Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Taylor - May 16, 2017

Hey Everyone!

So this week went pretty good! Marie and her family are doing good but they didn't come to church this past Sunday.  There really wasn’t much of an excuse for this one, so we are really going to have to re-set expectations with them and make sure they know why coming to church is important, especially because they really want their son to be on the right path. I think they really want to learn, especially Marie, but sometimes they are just simply distracted by the world! They were doing some little garage sale thing that day even though they promised to be there, so that was slightly disappointing. We are teaching them the plan of salvation tonight though and we’re excited for it! 

We had a little bit of a rough week finding though, so we want to focus on doing more chapel tours so we can get our new friends excited about coming to church! We did get a new ward mission leader and he is super awesome! Brother Browne our last ward mission leader was super cool but he's a little distracted because his wife isn't doing super well with the pregnancy and they have like 4 other kids that he's taking care of because she's sick plus with work it was just crazy. So we have some new life here in the missionary department! He's been serving in young mens callings for the past 16 years so he's pretty excited and trying to get to know everything about the missionary work! We know the members super well and continue to push them to reach out to their friends and neighbors. Don't worry we're pushing with love! As well we have a newly called assistant to the wml and he's pretty chill also!  Unfortunately I was talking to the bishop and we are most likely going to be passing most of the spanish speakers to the bahia elders simply because it's so hard to integrate them into the ward. I mean honestly they can’t really be given a calling.  We just need more latins in the ward is all :) Oh ya so regarding transfers, I’m staying so I’ll be dying here in Bonita so that’s cool and my new comp will be Elder Wride. I have no clue what he is like so I’ll guess I’ll find out tomorrow! Elder Craig is going to Wellington which is in the stuart zone. His comp will be elder sorenson who I think might be dying with me, I’m not sure. So again we're just trading companions because his comp was elder wride. Elder Craig has improved tons though and i've loved serving with him, I pray that he continues to serve with all his heart, might, mind and strength! He still has hard times and he will in the future. If he forgets himself and goes to work though, he will be satisfied at the end of his mission. 
Interesting convos, dejame ver.... well the first time we met Marie and Enrique they wanted to have another child and so we prayed for that and she told us in a lesson that she found out she is pregnant but I think she found out earlier than usual or something which surprised her (in a good way) and so she loved that miracle and was thanking us for it. (totally the Lord's hand in her life) I guess that wasn’t really a convo but cool miracle! 

We had an interesting conversation with Olympia, the girl that came to sacrament last week. Unfortunately we had to drop her, mainly because she just couldn't grasp the idea of the restoration. She’s kind of stuck in the mindset of all churches are good and it’s the one you feel comfortable at. We actually gave her more of a desire to go to her own church but with us she wasn’t super committed to act unfortunately, which was sad. 

This other conversation was from a couple weeks ago. I don't think I told you but we talked to this guy and he was accusing all mormons of being republicans and how we are trying to control the government and we are trying to convince everyone else to be republican.. it was just hilarious! Oh and then we were teaching this guy name Rich yesterday and he seemed cool but a little odd. He works at publix and he’s living with his mom. But anyways we were almost at the end of the restoration lesson and then his mom tried to open the door and he held it closed and had a super freaked out look on his face and she was like "ow my toe" and he was like "sorry I have to go" and we handed him the pamphlet and he like ran inside. Elder Craig and I were just standing there in confusion but then we just busted up laughing about it. 

Anyways congrats for spencer in his tennis season. I love you guys. You’re the best! Stay safe and have an awesome week!

-Elder Dunn

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