Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Holli - April 11, 2016

Hey Everyone!

So our preparation day switched to Saturday because we got to go to
the temple today. Sorry this letter will be super short but I love you
all so much!

We've had a good week here in Glendale! There is not much going on in
the area so it's a lot of street contacting and walking. We used to
have a car but another missionary needed it so we walk and bus
everywhere which makes it super fun!

There are also a lot of Armenians and one day we tried to street
contact this couple who looked like they were lost. We started asking
them if we could help them find where they needed to go and they were
smiling really big and talking in rapid fire Armenian to us. We kept
walking, asking if they were looking for the bus or something? They
started saying "Oh boosa, boosa!" We were like, "Yeah, the boosa! . .
. ?" They finally motioned this little ten year old kid over to help
translate between us and them. The wife said something to the boy and
he looked at us and said "She wants to know if she can help you know
where to go"

Haha, mental face palm. Alright, gotta go! Love you all!

Love, Sister Dunn

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