Monday, June 27, 2016

Lindsay - June 13, 2016

Hello Everyone! 

This week was awesome!! We had an awesome experience
on preparation day. We were just walking to our car with our laundry
when a lady next to us stopped us and started having a conversation
with us. It quickly turned into a gospel discussion, and she asked the
perfect question, "So what makes you different from other churches?"
Sister Hunt and I smiled at each other and began to talk about modern
day prophets. Then we started to talk about the family and how it is
so important. We gave her a pamphlet on the Plan of Salvation, and
then we gave her a Book of Mormon!! Such an amazing experience to have
on a preparation day!! :) 

On Tuesday, we went to an assisted living center and met a sweet lady named 
Jane. She has a hard time remembering things, but she has so much faith! 
We also visited Sister Wolfington as well. I don’t if I told you all about her, but 
she has many health challenges. But she comes to ALL three hours of church!
She brings her oxygen with her, and she shakes pretty badly, but she
has the strongest faith! We love her so much! Close to the end of the
day we met with Bishop Roth. Now about Bishop Roth.... Haha... He
literally looks like a mix of Tom Hanks and Bill Murray. When you
shake his hand, it literally is a fish hand shake!  Haha! He is
definitely the most interesting bishop that I have served with. But I
know that it will be a good experience. He has great ideas to
implement in the Ward, and I am so excited to be able to serve Him and
the Ward council! 

On Wednesday we saw our 93 year old investigator named Alex. He is the 
sweetest old man, and we read the Book of Mormon to him every time we go. 
Sister Trower came with us, and she was amazing! She was able to bear her 
testimony of the Book of Mormon to him, and I could tell that it touched his heart. 
He lost his wife a year ago, and so he has been pretty lonely this year. But the gospel
has blessed his life, and I know that his wife would want him to be
taught by us, so that he can be prepared to be taught in the next
life. He is pretty stubborn, and he doesn't have the desire to be
baptized ..... Yet :) But he loves the Book of Mormon and he loves the
people of the LDS faith. We are getting somewhere! 

On Friday we did a lot of planning, and then later that night, we went to the Friday
night YSA activity. Two of our investigators showed up!!!! We were so
happy! They were playing ultimate frisbee, and before they started
they made us team captains!! Haha! Wow was it hard to play ultimate
frisbee with skirts. On Saturday, we helped a less active move out of
her house. The difficulty was that she is a hoarder..... Wow it was
rough. Haha! We pretty much had the whole Ward helping, and it took 4
hours to pack everything. She had one tiny U-haul truck, and then an
even tinier U-haul trailer. Let's just say that Brother Carter (in our
Ward), was a professional packing guy! He did so well, but of course,
not everything fit. We got most of it though! It was definitely a
great uniting experience for the Ward and us! That's my week! I love
you all! Enjoy the summer weather! :)


Sister Dunn

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