Thursday, May 12, 2016

Holli - May 9, 2016

Hello Everyone!

It was so good to see/talk to you all! Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

So this week was actually pretty awesome! We were pretty busy every
day talking with people and meeting with lots of our less actives.
Sister Colson and I made a plan to help us be better at bus contacting
- she would sit in the front and I would sit in the back because she
knows when we have to get off so all I had to do was talk to someone
until she got off and I would follow her. So one day I went all the
way to the back and there were two ladies there and they were
hilarious - totally made my day. They weren't super churchy and kind
of made some pretty funny excuses about why, but one of the girls had a
friend who was LDS - she said they never really talked about religion
much. So we got to talk a bit before I had to leave and at the end of
the visit the other lady pulled out two bananas from her bag and
insisted I take them. Haha it was great :)

We got to go into a convalescent home one day and play some hymns for
the residents there. There were at least thirty people in the room and
this one lady, that sat by the piano as I played, requested we play
How Great Thou Art. The problem was that How Great Thou Art isn't
loaded onto our LDS music app so I couldn't play it, but she ended up
singing it acapella and that was such a sweet experience. She had a
pretty good voice!

We tried to contact this one Armenian guy at a bus stop the other day.
The only problem was that he had had a stroke and for some reason his
vocal chords weren't working. Problematic. So we honestly had a mini
game of charades. Pretty funny. Then this car pulls up and two
Armenian girls get out and ask if we need help translating and we're
like "Well . . . Kind of?" So the guy eventually just waved goodbye
and went to his house and one of the girls stayed to talk with us. Her
name is Star and she is super bomb. She was raised Christian in
Armenia but is kind of atheist now - doesn't really know what she
believes. She's taking a religion class and is confused by all the
differences between them. She didn't seem super interested in meeting
with us but said she would love to hang out when we're not being
missionaries haha. Struggle is real.

We were walking down this street one night and we ran into Jerard. We
started talking and he is pretty cool. He knows the bible really well
and has a strong belief in Christ and how we need to be followers not
only in word but in deed. He has researched a lot of different
churches and said he has yet to find the right one. We actually had a
church tour with him Saturday but come to find out he has met with
missionaries before and gone to church once. But we asked him during
the tour what his motivation was in meeting with the missionaries and
his main reason was just to find a job. So the missionaries had
directed him to employment services and he said that employment
services had given him a job that he didn't want to take (at a 7/11)
so he kind of blew up a little and said that if we were true followers
of Christ we would help people more. Luckily we had the RS president
with us and she did a great job explaining what RS does but it didn't
really phase him. The irony of it was we found him outside a 7/11 and
he is still looking for work so we hope poor Jerard is able to find it
one day.

We had a referral for this guy named Eli, and his nephew Andy is always
home and Eli hardly ever is so we end up talking to Andy a lot. He's a
pretty interesting guy and has also researched a lot of different
religions and delved into all of this theology. So he's curious but he
said he just doesn't have time to investigate - super sad. But we gave
him a BofM and a Restoration DVD (which he said he'd give to Eli) so
hopefully they do something with those gifts!

That is about it for this week!! And Dad, way to pass the test! Power of
heaven is so real! Most everything in missionary work (and probably life)
is divine intervention. Thank goodness! Love you all so much! Hope you
have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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