Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lindsay - April 18, 2016

Hello Everyone! I hope you had an amazing week! For me, it has been a crazy week! On Monday we cleaned our room and bathroom and tried to unclog the shower drain. I used a knife to try to unclog it and I accidentally dropped it down there, and it is impossible to get it out. Haha! Later in the day we went bowling with our whole zone. It was so fun!! It was probably the most relaxing and care free activity to do on a P-day for sure! Mom and Dad you would be so proud of me for the scores that I got! Haha! I usually do terribly in bowling but I got 60 the first game and 96 the second. It was awesome!!

On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Brown from Melba, Idaho!!! I love her so much, and she is an awesome STL! We visited Roxy, and that was a pretty rough lesson, mainly because of her dog, and then Becca ( a less active), came over with her daughter, and her daughter had a lot of energy, and played with the dog a lot. So that was rough, but still good nonetheless! Then we visited Gayle and taught her another of the temple preparation lessons. It talked about some principles that we could apply in our lives to be prepared for the temple. One of the principles was that we need to be humble. We had an awesome discussion about that, and how we need to be humble so that we can learn and be teachable. Then we saw Frank who is one of our recent converts. He was struggling when we came over. He was pretty upset at his daughter, but when we started to teach the Restoration to him, the Spirit slowly began to calm him down. It is amazing what the Spirit can do to help someone who is struggling. After dinner at the Bingham's we prayed about a list of part member families, and decided to go visit 3 families. And guess what? They were all on the same street!!! It was so cool! We couldn't find the Goodman's who we were looking for so we knocked on this one door. There were 2 people living there. One was an older lady and she kept asking us if we could call her son because their phone broke. Her other son was there and he literally shouted at her (cause she is hard of hearing), and said, "Why do you need to call your son?" It was really funny! But the people knew where they lived so they got in their car, and we followed them to the house! They were the sweetest people! We had a great visit with the Goodman's and figured out that they were both members, but less active. And they didn't have home teachers!! So it was a spirit filled experience for sure!

On Wednesday we went to Commodities at 8 in the morning. There were a lot of people that needed food so we were there until district meeting at 11! Wow! Also, I got a sunburn on my head, so that hurt really bad. It brought me back to the memory of Trek, and getting sunburned everywhere! Haha! We had an awesome district meeting on obedience, and teaching obedience to investigators. We did a role play and I taught Sister Steele about obedience, and literally the Spirit was directing it the whole time. Sister Steele pretended to be someone that had a word of wisdom problem. I asked her, "Do you think the "fun" things you have been doing will bring you happiness that is permanent?" I then proceeded to talk about temporary happiness and permanent happiness, and how the gospel can bring us permanent happiness. Later that night we had dinner and a lesson with the Marble family. Jade and Gavin are getting baptized in a few weeks, so we are helping them to be prepared for baptism. We taught them about reading the scriptures and keeping the Sabbath day holy. It was an awesome lesson! Then we started to try some part member families, and knocking on a few doors to see where the people lived. We knocked on this one door and a drunk guy answered. We asked about an individual that we were trying to find, and he told us he was a friend visiting. So he shouts at his friend Phil, and Phil was totally out of it! Haha! It was hilarious! Phil asked us who we were with our badges and we said we were sister missionaries. He thought we said we were singers. But we had to yell that we were sisters. Then he started saying that he wanted to sing. Then he invited us to sing with him! Hahahaha! He asked if we knew the Beatles, and then he asked his friend, "Let's sing the Yellow Submarine!" And then he started singing it! On top of all of that Phil said, "Do you want some pop? I know I am going to drink beer but do you want some pop?" We kindly declined it and then left. Probably the most bizarre experience of the mission!! Haha!

On Thursday we taught a lot of people! We taught Roxy, and Sister John came with us! It was amazing! Then we saw Floyd and read the Book of Mormon with him, and then we tried Heather who is a less active. We drove through their driveway, and there was a barbed wire gate in front of their house. So I told Sister Steele, "Let's just climb through the gate and knock on the door!" So we did! They weren't home which was a bummer. Then the most awkward thing happened. As we walked back, a car comes up the driveway and parks right next to the other trailer. It was the most awkward situation! We told him we weren't trespassing but that the person that we were trying to see knew us. It was great! He didn't mind, which was good.

On Friday, we did a lot of weekly planning. For lunch we went to a Hawaiian grill called Kainoa's. It is really good! Then we went to Dairy Queen and got dilly bars. My childhood!! :) Later that day we had dinner with the Webb's. The father is less active, and their two boys aren't members, and neither is the mom! But the mom is from the Philippines!! We talked about the Philippines pretty much the whole time! I told the mother that my sister ate balut and she told me, "Ahhh she ate balut? I can't even eat it!" It was really funny! Then after dinner we helped with the Pima triathlon signup. There were so many people from around Arizona traveling down to Pima just so they could sign up for the triathlon! It isn't a complete triathlon. Just a mini one that consists of: 3 laps of swimming, 6 miles of biking, and then a mile and a half of running. There were even some little kids that signed up for the race!

So on Saturday we helped with the actual event. We were at the finish line, and we would give them water and a medal! There were definitely pros and cons of being at the finish line! It was amazing to cheer them on, but I will never forget the memory of a boy at the finish line spewing puke everywhere. I wish I could take back that memory.

On Sunday we had an awesome day full of spiritual nourishment! The most amazing thing that we experienced that Sunday was in 7th ward. So you all have been hearing about the Gilbert's in my letters. So Brother Giaque, who comes with us in the lessons told us that Brother Gilbert prayed, and he got an answer. As he told us that, we both just sobbed. We worked so hard to help him have the strength to pray, and he finally prayed. What a blessing from the Lord! I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Lindsay Dunn

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