Monday, June 27, 2016

Lindsay - June 6, 2016

Hello Everyone!! 

This week was amazing!!! On Tuesday, we saw a less
active in the Ward named Sister Piles. She has a calling, she reads
the Book of Mormon everyday, she reads other church literature, but
she doesn't come to church. She has some health problems that prevent
her from going. But she looks fine on the outside! We were persistent
with her, and asked her to come to church. She said she would try, if
her health permits. We told her that we wanted to at least see her one
Sunday. It made us cringe to be really persistent with her, but I know
that she can! If she can go shopping during the week, she can go to

Later that day, we went to dinner with the Trower's. They are
amazing people! We went to this place that kind of reminds me of Texas
Roadhouse. There were TV screens at every table! What the heck????
Soon the table will be the TV! That is crazy!!! 

On Wednesday, Hermana Adams came on exchanges with me! It was 
amazing! A little background on our area, Sister Hunt and I are the ONLY 
sisters in New Mexico. Everyone else in the zone are elders. So we never see sister
missionaries unless we go to zone conferences, or go on exchanges.
When we met up to exchange, I literally ran to Hermana Anderson and
said, "Another female!!" And hugged her. Haha! :) So Hermana Adams and
I went on exchanges, and we literally contacted people all day!! The
only lesson we had was our dinner appointment, but I felt so good at
the end of the day!! 

In the morning, we were trying to find this one family, and so we decided 
to knock on this one guy’s door. He was CREEPY. He looked like a zoned 
out hippie. He did help us though, which was good!! We asked him if he had 
a faith in Christ, and he said yes. But then he told us, “I don't go to church, 
cause it is a long walk." Haha! At dinner, we met with the
Miranda Family! They are the sweetest people you will ever meet. One
of the older sons told us that he is a movie fanatic, and that he
knows EVERY movie. So I said, "Ok, Field of Dreams." Then he began to
say, "Oh that is a tear jerker! Kevin Costner, baseball movie. Then he
began to explain the whole plot! Oh my goodness! He literally told the
whole movie!! Haha! Then after that I asked, "Ok here is another
movie, "What's Up Doc". He was totally stumped!!!  He told me
that he didn't know the movie. So I encouraged him to watch it:) 

On Thursday we had zone conference in Safford, Arizona! It was so great
to see the Gila Valley missionaries again!!! The meeting was amazing,
and we talked a lot about family history. Mother, I have to find a
family name for our temple trip in September. I hope that I can find a
name! I don't know if I should look for some names on Dad's side or on
yours. I know Grandma Clark has done a lot on your side:) I think I
will just ask some family historian in the Ward to help me. But if you
have any suggestions on where I could look for a name, let me know!
For lunch we had waffles with homemade syrup, and a ton of fruit!! It
was good! 

On Friday we went to the Peter's for dinner. They showed us
their cute bunny, and chickens that they have. Then as we were walking
back to the house, a car comes up and the window rolls down and a
girl shouts, "Snake!!" We walked down there, and a bull snake was on
the side of the road!!! So scary!!! It started to coil up, and it
looked like it was going to attack. Then the Peter's dog tried to
attack it, but Brother Peters pushed the dog away. I didn't get near
that snake!!! Yikes!! But I have heard that it kills rattlesnakes! So
that is good! 

On Sunday, we had an amazing Fast Sunday! The Spirit
pushed me to bear my testimony in both wards. Ugghhhh!!!! :) The Lord
pushes me so much, and it's great! :) We had 3 lessons in a row after
lunch, and a YSA member Brittany attended the lessons! What a
wonderful experience it was to have her there! She definitely brought
a sweet spirit into the lessons, and we were so thankful to have her!
During the 3rd lesson, there was a HUGE storm that came in. It was
pouring rain so hard, that I thought that hail came down! We had to
drive through it to get to our dinner appointment, and we were
literally driving in a lake of water! It was insane!

That is my week everybody! I am so grateful to be a missionary, and to
serve the Lord! I love you all, and I love my Savior Jesus Christ.


Sister Dunn

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