Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Taylor - April 18, 2016

Hey! So this week was quite a week and we had a strong start with finding some cool people who seemed like they really wanted to progress and be baptized! There was Brenda who has a smoking problem but she and her daughter want to find a "good" church and be baptized so that was cool. We also contacted a woman that had been a potential named Ericka and she spoke mostly Spanish which kinda makes it an awkward lesson because I'm the only one speaking but it went well! She goes to a Latin christian church that she likes but is curious about the Church of Jesus Christ! Over the week we weren't able to see them very often. We tried to get in contact and had solid return appointments but they never answered the door or phone and they fell off. We are trying to make sure that really doesn't happen. So, we are going to be having a stronger HTBT and also be bold on the commitments which are baptism, church and daily contact. We need to make sure they are willing to take these steps. People cannot come closer to God if they don't have desires to repent and change(PMG).

I gave a talk in sacrament this past week and the ward is excited about doing missionary work as well as rescuing those who have fallen off so that's pretty cool! I got to choose what the subject was and it went along really well with the other talks. It was about service, loving others, and following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ and I think it went pretty well!

Two best conversations for the week was one with Brenda who seemed to really have desires to come to church and be baptized. She liked the restoration lesson a lot and she just really wanted to come closer to God! The other one was pretty cool. We knocked on this one kid's door named David. There's a good amount of YSA around because Florida Gulf Coast University is pretty close. He seemed a little hesitant about the prayer but he invited us in to pray for him and his girlfriend Angela. He had a Presbyterian background and she had a christian background. They both really weren't active in their faith and didn't have desires to go to church or do much. We said a prayer with them, and I don't know if they felt anything but we asked them if they felt that God loved them, Angela said yes right away and then David later said yes. We then testified how going to church is a show of love for your Heavenly Father and how he wants the best for us and as we show our love and learn of Him at church we will be happy. We then just invited them to church. I don't know if it affected them at all but they were a lot more open after that and I felt the spirit!

Oh and this week I did a baptismal interview for Adam who is an investigator for the sisters. He is almost done with school as an anesthesiologist and he's considering moving to Boise with his Mormon girlfriend soon to be wife so that was cool!

Anyway love you guys, take care, stay safe, have an awesome week!

Elder Dunn

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