Monday, June 27, 2016

Holli - June 6, 2016

Working at the Salvation Army

Hello Everyone!

We had a pretty bomb week this week :)

We had the most hilarious experience the other night. So we were at a
member's house eating dinner and she has four daughters who will be
baptized this Saturday and they're super cool. They have the cutest
dog named Caca and Caca is actually pregnant and was close to
delivering. Well, while we were there, she actually started delivering
the puppies and everyone was freaking out because the only daughter
who had ever helped deliver baby puppies before was at work. So Olga
(the mom) was freaking out, trying to figure out what to do and the
other three girls were too grossed out to help. So Sister Colson and I
tried to step in the best we could. It was quite the learning
experience! She had two puppies but they were both premature so they
ended up passing which was kind of sad. But thank goodness for the
Plan of Salvation, I guess (we're pretty sure it includes dogs too).

We had a great couple of lessons with Eivet and Sonaheh this week. We
stopped by to do a quick daily contact lesson and had planned on
staying for only 10 minutes but they invited us in and we got to meet
Eivet's brother Roger and Eivet's mother who only speaks Farsi. But it
was a really cool on the spot lesson because they had lots of
questions for us. The Spirit was really strong. We got to teach
Eivet's mother about the Restoration and Gregory asked about what
happens after we die so it was cool to talk about the Spirit world as
well. They are a really wonderful family.

We had this funny experience with a less active the other night.
Her name is Sister Walker and she grew up in the church but when she
had children she started working on Sundays and eventually just fell
away. She has had lots of bad things happen in her life and is pretty
bitter about it. A few weeks ago she had promised to show us a picture
of her and her sister together, but she couldn’t ever find it when we
would come to visit. She could find it when we weren’t there, but it
would kind of disappear when we were. You know me.  If I lose things I pray. 
We asked if we could say a prayer so she could find it. She said we were 
welcome to but she didn't think it would work. After we said a prayer she 
searched without any success and kept telling us it was never going to work 
and she would never find it (she can be fairly negative). Anyways, a thought 
popped into my head to suggest looking on Facebook so I suggested it and 
she looked there and in under five minutes she had found the right picture. 
Prayers are answered!!

We teach this less active named Juan every week. He is so amazing.
Most all of his kids are less active but he has such a strong
testimony of the gospel. He had a son get in a bad motorcycle accident
and pass away not too long ago and it was a really hard experience for
him. We had a member come with us to this lesson and she was like the
perfect fit for Juan because she had also lost a child and as she
related that experience to Juan they both started to cry and the
Spirit was so strong. It was a really neat experience to hear that and
learn from it.

We saw another less active last night (Gloria) and had another very
powerful experience. It was late at night but she invited us in. She
is super talkative and sweet and was telling us all about her dog who
had just gotten out of surgery. We shared with her a thought about
being grateful and how gratitude (according to Pres. Monson) is one of
the "noblest of virtues" and she really opened up to us. Two of her
kids have distanced themselves from her and don't believe in God and
the other two stay pretty active but she's just been really struggling
lately. She then talked about one of her friends who had come to her
with questions about God etc. and she said she prayed and then had
been able to answer everything and this friend told her she had given
her more knowledge than the bishop of her church had. That was pretty
awesome. The church is true!

We contacted this one guy named Bidal on the street the other night.
He told us he didn't speak English, only Spanish so we did our best to
give him the restoration lesson in Spanish. It was kind of odd too
because we would start to say something in Spanish and then he would stop
because it sounded weird and then he would like correct us. Turns out
he was actually pretty fluent in English. He ended up giving us his number 
and we got to pass him off to the Spanish sisters. He said we were really 
cool though because we actually tried to speak his language so he got a 
good laugh out of the experience which is great.

That was about it for the week! Hope you all are doing well and have a
wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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