Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Taylor - April 6, 2016

The District

Hey fam! Wow sounds like quite a week and busy weeks to come! I'll pray for you all in everything you are doing!

By the way just so you know Dad I guessed NC and Villanova in our final four so I still have a little bit of basketball in me! NC will win. By the way you might need to reteach me how to play bball...ya.

Anyways, Cira's baptism was awesome! The guy baptizing her was a member in the ward and he was a little confused on how to do it. Let me just say it was a funny but great experience. She loved conference and we’re super happy for her!

As for transfers, this was actually surprising but I'm transferring! I’m going up to Bonita Springs which is in the Naples Zone. It’s an English area :( ya I was super disappointed about that and the area hasn't seen much success... Well I'm going to be a creator of circumstances and make it awesome!! I know the Lord called me there for a reason. I pray that I will be able to fulfill my purpose there!

We met this one woman yesterday who was from Peru but spoke good English. She invited us in without us saying anything, gave us some weird drink which I hope wasn’t tea.. and bananas. She didn't really know about religion until she came here and then she started reading the bible and is now going to a christian church. She knew a little about The Church of Jesus Christ because her great grandma and someone else that was related to her were both Mormon.

We got into a discussion about the priesthood. The difference is that they believe that Christ left the spirit with us so that we will be able to continue to have him with us and how the prophets were only needed before Christ to guide the people. When I used Amos 3:7 she said that was part of the old testament. I just testified the we believe that God didn’t take away prophets, that the priesthood is different from the holy spirit, and we invited her to church. She respects our beliefs and she was a super good christian woman. Man I should have used Ephesians 2:20 with her or Ephesians 3: 5-6 I believe is also good. Anyways that was a good conversation.

Another one was just on the doorstep and short and simple. This Latin guy from Cuba didn’t believe in God and we asked why and he said there is so much suffering and we testified that God loves us and we have trials and suffering to help us grow. Without it we wouldn't grow and then we testified of Jesus Christ and His church and his heart seemed to soften and he left us his number and said he would come check it out, so that was cool.

Conference was excellent and I can't remember which talk but one of them relates to our doorstep conversation. I think it's in 2 Nephi where there is a need for opposition in all things to be able to help us grow and be happy. Anyways ya so many of them were good. Unfortunately I don’t have too much time to write but I liked Hallstroms, Hollands, Uchtdorfs, and Stevensons talks a lot! I love you guys! Thanks for all your support and prayers! I pray for you all siempre! Love you!

Elder Dunn

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