to you. Fortunately the the bugs in my hair haven't laid eggs yet. That's when it gets super bad. Haha but there are definitely a ton of them in my hair and every time Sister Elix found one she would freak out and Sister Ilago would have to come kill it. Haha so that's the exciting story of the week! I just love being a missionary and all the little things that come along with it! hahaha love you all!

Sister Dunn

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